Transiting Pluto on natal Sun


    personality-transformation.jpg Pluto on the natal Sun triggers deep personality transformation

    Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Sun

    Pluto embodies power to demolish what is no longer needed and reveal deeper truths. Pluto helps us transform in profound ways.

    Your sense of identity is deeply challenged at this time. Pluto and the Sun are working to illuminate your shadow side.

    The shadow is the part of yourself repressed from your own consciousness as they are considered taboo, murky and irrational.

    Your shadow is your hidden cravings, patterns, reactions, and thought patterns buried in your subconscious. This may include grandiosity, or an inflated sense of control, obsessions or self sabotaging patterns.

    During this time, Pluto helps to excavate these repressed patterns of thinking and behavior. Use this transit to deepen your awareness of the side of yourself usually hidden from public view.

    With this awareness you can transmute the energy of these hidden drives and patterns into productive positive changes.

    Pluto and the Sun become two sides of the same coin. It is time to accept the shadow and ego self as two complementary aspects of yourself.

    Denying your shadow will get you nowhere. Work with this conjunction and allow integration of your personality and shadow.

    You may be given opportunities to exert greater power and authority. Recognize life areas where obsession and power struggles have interfered with growth and be aware of your manipulative attitude for the sake of power.

    Transiting Pluto sextile natal Sun

    Plutonian energy is assisting your ego self with transformation, but with enough distance to offer some breathing room.

    This brings you into contact with others who will be the catalyst for these profound changes.

    Others will expose truths about your hidden nature and changes that need to be made. Your relationships feel more intense. You are discovering depths within yourself through the help of others.

    Advancements come as a result of connections to authority figures. Powerful friends and allies surface at this time.

    Transiting Pluto square natal Sun

    It may feel as if situations beyond your control are blocking you from what you desire.

    You are being led on a path of rebirth but are resisting the transformation. Let go and allow challenges to be catalysts for change, rather than clinging for dear life to avoid discomfort.

    You are given opportunities for advancement and empowerment, but are not yet comfortable with the authority given to you.

    Pluto is like a harsh mentor, resisted by the ego self, who will try to avoid certain lessons. You will find yourself facing again what you tried to bury in the past. Eventually, you will thank Pluto for this.

    Issues with authority figures come to the surface. You may find yourself squaring off with a boss, or others in positions of power.

    You may also become obsessive about your goals, going to extreme measures to advance status. Be mindful of temptation to misuse power given to you. You could become manipulative, possessive and narrow minded during this time.

    Transiting Pluto trine natal Sun

    Your strengths are amplified, you are given a boost in status and authority is used productively in groups and at work.

    You easily receive opportunities to showcase your talents and this leads to personal growth and promotion in career.

    You have opportunities to influence those around you and your charisma is in full force. You ascend easily to powerful positions. This is a great time to accept promotions and leadership positions.

    Be mindful not to let the power given to you be considered as your ego accomplishment. Let Pluto’s power of focus help you stay in touch with your underlying mission.

    Transiting Pluto opposite natal Sun

    Transformation is prolonged because of self sabotage or power struggles.

    What are you holding on to? You feel at odds with authority figures and your sense of identity and strength are challenged at every turn.

    Work with not against the powers that be. Don’t attach ego and self-worth to superficial markers of status.

    Be mindful of seeing others as adversaries to be conquered. It becomes difficult to collaborate under this aspect because your energy becomes intense, you start to see situations as ‘all or nothing.’

    Take a step back, be conscious of the need to compromise. What at first seems like a threat to personal authority may not be. Don’t let your focus be limited to the point where you have limited your own options and alienated potential allies.

    Be aware of power misuse and a manipulative attitude to reach your goals.

    Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Sun

    You want to maintain your autonomy and individualistic expression, yet powerful transformation is looming on the horizon and you will not be able to direct the path this transition takes.

    This may feel like a threat to your sense of power and confidence, yet if you look at this transition as ultimately serving to direct you in the path you need in order to thrive and be reborn into an exciting new lifestyle, then it will be easier to surrender control.

    Issues currently being excavated need to be dealt with, even if it puts a damper on your otherwise enthusiastic and optimistic mood.

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