Natal Jupiter in the 12 Astrological Houses

Jupiter.jpgWhere in your life you are lucky and apt to be successful?

Natal Jupiter in House 1

Natal Jupiter in the first house gives you a larger than life personality with ample good cheer and optimism. You are highly successful when it comes to making a positive first impression. You are also highly influential over others and often considered a leader.

You are lucky when it comes to attracting attention for your outward personality and gifts. You are seen as a natural authority and others trust in you and let you guide them. You are also fortunate when it comes to embodying the success you wish to attain.

You are likely to have an appealing physical appearance as well and can easily command attention without being domineering.

Natal Jupiter in House 2

Natal Jupiter in the second house gives emphasis to financial success. You are lucky when it comes to money and may acquire wealth easily. You are also likely to be successful when it comes to finding the resources you need in order to follow your ideals.

Whether you have an excess of abundance or just enough abundance to fulfill your modest dreams, you will always have what you need in order to rise to the next level of growth on your path.

You are also likely to share the abundance and success you attain and this only further fuels your success and others’ positive opinions of you.

Natal Jupiter in House 3

Natal Jupiter in your third house gives you a highly active mind and social life. You have the potential to succeed in part thanks to your network and connections. You transcend obstacles because of your knack for problem solving and thinking in large scale terms.

You are also likely to be lucky when it comes to being in the right place at the right time to connect with people who can help you advance to your goals. Your early education and early learning experiences help set the stage for long range success as well.

Your wit and diplomacy lead you to success. You easily persuade others with your charm and wit and can entice anyone to support your plans. Rather than being perceived as manipulative, your benevolent nature is evident to those who meet you.

Natal Jupiter in House 4

Natal Jupiter in your fourth house places the focus of your success and good luck on family and domestic matters. Early experiences in your own family set the stage for abundance and good fortune throughout your life.

You are likely to experience abundance in your home life as well. You may have a large family and find security and fulfillment in your family.

Property, real estate or the value of your home is likely to be a source of wealth at some point in your life. You may also experience a lucky break when purchasing a home or investing in property.

Natal Jupiter in House 5

Your fun loving, optimistic nature is a source of luck and success for you with Natal Jupiter in your fifth house. You are charming and attractive to others. Your easy going nature encourages others to relax and join you in your pursuit of pleasure.

Romantic affairs can benefit you by elevating your finances or status. You are also likely to experience opulence and luxury in your pursuit of recreation and pleasure.

Your creative talents can lead to financial success and career breakthroughs as well. You are likely to have multiple interests and can become successful as a result of gambling or a risky investment in a new business or career based as much in recreation and luxury as in work.

Natal Jupiter in House 6

Natal Jupiter in your sixth house places emphasis on roles of service to others. You are most successful when you are sharing your abundance and gifts with those around you. You are an idealist with a big vision yet you are also detail oriented and use your wit and practicality to make strides toward your larger goals.

You are intelligent and wise yet prefer to keep a low profile. For you, the marker of success is knowing your accomplishments are in some way improving society.

You bring a flair of optimism and good luck into your small day to day interactions with others. In some ways you may seem like an average person but you carry a profound message of healing and empowerment to those you meet. Chance encounters can be life changing for you and those around you.

You are drawn to roles in healing and criminal justice and may serve out of a sense of spiritual mission more than for your own ego needs.

Natal Jupiter in House 7

You are lucky in love and partnerships thanks to Natal Jupiter in your seventh house. Partnerships help you to elevate your views and open your mind. You are more successful in endeavors undertaken as part of a pair.

Your optimism is contagious and you are at your best when you are aligned with a partner whose enthusiasm you can play off of. You need to be around those who stimulate your dreams and higher ideals not those who try to limit you or burden you with practical matters.

Since you are highly attractive to others you may be sought after by numerous people at once and be tempted to pursue a number of affairs.

You are also likely to advance in your personal life because of your connections to influential people.

Natal Jupiter in House 8

Natal Jupiter in your eighth house places emphasis on personal transformation and success through the resources and wealth of others. You are highly sexually attractive to others and can be lucky when it comes to intimate connections. You may get distracted however by chasing instant gratification rather than allowing yourself to make deeper connections.

Your strengths and abilities to understand people from various walks of life are amplified and you can be a catalyst for deep healing and change both for yourself and for others with this placement.

You are likely to seek the truth even if it means uncovering layers of deception and illusion. You may be awakened to uncomfortable aspects of reality though your optimism usually helps you to make sense of even the most challenging epiphanies.

You are successful in financial matters usually through lucky breaks and connections to others. For example you may experience an accident that leads to personal transformation and new opportunities and a hefty settlement. You may also inherit money, land or a share in a business.

Natal Jupiter in House 9

Natal Jupiter in your ninth house gives you the added power of the benevolent planet as Jupiter rules the ninth house. Your attention to humanitarian causes and pursuit of higher wisdom is amplified with this placement.

You seek out spiritual experiences that expand your awareness. Your optimism helps you land on your feet no matter what is going on around you.

Your path to success involves travel and connection to people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

You are also likely to succeed in a career related to spirituality, law or philosophy.

Lucky breaks arise giving you access to higher knowledge or advanced education or to travel opportunities or both.

Natal Jupiter in House 10

Natal Jupiter in your tenth house aligns your career with abundance and success in a public arena. You may rise to positions of prominence through political activism or benevolent leadership. You easily charm others and persuade others to open up to your ideas. You are likely to have a strong sense of morality and social responsibility which drives your ambition.

You are lucky in your career. Early on in your path you are likely to meet others whose influence and power help you ascend and advance. New opportunities in career and even leadership can come easily to you.

You feel most successful when you are sharing your abundance with others and helping others to achieve their highest potential. You are an influencer and generous leader who thinks of the best ways to advance everyone not just self advancement.

Natal Jupiter in House 11

Natal Jupiter in your eleventh house gives emphasis to generating abundance of good will and enthusiasm toward social justice causes. Your rebellious nature is your key to success and you do best when you challenge the status quo and refuse to follow rules that no longer work or are oppressive to others.

Your ability to have integrity and follow your truth is a major part of your path to success as well. You will have unusual opportunities that come from out of the blue. Following your instincts will help you emerge as a leader. This will eventually lead to success.

You are lucky when it comes to your intellect and can understand concepts on multiple levels. You are also able to see the broad scope of things and can understand systems. From technologies to understanding societies you can take a long range view of patterns and cycles and this helps you to stay ahead of the curve.

Natal Jupiter in House 12

Natal Jupiter in your twelfth house places emphasis on success in spiritual development. You understand your place in the larger universe and your confidence helps you to trust your intuition. As a result you succeed in breaking down barriers and finding deeper connection to others and to the world around you.

Your empathy and intuition as well as your creativity and imagination are keys to your success. You may excel in arts or music and have fortunate opportunities to showcase your work on a large scale.

You are also likely to be fortunate to have a positive perspective which guides you through situations that others would find hard to bear.

Your close connection with the Spirit world helps you determine your goals and you are at your best when you trust your intuition and live up to your ideals even if you sacrifice ego based desires in the process.

If you know your birth time, you can see the houses where your planets are located, along with the interpretation, at the bottom of the “Birth chart’s answers” section of the Reports page.


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