How each sign finds motivation during coronavirus times



aries.pngSun in Aries is easily motivated as they are full of energy and confidence.

They don’t need to become more motivated but they do need to find productive channels for their energy so that they don’t spin their wheels needlessly during a crisis.

Aries is a constant bundle of energy and will be motivated to help others find confidence, courage and direction.

While Aries can be tremendously helpful during a crisis because they have so much energy and focus, they need to find ways to help others take meaningful action, otherwise they can come across as demanding.


taurus.pngSun in Taurus is motivated to find comfort and even more so during times of crisis. The tough thing for Taurus is finding the energy to respond to urgent matters.

They are so acutely attuned to their need for predictability and security that they may take a gradual approach to responding to crisis even when others are running for cover.

They’re motivated to be prepared with basic essentials though. They may take their time when it comes to instituting dramatic changes, but they’ll work day and night to do what they can to prepare as solid a foundation as possible.

They’ll focus on stocking the pantry, balancing the budget and making sure their surroundings are as comfortable as possible.



gemini.pngSun in Gemini is the witty messenger of the zodiac.

They’re motivated to learn and share information with others. During a crisis, Gemini will want to track the data and stay on top of research and information.

Gemini is motivated to be the diplomat who stays in touch with friends as well. They will look for opportunities to share their information and try to educate others.

During a crisis, Gemini may become the diplomat of the family or office, coordinating communication back and forth among friends and loved ones.



cancer.pngCancer can be a shy, sentimental homebody. But during a crisis they become motivated to do whatever they can to try to keep their loved ones safe and protected.

They’re motivated by the desire for emotional validation and creating emotional security for others.

Sun in Cancer is motivated by their emotional state. At times in a crisis they need to mourn and express their fears.

At other times they need to act on their sense of urgency and anger. Cancer is motivated to do what makes them uncomfortable if it will create safety and security for others.



leo.pngSun in Leo is courageous and creative. Even during a crisis they will find ways to uplift and inspire others. Leo is motivated to help others and are extra motivated when they can express their unique identity and creativity in the process

Making art to uplift others during times of crisis or sharing music or poetry, using their knack for entertaining others to help support others during difficult times appeals to them as well.

Leo can be motivated by praise as well. They may underestimate a crisis but if they have a chance to shine as a hero, they’ll jump into action.

Leo is motivated by ambition, image and the ability to use their unique gifts to help others.



virgo.pngSun in Virgo is actually motivated by health. Genuinely, even when not in a crisis, Virgo is always vigilant about hand washing and sanitizing.

They’re all about purity and cleanliness and are motivated to prevent anything that would jeopardize health, orderliness and organization.

Virgo is motivated to be of service to others and doesn’t need to be in the spotlight. Instead they want to make sure everything is tidy and under control.

They’re motivated to make sure practical details are in order and crisis only enhances their desire for stability.



libra.pngSun in Libra seeks balance and harmony. Even in a crisis, Libra is motivated by their ruling planet, Venus, to create love, beauty, harmony and peace.

They may try to put others at ease by sharing art, music and expressions of love and compassion.

They may not express their motivation in the most aggressive or direct manner, but they will work at their own pace.

Their motivation is to share unheard perspectives and bring others together in solidarity and support.



scorpio.pngScorpio lives on the edge and has a keen sense of intuition that is useful during a crisis.

They are resourceful and highly intelligent and will be motivated to get to the root cause of the crisis before anyone else. Its not a matter of ego and proving themselves as much as it is a matter of their deep hunger for knowledge and excavating hidden details.

They are motivated by the desire for security that comes with feeling they’ve ‘figured out’ the cause of the crisis.

Whether its getting to the source of a pandemic or unearthing the truth about a financial crisis, Scorpio will go into detective mode.



sagittarius.pngThey are motivated to look at things philosophically and even during a crisis they can be compelled to respond in ways that advance and uplift society.

Sun in Sagittarius finds motivation in advocating for others. They are independent but tend to have more passion for others than they do for themselves.

They are motivated to help others change their beliefs and open their mind to broader wisdom.  



capricorn.pngSun in Capricorn is the business person of the zodiac. Persevering and patient, Capricorn is steadfast during even the most dramatic crisis.

Capricorn is motivated to preserve structure and order. They will do whatever they can to maintain stability and resist change.

This is a double edged sword during times of crisis though. During a crisis flexibility is needed even as people crave stability.

Capricorn is motivated to make sure practical details are covered and that financial and social stability and order are maintained.



aquarius.pngSun in Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. They have a knack for blasting through obstacles and opening up new opportunities.

In a crisis Aquarius is actually somewhat in their comfort zone. They are motivated to help open people’s eyes to new possibilities even if they do so in shocking or drastic ways.

Aquarius is motivated by the desire to move society forward and innovate.

During crisis, they look for opportunities to rebuild better, not return to business as usual.



pisces.pngSun in Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. Not many people would think of ‘Pisces’ and ‘motivated’ in the same sentence.

They’re not lazy, but they have their own flow and pace. In a crisis, Pisces is motivated to help facilitate healing for others.

They won’t command attention or demand praise but they will focus and challenge themselves to find stability so they can be spiritual leaders and healers for others.

Pisces can lean toward martyrdom and may sacrifice their well being for others during a time of crisis. They are motivated to find deeper connection and commonality even in difficult situations.

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