The Natal Sun in the 12 Astrological Houses

Sun.jpg Where are your will and ego directed?

Sun in House 1

When the natal Sun is in the first house, your strengths and gifts shine visibly. You are blessed with talent and confidence and aren’t afraid to take center stage. You can be charming and attractive because your optimism radiates to others.

You are also likely to be straightforward in an almost childlike manner. It doesn’t occur to you to lie and typically you are so transparent that deception doesn’t figure in to your personality at all.

You may become arrogant if not careful to keep your energy moderated. This is because you are so sure of yourself and highly aware of your mission. You don’t always realize that you are stealing the show and need to be careful to let others shine in the spotlight as well.

You can be charismatic and creative and leadership comes easily to you.

Sun in House 2

Natal sun in your second house emphasizes value, beauty and security. You shine when it comes to practical matters like finance, budgeting and appraising the worth of your resources.

You can be extra lucky when it comes to attracting valuable resources from money to antiques, art or cars. Whether income is up or down you land on your feet and remain optimistic.

This slightly lucky predisposition can make you over optimistic at times. You may tolerate taking risks with money because you trust that you will always find what you need. Usually you are proven correct.

You are drawn to creating security through your charismatic style and can charm others and influence people to believe in your plans. You can become materialistic yet are seldom stingy.

This is because you love to share and uplift others as much as you love creating security for yourself.

You are ambitious and driven to succeed and when this energy is out of balance you may become careless with your money taking for granted golden opportunities or assuming the well will never run dry.

Sun in House 3

Natal sun in the third house of communication and connection to your peer groups brings emphasis to your mental powers. The 3rd house represents mindset, education and connection to neighbors, siblings and peers.

You are outgoing, social and charismatic. Others are drawn to you. You may have been one of the popular kids in school and even as an adult that role never goes away. Your popularity comes from your genuine kindness and enthusiasm for learning and connecting with people from all walks of life.

You are optimistic and open minded. You love to be in the spotlight but can also be generous with others. You may become bored easily and need mental stimulation in order to remain engaged and interested.

You are highly creative and productive and may be a prolific writer or speaker. You expect your kindness to others to be reciprocated and can become disheartened if it is not.

Your energy can be restless at times and it can be difficult for you to stay in the same place for too long. You are always seeking new information and stimulation.

Sun in House 4

Sun in your fourth house places emphasis on home and family. You are at your best when you feel secure. You are drawn to home life and may prefer entertaining at home to going out on the town.

Your focus is on family and any other drive to succeed in career or love life all comes back to the core desire to create a comfortable nest where you can nurture those you love.

You can be highly sensitive and may be introverted especially early on in relationships. You are closely connected to the past and to your own family and upbringing. You may surround yourself with tokens of your own childhood and reminders of your family’s past.

You don’t understand why others aren’t as family focused and home oriented as you. The idea of travel or relocation is overwhelming to you. You don’t really understand why anyone would really ever want to leave the house.

When this energy is not balanced you may become insecure, passive, over anxious and concerned with security in the forms of food and money. You may also be mistrusting of those who aren’t family or part of your inner circle.

Sun in House 5

Sun in your fifth house brings emphasis to playfulness and risk taking. Life is a game and you are more concerned with having fun than with winning.

You can be like Peter Pan, never fully growing up and as such you may feel comfortable with children and younger people.

You love adventure and may take risks both in recreation and with money. Whether you win or lose is inconsequential, you will be off in search of the next quest.

Your creativity and radiance easily attracts others to you and you may resist settling down into a serious relationship until later in life, opting instead to play the game of love for as long as you can.

When this energy is out of balance you may not realize the consequences of your impulsive actions on those who care about you. Your willingness to gamble and seek excitement can leave others feeling hurt or betrayed as you can be more casual about relationships than those who are drawn to you.

Sun in House 6

Natal Sun in your sixth house brings emphasis to work and service. You identify with your job. Career is less important to you than the details of the work you do on a daily basis. Being of service to others is a big part of your mission and identity.

You are at your best when you are helping people or animals.

You are intelligent and talented but prefer to keep a low profile. You tend to be humble in spite of your accomplishments.

People will remember your kindness, optimism and generosity and also will notice that you are a patient listener. You love to give advice but will usually focus on the needs of others, not your need for recognition.

You can be health conscious as well, following the latest news in diet and wellness and experimenting with various healthy lifestyles or exercise and diet programs. You may be attracted to work in healing sciences as well.

When this energy is out of balance you may become rigid with your expectations of others. You may also become frustrated with people who do not follow your advice or who take their health for granted.

Sun in House 7

Natal Sun in your seventh house places emphasis on relationships and partnership. You shine your brightest when you are working in tandem with a partner. Whether in business or romance you identify yourself as half of a couple. You become more confident and radiant when you have someone working with you.

Your energy is heightened by one on one interactions and you may become dependent on others and give up your autonomy if you aren’t careful.

Balance, beauty and harmony are important to you and you seek validation and recognition through others’ view of you.

It may be difficult for you to maintain self confidence when relationships aren’t going well. You are likely to judge difficulties in partnership as a personal failing rather than separating yourself and your needs from those of your partner.

Although you seek out validation through partnerships you also feel more comfortable taking the lead. You may unintentionally become dominant in partnerships although you value equality. It will be part of your life lesson to learn to strike a good balance.

Sun in House 8

With Natal Sun in your eighth house you can appear mysterious, seductive and powerful without meaning to. Your sexual energy and personal power radiate and others notice the signals and place their confidence in you.

You can easily see through the numerous layers of others’ defenses yet you don’t easily let your own guard down. You can be a leader in helping others initiate personal transformation as a counselor or mentor. Your insight is sharp and you have an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of things and see through illusions.

Your connections to others can help you build wealth in this lifetime. Either through inheritances, shared business ventures, settlements or shared income, your resources and net worth is greatly benefitted by lucky windfalls or income that was not generated by wages alone. You may marry into a wealthy family for example.

Part of your focus in this incarnation involves healing work which may include overcoming addictive tendencies and transforming as a result of personal crisis. This can help you awaken to spiritual connection and become part of the gift you share with others.

Sun in House 9

Your Natal Sun in the ninth house gives emphasis to your spiritual calling. You are philosophical and open minded and you love to travel and explore new places.

You may adopt several new religious practices or align with a cultural identity drastically different than the one you were born into.

You are highly aware of justice and may work as an advocate, innovator or in a humanitarian field. You are more concerned with progress and healing in society than with personal gain as an individual.

You are drawn to the esoteric and metaphysical. You are also extremely fortunate and tend to be generous, sharing your successes with others.

You don’t do anything on a small scale and can experience massive highs and lows as you experience all there is in life. Nevertheless you are optimistic and enjoy the ride.

Sun in House 10

Emphasis is placed on career and public image with Natal Sun in your tenth house. You may end up working in a public position such as business leader or politician, entertainer or celebrity. You shine when you are in the public eye and are conscious of your image.

Career is important to you and you are driven to succeed as a leader or creative entrepreneur. You are optimistic and talented. Your strengths and confidence are typically rewarded by lucky breaks that help you ascend to positions of authority and visibility.

When this energy is not balanced you may become engrossed in scandal on the public stage. You may also become egotistical, forgetting your larger mission and focusing instead on personal fame and recognition.

You may also desire elevation in status before you have completely earned it or are prepared for it. In this case you may rise and fall in public opinion quickly, damaging your self confidence.

Sun in House 11

Natal Sun in the eleventh house gives emphasis to your social connections and your role in the larger society. You may identify as a progressive change maker, advocating as part of numerous social movements.

You are likely to be well liked by many people and enjoy the company of numerous friends and associates, yet you are likely to shy away from intimate relationships. You prefer instead to be where the action is. You love being on the cutting edge of change and being a catalyst for revolutionary movements.

You are highly intelligent and drawn to groups and networking. You thrive in social settings that stimulate your mind. You enjoy challenging others’ ideas and can be rebellious.

When this energy is out of balance you may become engrossed in conflicts for the sake of stirring the pot with little focus on any specific agenda. You may also grow frustrated with individual relationships and keep others at arms’ length.

Sun in House 12

When your Natal Sun is in the twelfth house, emphasis is placed on healing and spiritual ascension. You may have to work through several healing challenges in order to be reminded of your spiritual nature. You may also become easily lost in fantasy and your vivid imagination.

You are compassionate and creative but may not always deal easily with harsh realities. Addictions and escapism are possible if this energy is not balanced.

You are highly sensitive and intuitive and can easily connect and empathize with others. Boundaries can be a struggle however and you may take on others’ energy to your own detriment.

Work in healing and recovery is possible for you. When this energy is not balanced, experiences with institutions of incarceration or rehabilitation are likely. You may also experience self sabotage until you learn to work with your gifts and remain grounded in reality rather than retreating into fantasy or addictions.

You are artistically and musically talented and can thrive in creative fields.

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