Natal Mars in the 12 Astrological Houses

Mars.jpg How do you harness your energy and focus your power?

Natal Mars in House 1

Natal Mars in house one focuses power and energy on projecting the self and identity out into the world. You are straightforward, transparent and not afraid to act on what you think is best for you.

At times you may forget to consider what may be best for others. You aren’t selfish, but you do assume that what benefits you also benefits others. This is not always the case. When your ideas and sense of identity are challenged you become defensive.

You are enthusiastic and intense. Your energy can fill a room easily. You may jump into action before all options have really been considered.

You love showing your strength and frequently seek out challenges. Even if this means doing things the hard way to prove you could succeed, you enjoy being recognized for your courage and stamina.

You may compete in athletic events and are likely to have a high energy level which influences your muscular appearance.

You may become physically restless and need outlets to channel your energy.

Natal Mars in House 2

Natal Mars in your second house propels you to jump into action and focus on building financial security. You can be passionate and vigilant about securing your financial foundation and protective of your resources.

You may attract money quickly, taking advantage of every opportunity that falls into your lap. On the other hand money can be easy-come easy-go for you as impulsivity leads you to spend without long term planning.

You may draw some income from work related to security, military service or athletic abilities. You are highly active and go to great lengths to achieve your goals and pursue what you value.

Natal Mars in House 3

Your mind is sharp, focused and intense. You can think quickly and often act or speak mid thought because your mind processes information so fast. This is because of your gifts for mental power and focus, a result of Natal Mars in your third house.

You can be restless and speak quickly, exhibiting excessive nervous energy.

You enjoy connecting with other people yet usually there is an underlying focus or agenda that distracts you from being present emotionally with others.

You read and digest new information quickly and may have advanced through school ahead of your grade level.

You are always looking for new information and love competing in intellectual debates and mental battles with others.

You can be abrupt and critical in your communication style. When you get fired up, which is frequently, you can hurt people’s feelings in the process of making your point. Having the last word sometimes seems more important than preserving friendships. You will have to discern with maturity whether it is best to be right or be happy.

When an idea strikes you, it doesn’t take long for you to start diving into action trying to manifest your goals. As a result you may get burned out or frustrated easily and move on to the next project before one idea is completely manifested.

Natal Mars in House 4

Natal Mars in your fourth house places focus on home and family life. You are territorial when it comes to your space. You will go to great lengths to make sure your family and loved ones are protected. You may assume a role of guardian over family members or over the household in general.

At the same time, you can assume that you know what is best for your family. You run the risk of rushing to the rescue and not allowing others the opportunity to chart their own paths.

You are passionate and intense and have excess energy to devote to your family. You prefer to be active even in your down time at home. You may have numerous projects going on at once to remodel the house and feel restless when there is nothing challenging to work on.

You easily dominate others and may intend to be helpful or protective. Boundaries are important for you as are healthy outlets for your excess energy. Without these outlets your intense energy can overwhelm those closest to you. You may inadvertently project your anxiety onto family members.

Even as a young person you are likely to assume responsibility to act on behalf of your family and may see yourself as the leader of the household rather than sharing power.

Natal Mars in House 5

Mars in your fifth house places emphasis on playful competition. You are enthusiastic and optimistic and you may seek out opportunities to compete in athletic and other types of challenges.

You enjoy being a leader in your social life and may coach sports or mentor children. You have a seemingly unending supply of physical energy and may rush from one activity to the next.

You are also intense and passionate. Others are drawn to your magnetism and you may have numerous opportunities for intense affairs before settling down in a relationship.

You love to blend work and play and may make a game out of difficult tasks in order to stay focused.

Until you learn how to engage your playful side however you are likely to avoid work which isn’t fun in some way. You are youthful and child like but can also grow frustrated when life stops being all fun and games.

Natal Mars in House 6

Natal Mars in your sixth house gives you ample energy to put into your daily routines including health and fitness regime. You are task focused and driven to complete whatever is on your to do list. It is hard for you to switch from one task to another until you have completed your mission.

You may pursue work that is physically demanding because you love the challenge. You are also likely to be drawn to work or volunteer services that require courage. Firefighting, emergency response services or military service would appeal to you.

You are strong and highly energetic and you feel compelled to put your gifts to use in the service of others. You may be the friend everyone calls for help on moving day. You may also be the person people seek out to be their bodyguard when they have gotten into conflicts.

You can be impatient with people who don’t think like you or who seem to stand in the way of you completing your agenda. As a result you may frequently get into angry outbursts. Stress management is essential so that you do not develop health problems related to high blood pressure and prolonged states of vigilance and anger.

Natal Mars in House 7

Natal Mars in your seventh house places focus on partnerships and relationships. You are quick to lead the charge and initiate action in relationships yet you feel more confident when working as part of a pair.

Your energy is attractive and you easily charm others with your passionate nature and sexual appeal. Your strength, courage and confidence are part of what attracts others to you.

It is so easy for you to assume leadership in relationships that you have to be mindful to step back and encourage your partner to be assertive. You may unintentionally dominate others or overstep boundaries.

It is hard for you to pick up on subtle cues as you are usually in a hurry and not taking in your environment. Therefore you may end up burning bridges and not realizing it until it is too late. You can also be intense and focused on your loved ones, struggling to share power in a balanced way.

You are passionate about protecting those you care about and will go to great lengths to demonstrate your feelings through action. With experience you learn to strike a balance between your zealous nature in love and keeping a balance of power in relationships.

Natal Mars in House 8

Natal Mars in your eighth house gives you intense energy and a high sex drive. You may be drawn to sexual relationships before establishing emotional connection. Sex may also become a way to discern power in your relationships rather than a means to create intimacy.

Your passion and intensity can help you focus on your mission and often you are a catalyst for personal transformation for others.

You may have to learn significant life lessons about anger management and managing personal power in a healthy way without dominating others.

It is easy for you to assume entitlement to others’ money or resources. At times you will benefit from the financial standing of people close to you. Try not to get ahead of yourself when it comes to expecting financial gain from settlements, wills, or a shared business.

You may be drawn to those who are mysterious or edgy. With maturity you will find ways to channel your passion aside from chaotic relationships and sexually based affairs. While you are learning these lessons however you are likely to go from one tumultuous relationship to another. You may become distracted by the wealth or status others appear to have and not pay attention to your actual attraction to them on an emotional level.

Natal Mars in House 9

You have an intense desire to expand your mind and connect with different cultures and belief systems. You are highly energetic and focus your energy into the study of philosophy, spirituality and sciences. You may have unexpected opportunities for long distance travel and will likely react to these opportunities quickly to make the most of the situation.

When your interests in law, healing, science and philosophy are triggered you can become obsessed with acquiring new knowledge. You may impulsively pursue certification and higher learning in a path that involves blending mental and physical power. Martial arts for example would appeal to you.

Your humanitarian side shows in your desire to protect people who appear to be forgotten or oppressed. You may become zealous or vigilant in your activism if you aren’t mindful of remaining balanced.

Spirituality can be a useful tool for you to balance out your intense and reactive energy but you may have to develop practices that cultivate this balance.

Natal Mars in House 10

You pour your energy into your career and public life. You are conscious of being perceived as strong and courageous. You may go to great lengths to build a reputation as a fighter and someone not to be trifled with.

You can be shrewd in business, confidently asserting what you want and letting ambition lead the way. As a leader however you will need to learn to collaborate and delegate. It is easier for you to try to do everything yourself and this can lead you to burn out if you aren’t careful.

You are passionate about your career path and don’t mind going above and beyond if you think your efforts will result in advancement.

You can be impatient however and grow restless with the process of establishing yourself as an expert or leader. You look at your career path as a challenge to be conquered and will interpret criticism as defeat. You think in terms of success and failure and can be hard on yourself as you have high expectations.

Natal Mars in House 11

Natal Mars in your eleventh house focuses your strength and passion on your social connections and concerns for progress in the community at large.

You thrive in social groups and may join several committees. You invest your energy into humanitarian causes and may assume the role of leader, guardian and advocate even if these are not official titles.

Your passion for progress and change can be thwarted at times if your ambition and ego cause you to lose sight of your mission. You can become frustrated if others don’t want to go along with your plans. It is easier for you to follow your own path than to collaborate with others.

One of your lessons in this lifetime is to collaborate effectively, using your strength when need be but also delegating to others. It is hard for you to imagine that less is more yet you may undermine your own mission if you scatter your energy too far or don’t learn to be a part of the team.

Natal Mars in House 12

Natal Mars in your twelfth house brings powerful lessons about managing your energy and ambition without sacrificing yourself. Your energy is more subdued and you may feel restless but also obstructed from taking action. You may face limitations and harsh lessons as a result of impulsivity and anger management issues.

If you aren’t careful you can react to triggers before understanding the reality of the situation. In this case you may undermine relationships or create challenges for yourself that were not necessary.

You may feel unable to assert yourself as much as you would like or have a vague sense of mission but feel confused about where to start. Your energy easily gets scattered if you aren’t careful.

Creative pursuits are one way to channel your energy effectively. You also need to work on accepting what you can’t control so that you can focus your efforts where they will have the most impact.

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