Jupiter transiting on the natal Ascendant: a positive image of your personality

thumb.jpg Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Ascendant

Jupiter starts here a new twelve-year cycle. During the conjunction your mind and body will benefit from good health, but be careful not to gain weight. Jupiter tends to expand even the waist-line!

Great time to be in touch with new people. You will attract people having important roles in society in terms of status symbol or who are recognized as authorities or teachers in their areas.

Don't let your self-confidence turn into superiority. Respect the differences and remember that learning to live with others is rewarding.

Travel and new experiences can happen, as long as the reason is for personal and professional development. Through this transit you can mature as a human being and expand your self-knowledge, thus becoming wiser.

Jupiter transiting sextile natal Ascendant

This transit can provide great experiences with your friends, with whom you should get many benefits.

Some of those friends or new friends may be from other countries or from different cultures.

It is a good period to join any volunteer project, share some life stories and support each other.

Your greatest reward will be personal growth and the wisdom you can gain through the contact with different cultures and lifestyles.

Jupiter transiting square natal Ascendant

This transit stimulates the growth of relationships and of your own personality, especially the part that is visible to the world.

The square aspect however brings tensions and unbalance. For instance, it might tempt you to take advantage of other people by getting what you need without giving back.

Or good financial opportunities might appear, and you might become arrogant and greedy. Or you might become too focused on your external aspect.

You will be rewarded by allowing Jupiter to give its best in terms of generosity and wisdom.

Jupiter transiting trine natal Ascendant

This period will be marked by enthusiasm in being in contact with other people. You want to learn the beauty of people's life experiences and create your new life explorations.

Someone as a teacher or lover might come into your life and add more wisdom, new ideas or a new insight into spirituality. Even if it's not a long-lasting relationship, it might be very important to further open your world view.
Take the time to expand any subject that improves your spiritual understanding.

Jupiter transiting opposite natal Ascendant

This transit allows you to improve or start love and business relationships with people who have the same focus, which can be rewarding for both parties. Great time also to establish financial contacts.

If you need help or advice, don't hesitate to look for someone who can help you, as the result will be satisfying. Also, your generous attitude during this transit makes people look for your support and positive attitude.

If you're in a relationship, your sense of balance and freedom can improve your relationship. It is a good period to enhance that connection and start a new chapter based on mutual understanding.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Ascendant

Like Alice in Wonderland, your sense of self may shrink and grow depending on circumstances at this time.

You may be confident one minute and deflated the next. Eventually you will come to learn to embrace your confidence and the expansiveness of your potential.

This will be likely to happen after you have had a spiritual and philosophical awakening of sorts. You may approach power and transcendence and then retreat from it, only to return again and again to the same major issues which cause you to step in to your own confidence.

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