Transiting Saturn on natal Neptune: reality meets illusion

    Ivo - 12andus founder
    By Ivo - 12andus founder

    magic-hat.png Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Neptune

    Saturn, the master of reality, meets Neptune, the king of illusions. During this time your accurately built certainties will be challenged.

    You might feel confused and anxious for the lack of a solid inner stability and you might see things worse than they actually are.

    By lacking a strong sense of reality, your imagination might trick you. Your pessimistic view might turn into hypochondriac thoughts.

    A way to acknowledge this transit would be to give less importance to the material world by sacrificing your individual goals for a person you care about or by dedicating to a spiritual path.


    Transiting Saturn sextile natal Neptune

    During this transit, the sense of reality and spirituality join harmoniously. You can approach even the immaterial world with clarity and rationality.

    This is a time for deep thinking and insights. Ethical investments and commitment to spiritual research are favored.

    Your ego and personal goals should not come too much in the way to get the best from this transit.


    Transiting Saturn square natal Neptune

    During this period, you lack organization and planning skills. You feel confused because your high ideals are strongly challenged by reality checks.

    Since your grip on reality is weakened, along with your effectiveness in the practical world, your self-confidence might also suffer.

    Don't let this just turn into sadness and discomfort. Saturn is actually teaching you a lesson in reality and wants to deepen your awareness about what's true and worth.


    Transiting Saturn trine natal Neptune

    During this period, you will reflect on your role as an individual in relationship with the world.

    You might question what is your work worth if it's just for your own benefit and doesn't make others happy.

    You want to direct your efforts and work toward something that goes beyond your individual needs, as in joining a spiritual view of the world with practical actions that improve people's conditions.


    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Neptune

    This is a hard time for your psychological well-being. Your ideals and ideas look illusory and you feel confused about what's real and what's delusionary.

    This impacts your self-confidence and brings unwanted guilty feelings. You might become critical of your spiritual choices and beliefs and you might feel an impending doom in your life.

    The suggestion here is to stay grounded, to keep life simple without letting your mind and anxieties overwhelm you. Don't believe every negative though arising, your mind is tricking you.

    Meditation by observing the mind in a detached way will greatly help.

    To know where Saturn is transiting on your natal chart right now or for any past or future date, click on "Astro Reports", select the Forecast box, set your date and click on "Calculate", then click on "Planets positions and aspects" and look at the "Transits - Planets in signs and aspects" section.

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