What kind of personality ignites your passion, according to your Mars sign?

personality-makes-you-more-passionate-466.jpg What can Mars in the signs show you about the kind of personality that ignites your passion?

Mars in Aries

You desire a partner who is confident, direct, competitive and physically strong or sporty. Such a person is going to attract you immediately with a pull that feels magnetic. You value courage and passion in a person and are inspired by people who have the willingness not to give up life challenges.

You are drawn to those who allow you to be the hero. As a result you may feel invigorated by those who need rescuing yet will be turned off by people who are too dependent and refuse to take responsibility for themselves.

You are enticed by those who are feisty and who present a challenge, but not too much of a challenge. You want to know that when all is said and done, you are the winner.

Mars in Taurus

Your passion grows for a person who is practical, steadfast, traditional or old fashioned, protective and even a bit jealous. A person who works with his or her hands and with a stable and predictable character, calm and steady.

A person who surrounds you with luxury and tends to your needs for physical satisfaction and comfort will ignite your passion. You are also seduced by someone who understands your need for security and who makes sure you know that you are their top priority.

Mars in Gemini

You are charmed by an intellectual person, by intelligence and a witty attitude. You are seduced by the mind more than the body, and your mental fantasies also turn you on significantly. You need a person who stimulates your intellect, creative and flexible.

A person who is well versed in numerous topics and who speaks several languages will turn you on. Your passionate side is also stoked by people who have new ideas to share with you. You don’t mind engaging in friendly debate because even disagreement challenges your mind and keeps you on your toes.

Mars in Cancer

You are fascinated by a sensitive and emotional person, with mild manners and maybe also a bit shy or reserved. You are attracted to people with high ideals regarding love and family, available to commit in a relationship and to support people with a sweet family-oriented attitude.

You find chivalry seductive and will be enticed by a person who will advocate on your behalf or on behalf of children and other vulnerable people. You are also intrigued by others who are confident enough to display their assertive, passionate side without dominating others.

Mars in Leo

You yearn for a confident person with leadership qualities, generous and loyal. A natural leader who cares for their subordinates. You will also be drawn to a person who expresses their love of others passionately.

You are attracted to people who makes you shine. When others are too stubborn or assertive, rather than challenging them directly, it’s better to use subtlety to express alternative views while still validating others’ opinions.

You are likely to be fascinated by someone who embodies royalty in some way. Either someone with status associated with their lineage, or with high standing in the community. It excites you to think that you are set apart from the crowd thanks to your affiliation with someone powerful.

Mars in Virgo

You desire a person with a simple and healthy lifestyle, a person who doesn't like to show off but who does their job with expertise. You connect well with people who possess a high level of intelligence which they apply to practical problems instead of empty intellectual ventures. You see attention to details as a form of love.

You are passionate about being of service to others and are intrigued by people who are experts in the area of health, environmental preservation, or wellness. You are turned on by those who share their gifts in a selfless way yet who are also practical and not too radical for your modest tastes.

Mars in Libra

You are turned on by people who care for their appearance and have a classy style, with moderation and elegance. You appreciate a romantic person with mild manners who is willing to cooperate instead of imposing their views. You are thrilled by artistic skills and aesthetic qualities.

You become passionate in the presence of people who value justice and fairness though you prefer diplomacy to zealous measures. Someone who demonstrates their concern for others and who is as dedicated to making the world a beautiful, harmonious place as you are will turn you on.

Mars in Scorpio

You are turned on a person who is emotionally deep and intense, who digs deep in order to experience full experiences in life.

You also are attracted to those who have deep thoughts and can connect with you intellectually. A magnetic person with an aura of mystery. This person is passionate with strong desires regarding love and work and a high drive for power.

Your sense of passion is fueled by others who are excited about life and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. As long as they aren’t pushing your boundaries, that is. You will feel a magnetic attraction to the person who helps you excavate hidden truths and find power and satisfaction in exposing the truth.

As truth is important to you, you will be attracted people who are completely transparent and honest in all situations.

Mars in Sagittarius

You are charmed by a positive, easygoing and optimistic person who is interested in exploring the world as a traveler, and to explore the inner world through philosophy and spirituality.

A seeker with a positive attitude in life, who loves to be outdoors and practice sport or body/mind activities such as yoga or meditation.

You feel a passionate attraction to the person who expands your wisdom and opens your eyes to knew understanding. The person who helps you reach your highest potential and supports your ideals will spark your passion.

Mars in Capricorn

You are fascinated by a person with practical know-how skills, not just theoretical knowledge. You are also turned on by a person who excels in a specific field, with a serious and responsible attitude. A person who reaches their goals through perseverance and hard work.

A patient person, without emotional outbursts, who is moderate and in control of emotions and professional life. This person is very ambitious but wants to succeed through their own efforts only.

A traditional person who is connected to their heritage and values quality over quantity will spark your passion. You will be attracted to the person who impresses you with their effort to spend money wisely and invest in things that create security and future financial growth.

Mars in Aquarius

You are attracted by a person somewhere between genius and recklessness, a creative and non-conformist who devotes their life to the advancement of humankind more than their own interests.

This person admires your freedom and is not possessive. This person doesn't like to be dependent on anybody. A free thinker and a free soul, you will commit to a relationship when you feel the freedom and independence will be preserved.

Your passion is triggered by a person who is not afraid to speak their truth, even if it requires launching a few verbal hand grenades here and there to shake people out of their complacent attitudes. You love to be on the cutting edge of new things and a person who shares your sense of upcoming trends and who senses shifts in society will excite you.

Mars in Pisces

You yearn for a spiritual, emotional, sensitive and intuitive person, with strong imagination. Definitely not a macho type of person, you feel passionate for an enigmatic person who sometimes seems to be not of this world.

There's something not well defined and mysterious in their personality that intrigues you.

You are turned on by a person who is dreamy and creative but also practical enough to provide structure for your own free flowing energy. Someone who believes in and validates your dreams and provides space to help you nurture your ideals will also be attractive to you.

You are passionate about those who are in need of healing and empathy and may bear your heart on your sleeve for people who are still struggling to learn how to give and receive love.

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