Synastry Mercury in the other person's houses

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PlanHouse-Mercury-House12.jpg Synastry Mercury in the other person's 1st house: How is your communication and exchange of ideas?

Mercury person helps House 1 person express their ideas. Mercury person may role model straightforward communication which helps House 1 person convey their ideas with confidence. Mercury person also helps spark House 1 person's intellectual interests.

Mercury person may help House 1 person become more social and outgoing or stimulate their interests in particular areas of study.

House 1 person and Mercury person will feel like they understand each other easily. House 1 person helps Mercury person feel understood and can give momentum to Mercury person's goals and ideas.

These two may naturally connect on an intellectual level though House 1 person may be the spokesperson for Mercury person's ideas.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 2nd house: How do you communicate about security and money and help each other plan for financial growth?

Mercury person helps House 2 person plan for their financial future. Mercury person may be methodical and logical in ways that House 2 person is not. House 2 person is practical and may have resources that balance out Mercury person's ideas.

Together they can build a successful foundation for their financial goals and future. Mercury person may also help House 2 person articulate what they most value and House 2 person helps Mercury person manifest their ideas.

This couple can help each other in business as well as personal matters.

Mercury person will be quick to strategize solutions to House 2 person's financial concerns. Mercury person is likely to be good natured about their assistance, showing up to guide and inform but not to make demands.

House 2 person is also likely to help ground and stabilize Mercury person's ideas. Their combination of talents will likely ensure that ideas and visions become stable realities.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 3rd house: How do you relate on common topics of interest?

Mercury person and House 3 person stimulate each other on an intellectual level. Mercury person brings strategy and diplomacy to House 3 person, helping them to articulate and plan their ideas.

House 3 person helps Mercury person expand their mind as well. Both contribute to each other’s desire for knowledge and information and may help each other break through communication barriers.

Mercury person may inspire House 3 person to pursue a course of study or write a book. House 3 person will have important lessons to teach Mercury person and will help them understand how to connect with others as a messenger.

The emphasis on logic and intellect can be helpful when it comes to learning from each other and enjoying an active social life. When it comes to more emotional issues however this couple may struggle to get out of their intellectualized focus and understand each others’ emotions.

Both prefer to keep things light and sociable and may struggle to address uncomfortable feelings or situations.

Mercury person may remind House 3 person of the value of networking and social connections helping House 3 person to come out of their shell.

On the other hand House 3 person can be so busy with numerous projects that Mercury person will have to use their quick thinking and be open to changes of scenery in order to keep up.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 4th house: How do you express your ideas and plans for home and family relationships?

Mercury person helps House 4 person express themselves and communicate with family and close friends. House 4 person may have a hidden, private nature that is not easily or frequently shared.

Nevertheless Mercury person will help House 4 person put aspects of their private life into words and to communicate with tact and diplomacy.

Mercury person may also help House 4 person understand events in their past and in childhood so that they can put things in perspective and mature.

Where Mercury person may be highly logical, House 4 person will bring nurturing energy creating security and a sense of foundation.

House 4 person will also make Mercury person feel at home, like a member of the family. Mercury person may have ideas and plans that House 4 person helps to incubate so that they can be brought to fruition.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 5th house: How do you communicate your needs for pleasure, romance and fun?

Mercury person arouses House 5 person's sense of curiosity and playfulness. Mercury person may challenge House 5 person to grow through appealing to their need for fun and excitement.

Mercury person has important lessons to teach regarding communication and expression and will show House 5 person how to turn learning into a game.

House 5 person on the other hand can help Mercury person come out of their busy mental realm and enjoy life. House 5 person reminds Mercury person that spontaneity is as important as rationality. House 5 person helps Mercury person to solve problems by lightening up and having fun.

These two may enjoy intellectual games, word puzzles and puns. Even when Mercury person has something serious to discuss House 5 person is likely to take a light approach and Mercury person may sometimes feel like they aren’t being taken seriously.

House 5 person may avoid direct communication and use humor or sarcasm to sidestep expressing their true feelings, but mostly they just want to have a good time.

Both may enjoy travel and learning new things together as they explore new places and develop interests in recreational hobbies.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 6th house: How do you express your plans and strategies for daily routines and work?

Mercury person brings new perspective and insightfulness to House 6 person's life. House 6 person may get stuck in routines and bogged down by details, yet Mercury person will help them perceive the path to connecting their work with their path to progress.

Mercury person helps House 6 person communicate their ideas and will help them achieve their goals of being of service and having a positive impact on others.

This relationship may be more practical than passionate, but this pair will be able to enhance each other’s progress toward achieving their goals and carrying out their plans. Mercury person will be reminded of necessary details and House 6 person will have a fresh perspective.

These two will also find it easier to communicate with each other without feeling criticized.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 7th house: How do you express your ideas and plans and collaborate together?

Mercury person brings focus and clarity to House 7 person. House 7 person loves to please others and avoids confrontation.

Mercury person will help House 7 person learn to speak their mind without going to either extreme of being dominating or passive. Mercury person will help House 7 person to learn how to communicate in new ways.

House 7 person is likely to see Mercury person as diplomatic and intelligent, trusting their intellectual guidance and enjoying their social, flirtatious nature.

Mercury person is likely to connect more with their compassionate, aesthetic nature around House 7 person, taking their focus from the strictly intellectual and connecting on more of an empathic level.

Both are likely to pursue interests in art and literature, stimulating this mutual interest in creative expression. Both also prefer diplomacy to aggression as well.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 8th house: How do you express your sexuality and power in this relationship?

Mercury person helps House 8 person develop insight and awareness about their underlying fears.

Mercury person will help House 8 person articulate and strategize how they need to approach deep transformation. House 8 person's perspective about major life changes and crises may become more logical as a result of Mercury person's presence in their life.

Mercury person adds rationality to House 8 person's typical intensity. House 8 person may help Mercury person become more focused, though when collaborating together this couple can become obsessive.

Mercury person may help House 8 person generate plans regarding finances shared within a business or this pair may collaborate to make the most of shared resources including property or money.

House 8 person helps empower Mercury person's thinking and may also help them to speak with more confidence and influence. Mercury person may feel like House 8 person can read their mind.

Mercury person can be influential over House 8 person's perspective and thought process and may help them discern what information is most important at a given time.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 9th house: How do you help expand each others’ minds and communication?

Mercury person helps House 9 person articulate their philosophical ideas. Plans regarding major life goals and ideals are also brought into greater clarity and focus thanks to Mercury person's presence in House 9 person's life.

House 9 person is likely to help Mercury person think of the bigger picture and become more spiritually focused. House 9 person helps connect Mercury person to higher wisdom and may stimulate interests in reading or learning about law, religion and sciences.

Mercury person may influence House 9 person to pursue a new course of study and House 9 person may inspire Mercury person to pursue an advanced degree.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 10th house: How does your communication style help you advance in career?

Mercury person helps House 10 person to develop plans that will benefit their career path.

Mercury person brings mental clarity and focus as well as diplomacy to the relationship. Experiences with Mercury person will teach House 10 person how to communicate assertively yet professionally. Their thoughts and self expression will be refined as a result of this relationship.

House 10 person helps Mercury person see their full potential in career as well and may help elevate their status and self confidence.

House 10 person also helps Mercury person to manifest stable grounding for their numerous interests. House 10 person may help Mercury person translate their ideas and diverse topics of interest into lucrative businesses.

Career advancement, business deals and progress in writing, teaching, interpretation and speaking are enhanced by this partnership.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 11th house: How do you stimulate each others’ minds and progressive ideas?

Mercury person helps to make House 11 person feel more comfortable expressing their unique, rebellious nature. House 11 person may feel inspired to start a social justice campaign or draw attention to a humanitarian cause with Mercury person as their muse.

Mercury person helps House 11 person expand their social network for success as communication and self expression are heightened in this relationship.

House 11 person can articulate their ideals and even their most out of this world theories with the help of Mercury person's influence.

Mercury person is mentally stimulated by House 11 person's unique views and unusual perspective. House 11 person helps Mercury person to think outside the box and establish themselves apart from the crowd.

House 11 person may advance their knowledge of science, technology and metaphysical topics thanks to Mercury person's influence.

Synastry Mercury in the other person's 12th house: What role does intuitive communication and understanding play in your relationship?

Intuitive communication is awakened in this pairing.

Mercury person gives House 12 person a voice to express their deep, inner world. House 12 person's dreamy and at times unrealistic or confused nature is focused and given clarity by Mercury person. Mercury person is encouraged to get in touch with their imagination in this relationship.

House 12 person's creativity helps to broaden Mercury person's focus on logic and rationality.

Mercury person is able to articulate their spiritual beliefs and trust their intuition in this relationship. Mercury person is also able to get in touch with their emotions and articulate their feelings rather than intellectualizing them thanks to House 12 person's influence.

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