Natal Saturn in the 12 Astrological Houses

Saturn.jpg Where do you feel limitations and need self discipline?

Saturn in House 1

Natal Saturn in your first house gives a serious demeanor and appearance of maturity. You embrace limitations as a part of life. Self discipline is important to you and others easily recognize that you are someone who thrives when you have structure and routine.

Others may be envious of your self discipline and ability to stick to a plan. Hardships help refine you and show you your strengths. You are then easily able to channel these strengths in your outward personality.

Less is more and you know how to practice restraint and live simply.

Saturn in House 2

Struggle and limitations in your financial life are likely because of Natal Saturn placement in your second house. You experience hardship which can teach you patience and self discipline. You are likely to be prudent and frugal.

Since you don’t waste resources and work for what you have you develop many skills that help you in matters requiring practicality and discernment. You are able to stretch your finances and may learn to do many tasks on your own rather than hiring professionals. You are aware of the difference between wants and needs and find ways to make sure your needs are met.

You are most likely to practice self discipline in regards to your finances and material resources. You only splurge if you truly have found a great value. You are able to live within your means because you can modify your lifestyle to fit your income at a given time. Your patience and self discipline can also lead you to accumulate valuable assets over time.

Saturn in House 3

With Natal Saturn in your third house you are cautious and practice restraint when communicating with others. Your mind works in methodical ways and you thrive when you can stick to routines and structures that require little abstract thinking.

You are likely to focus on concrete goals and enjoy learning about topics that have a practical, definite basis.

Your mindset may be influenced by the past and tradition. When you face limitations it may be difficult for you to see other options. As a result you may narrow your focus and perceive things existing only according to your past experiences. Adapting to new ideas is difficult and takes time for you.

When it comes to study and communication you know how to show restraint. You choose your words carefully. You may speak slowly and deliberately. You may take your time before replying to someone so that you are sure you have adequately calculated your response. You may also speak minimally but you are always aware of the timing of your words and the impact of your communication is unmistakable.

Saturn in House 4

Natal Saturn in your fourth house gives you the ability to exercise self discipline in matters of home and family. You may run your household by traditional rules or adopt a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity or frugality when it comes to your home life. You are likely to have a small family or connect to elders in your family who influence your world view and values.

Limitations may cause you to change residences and have to adapt to a new lifestyle. You may also experience limitations in your family relationships that create hardship and struggle. Ultimately these conflicts bring important Karmic lessons.

You are likely to have a minimalist’s view when it comes to your household. If you collect anything it is likely to be antiques or relics of your family’s heritage. You work hard and are driven and ambitious. Part of your motivation is to provide security for your family. You may feel at home in the office or work from your home. Real estate or other similar careers can help you derive income from work related to home and property.

Saturn in House 5

You don’t really understand the difference between work and play if Natal Saturn is in your fifth house. You aren’t a big risk taker, though when you do step out of your comfort zone it is because you believe it will benefit your career or business. You may work with children or work in a recreation related field.

Regardless of your specific career, work is a recreational outlet for you. You approach your duties and responsibilities with a mix of seriousness and playfulness. You may experience limitations in your ability to let go and relax. Unless your actions serve a practical purpose you see them as frivolous and will not prioritize activities that don’t serve your business agenda.

You may experience difficulties and limitations in having children or may learn hard lessons about carelessness and excess that then translate into heightened self discipline.

Saturn in House 6

Natal Saturn in your sixth house places emphasis on self discipline in regards to acts of service. You are likely to be highly regimented in your daily routines. You prefer predictability to spontaneity. Your attention to detail and patience help you maintain high standards in the work you do not just for your job but in all of your chores and routines.

What others perceive as boring you perceive as secure and you prefer this security, resisting changes as much as possible. Restrictions can surface related to your health especially if you are not managing stress and diet in a balanced way.

You may go through phases of overworking and ignoring your nutritional needs or even forgetting to eat or losing your appetite.

Others recognize your self sacrificing nature and benefit from your hard work even if they are turned off by your tendency to be detached and blunt.

Saturn in House 7

Natal Saturn in your seventh house gives structure and practical emphasis to your partnerships and relationships. You are likely to experience limitations and obstacles when it comes to your romantic life. It is a challenge for you to open up to intimate relationships. Instead you tend to take responsibility for others and approach relationships either as a business partnership or a chore to be endured.

You may be attracted to older people. You are also likely to take on financial and other burdens in relationships and may distance yourself emotionally, preferring instead to focus on the ‘work’ involved in the partnership.

Your self- disciplined side shows in partnerships when you focus on taking care of your partner’s practical needs. You can be self sacrificing and hard working, trying to ensure your partner feels secure and that their needs are met on a material level.

It is more difficult for you to be emotionally present in relationships. You may face numerous challenges and losses in love as you work on that lesson.

Saturn in House 8

Natal Saturn in your eighth house brings Karmic lessons that usher in profound personal transformation. You approach relationships, especially sexual relationships, with self restraint. You may experience limitations or even a loss that impacts shared resources such as the loss of a business partner or family member. These losses will be both a source of personal crisis and transformation as well as a source of financial gain.

When it comes to sexual relationships you are extremely self controlled. You practice discretion in the partners you choose. You may be drawn to people who embody power and maturity. You can abstain from sexual relationships for extended periods of time without any difficulty.

You may also experience limitations and harsh lessons when it comes to shared assets and finances. Attention to matters such as business accounting and taxes will be important to avoid harsh consequences.

Saturn in House 9

Natal Saturn in your ninth house brings restrictions and limitations in the area of higher education, philosophy and travel. You may aspire to advance your education but face limitations that force you to really test your resolve and work for your degree. You may also encounter obstacles as you try to attain a higher understanding of your spiritual purpose.

Spiritual awakening for you may go hand in hand with Karmic crisis. Through hardships you are able to broaden your perspective.

You are likely to keep a balance between idealism and practicality. You will understand there is more to life than your day to day routines. At the same time you may feel responsible to repeatedly put out fires and deal with challenges in the mundane world that can pull your focus away from your higher spiritual path.

You can pursue higher learning and spiritual advancement through self disciplined measures. Martial Arts, Yoga and other practices that give physical form to spiritual concepts will help you develop your understanding further.

You are also likely to experience limitations when it comes to your desire to travel abroad or connect with different cultures. Obstacles and delays may surface causing you to rework your plans or struggle harder to succeed in your goals.

Saturn in House 10

A slow and steady path helps you win the race when it comes to career and public life. Natal Saturn in your tenth house emphasizes traditional routes to career advancement. You follow the established path and work diligently to increase your exposure. You develop a reputation for being an exert and a hard worker.

Your ambition can lead you to pursue self employment or leadership. You are focused on practical gains and less likely to think about things like employee morale. As a result others may perceive you as detached. Nevertheless you provide quality and get the job done right and on time and you are recognized for this.

Saturn in House 11

Natal Saturn in your eleventh house gives emphasis to group endeavors and your sense of social responsibility. You are concerned with the common good. You are likely to take on self sacrifice and discipline to do your part to be part of the solution rather than to become a spokesperson, telling others what they should or shouldn’t do.

You lead by example.

Whether it is walking to work to reduce your carbon footprint or living a life of voluntary simplicity so as to minimize waste, you are self disciplined when it comes to enacting your ideals for social progress.

You have a strong sense of resolve and are dedicated to your ideals yet you prefer to be low key when it comes to group participation and social change. You value gradual changes and prefer not to make a scene or have attention drawn to yourself.

Saturn in House 12

Natal Saturn in your twelfth house will place obstacles to your spiritual awakening that force you to confront escapism and illusions. You may hide from reality only to be confronted by Karmic consequences and limitations.

Since this is the house of sabotage and institutions, you may find the structure you need to reset your focus only once you have faced severe consequences. Hospitalizations, rehabs, or incarceration may be the intervention that gets you back on track with your higher purpose.

You may experience significant losses which also serve to teach you lessons about the interconnectedness of all things, yet resisting these lessons can lead to harsh consequences.

Self discipline manifests for you in your creativity and spirituality. With the right motivation you can become devoted to your higher purpose. You may channel your talents through your creative pursuits and manifest a successful career related to arts or music.

Until you learn to work with restriction and discipline however, retreat into escapism will come at a high cost. Obstacles will arise when you are veering off track and getting distracted by illusions.

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