Transiting Pluto on Natal Ascendant

transformation-outward.jpg Significant transformation on your outward persona

Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Ascendant

When Pluto brings intense energy of death and rebirth to the ascendant, you can count on significant transformation to affect your appearance and outward persona. You are likely to make strong first impressions with a lasting influence on others.

Your appearance may change dramatically and you may feel as if you are losing some key aspect of your identity. Soul searching helps you get in touch with who you want to be.

Feeling shaken to the core, you may try to establish control through false measures intended to make you feel secure. You may develop obsessive-compulsive tendencies or develop rigid and disciplined expectations of yourself.

It is ideal to embrace the boost in power this transit gives you without trying to control situations around you. Focus instead on self-mastery.

Your moods and thoughts intensify and you may feed off of drama without realizing it. Channel your energy into positive and productive transformation.

Transiting Pluto sextile natal Ascendant

You exude power and self-control at this time, whether you feel this way inside or not.

Others are drawn to you like a magnet. You have a greater degree of influence on those around you under this transit.

New relationships and romances surface under this transit. Relationships move at a fast pace and you become intimately involved with significant others in a short amount of time. Others find you irresistible and you feel compelled to connect with others on a deep intimate level.

Sexuality is explored and sexual experiences which explore power and domination are likely. You are also more likely to explore sexual practices previously considered taboo and may question your sexuality altogether at this time.

You are supported and encouraged in your career and other endeavors by powerful and influential people.  Opportunities arise for you to take on leadership roles in relationships and career. You embrace your own personal strength and leadership abilities with positive feedback from others.

Transiting Pluto square natal Ascendant

Challenges arise which in the long run lead to favorable changes in identity. You may reclaim power lost or become attuned to core strengths and potential previously overlooked.

You will have to confront some difficult aspect of yourself or your past. By doing this, you will be shedding an aspect of your identity which was limiting you in some way.

You may feel as though you are in the process of becoming a new person or striving to leave behind what you have outgrown. You may dissociate yourself from group, family or cultural identities that you no longer subscribe to.

You may also feel drawn into conflict with others over who you truly are. Others may challenge you as you try to assert a changed identity or new beliefs. You will have the opportunity to test your own commitment to these changes as you respond to these challenges.

You may become adamant about your beliefs and feel the need to impose your views on others. Stop to reflect on whether you are trying to convince others, or yourself.

Transiting Pluto trine natal Ascendant

You have opportunities to become an improved version of yourself. Others recognize your talents and will grant you credibility as an authority figure.

You attract allies, friends and lovers naturally drawn to your charisma. Career advancement is aided through networking. Your appearance and the way you carry yourself leave a lasting positive impression.

Relationships become intense and move quickly to the next level. You embody the energy of the person you want to become and this has a positive effect.

You may be ‘acting as if’ but no one would know that, and the response is to your authentic power shining through at this time, even if you are not as confident inside as you appear on the outside.

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Ascendant

You become focused, perhaps obsessively, on relationships with a partner or significant others.

You may feel like you are losing yourself as you relentlessly pursue a particular love interest, or try moving Heaven and Earth to keep the interest of your significant other.

Your relationships may become codependent. Be mindful to maintain harmony between your identity and that of your significant other.

If you have a healthy foundation it will be easier to reign yourself in. If you have a poor sense of self, it may seem as though you are addicted to partnership. You may resort to jealousy and control tactics to avoid real or perceived abandonment. These measures are not recommended.

Rather you could use this transit as a time to establish the firm sense of identity you may have been lacking in the first place.

Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Ascendant

Your disposition becomes more serious at this time. You may begin trying to get at the underlying core of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are self defeating and destructive, only to find that something keeps eluding you.

Healing and transformation are on the horizon but can’t be rushed. You may also have less direct power over the circumstances leading to this transformation than you would like.

You may feel compelled to make drastic changes to your appearance or to present yourself in a more empowered and assertive way. It may take several adjustments to make the change that is effective but also natural for you.


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