Natal Mercury in the 12 Astrological Houses

Mercury.jpg What influences your mindset and communication?

Mercury in House 1

Natal Mercury in the first house gives you obvious intellectual talents apparent to all who meet you. You may speak freely and frequently about whatever is on your mind.

Although you aren’t fond of censoring yourself you are naturally diplomatic and don’t usually offend others.

You love discussion, connection and friendly debate. You are likely to seek out people who stimulate your mind as you detest boredom and dislike solitude. Open expression is important to you as is education.

You are likely to frequently be on the move but also carrying numerous electronic devices and books anywhere you go. You may be on the move so much your car looks like an office as well.

You crave variety and are always open to learning new things.

Mercury in House 2

You value information and education with Natal Mercury placed in your second house. You are likely to earn money through your intellectual gifts. Your talents as a writer, speaker or teacher can be the basis for your financial stability.

You love to strategize and plan out your finances and may have your investments carefully mapped in spreadsheets and charts. Your wit and gifts for analysis are likely to result in success as an investor.

You are drawn to studying money and finance either as part of your profession or as a means of personal interest. You may be financially savvy though you aren’t interested in hoarding money for the sake of money. Instead you are interested in the experiences and education money can buy.

High quality equipment for remaining in contact such as phones, laptops, tablets or other devices, a quality education and of course books are a big part of your motivation when it comes to savings. You also want the ability to travel and will value work that allows flexibility to do this.

You are drawn to pop culture and trivia and may amass several collections of ephemera, books, comics, movies or other cultural items that are mentally stimulating and fun conversation pieces.

Mercury in House 3

Natal Mercury in the third house gives extra emphasis to the gifts and strengths associated with this planet, as Mercury is the natural third house ruler. You are highly intellectual and seek connection with others through conversation and communication. You are diplomatic and outgoing and thrive in social situations with members of your peer group.

Travel interests you and you prefer work that is flexible and allows for change of scenery. You are always on the move and always absorbing information from the world around you.

You prefer to be informed and may invest energy researching your numerous interests. You love variety and can be a Jack of all trades.

You are gifted when it comes to languages and may pick up foreign languages easily.

You are an avid reader and may be well versed in computer programming and code languages as well.

You value variety and can become bored easily. A change of pace and numerous friends who share their eclectic points of view interest you.

Mercury in House 4

Mercury in your fourth house will give you a keen interest in home and family. Your mindset is heavily influenced by the thinking of your family, especially your mother or mother figure. You are likely to do your best thinking and planning when you feel secure and comfortable at home.

You are also likely to be concerned about creating security in your home and starting a family, even at a young age.

You enjoy connecting with both elders and children in your family and may become the diplomat or messenger in your family, linking past and present.

You enjoy change of scenery and may feel at home in an RV or change residences numerous times as you adapt to your changing interests and connections.

Mercury in House 5

You are witty and intelligent yet you also prefer to be playful. Natal Mercury in your fifth house gives you the sense that life is a game.

You love trivia and games that help you flex your mental muscles. Chess and other games of strategy also appeal to you and you are drawn to puzzles of all kinds.

You connect easily with children and young people and may be drawn to work as a teacher or mentor.

You love to play with languages and may pursue classes to learn language and culture in preparation for travel.

You easily attract the attention of others and love to mingle among diverse friends. You find it mentally stimulating to be around others and enjoy chatting with strangers and friends alike. You may take gambles in social situations but it usually works out favorably for you.

A lucky break can help you publish your ideas as your connections can help lead you to a publishing contract. You may be a talented writer yet not always take your work so seriously. Much of your success may be assisted by your lackadaisical attitude as you are more open to exploring. Spontaneity works to your advantage.

Mercury in House 6

Your mind is sharp and detail oriented. You are down to earth and practical as well as service oriented. You are highly analytical thanks to Natal Mercury’s placement in your sixth house, which is also ruled by this planet.

You don’t jump to conclusions, opting instead to do your research and gather the facts before stating your opinion. You are health conscious and may seek employment in the healthcare field.

You could easily stand out in a crowd because of your high intelligence, yet you prefer to remain humble. You keep a low profile focusing on your mission and being of help to others rather than trying to seek status for yourself.

You are thorough and meticulous. While Mercury’s strength in this house could lead you to have more efficient than usual mental processes, you are able to slow your thinking process and carefully evaluate all options before drawing conclusions.

In addition to health and sciences you like to learn about wildlife and animals. You may be drawn toward conservation or veterinary careers.

You tend to focus on your work and may become immersed in the details of your mundane work, some times losing perspective on long range career plans.

Mercury in House 7

Your mindset is influenced by partners and significant others in your life. You approach partnerships in an analytical way and try to impose logic on your love life. This sometimes work yet when people act on emotion and not rationality it baffles you.

You become attracted to the idea of who you want your partner to be and don’t always see your partner for who they truly are.

You are also likely to become attracted to potential romantic partners because they stimulate your mind. You are drawn to people who intrigue you. You fall for people who add to your knowledge of pop culture, trivia or your wide range of interests.

You can be diplomatic and in romance, a sweet talker. You want everyone to get along and live in peace. You may end up acting as a mediator among friends, always smoothing out conflicts with your ability to see both sides of the issue and use diplomacy to work through conflicts.

You may struggle with decisions because you can see everyone’s side of the story. This can cause you to waiver on your opinions and doubt yourself.

Mercury in House 8

Your mind is set on power and you can be obsessive and intense. You are fascinated by metaphysical topics and taboo subjects. You enjoy pushing boundaries and limits. Your mind can be sarcastic and you can easily intimidate others without realizing it.

You have a good sense of business and your powers in strategizing may be put to good use in managing others’ month for them.

You are also drawn to analyzing matters involving estates, lawsuits and may pursue work as a tax accountant.

Your demeanor is serious and you may spend a lot of time pondering significant issues such as death and the afterlife.

Mercury in House 9

You are tapped into higher wisdom and your thinking tends toward the abstract and spiritual. You are adept at picking up on patterns in the world around you and have a knack for thinking in symbolic terms as well as processing logically.

You are fascinated by foreign cultures and philosophy. You may be so open minded and optimistic that it is difficult for you to reconcile your ideals with the practical world.

You are fond of travel especially long distance travel.

Your outlook on life is optimistic and you assume the best about others. You believe in fairness and can lean toward self righteousness at times.

You can be diplomatic and inspiring to others and have the intellectual and communication skills to be a strong and fair leader.

Mercury in House 10

You have a mind for business. Natal Mercury in your tenth house gives you a clear sense of purpose and career. You may be conscious from an early age not only of your image but also how your words and connections can help or hurt your career.

You are diplomatic and professional. Although you are outgoing you are also careful to avoid gossip. You strategize your education and will take into consideration the programs and schools that will give you the best exposure to mentors in your chosen field.

Your talents for speaking and writing can earn you recognition in public life. You know your purpose is to be a messenger and this carries into both your career and public interactions with others. You may become a spokesperson for a company, product or issue you are interested in.

You are a pro when it comes to networking. You know how to connect with others intellectually and may even take an interest in collaborating with others to benefit shared interests in business.

You are a natural dealmaker and understand the need for compromise. You employ your cleverness to benefit your public standing and career goals.

Mercury in House 11

Natal Mercury in the eleventh house gives you a brilliant mind. You are extremely intelligent and are an unconventional thinker. You are gifted in the areas of technology, science, astronomy or astrology and see the world in ways that are unique.

Since your mindset is so unorthodox you may struggle in school and restrictive work settings. This has nothing to do with your intelligence. Instead it is a matter of your refusal to conform. You see through the games and illusions and would rather strike out on your own path and break the rules than sell out and conform.

As a result you may face obstacles in work or school settings which rely on groupthink or where memorization and conventions are praised over independent critical thinking.

You truly have a mind of your own and may even argue with others about issues that you actually agree on just to set yourself apart as unique. You resist any type of conformity and will take alternating views just to remain apart from the crowd.

In spite of this you are actually outgoing and social and thrive in group situations. You have great concern for humanity and society and can see the larger patterns at play around you.

You can’t help rocking the boat and are inclined to say what comes to your mind without considering others’ feelings first. As a result you can shock and offend others easily.

Mercury in House 12

Your style of communication can be passive aggressive or just plain passive with Natal Mercury in your twelfth house.

You are highly intuitive and may value the symbolic language of art, music and the psychic realms more than you value literal forms of communication.

You may refuse to speak early in life, leading others to wonder if you have a problem with hearing or a speech impairment. It is more likely that you are absorbing your surroundings with high levels of perception and awareness but are not communication in traditional ways.

You may be brilliant and have a knack for languages, perhaps even inventing your own system of communication. The only problem is that your style of connecting is not easily understood in conventional circles.

Later in life when you meet others who are as intuitive and empathic as you are, you will come to understand and appreciate your gifts. Earlier in life however if not given the proper nurturing you may see yourself as an outsider who is not able to like or connect like others.

You are likely to be tapped into Spirit energy at a young age and communicate as easily with ‘imaginary friends’ as you do with those physically present. Your ability to communicate is emotion based and may extend to speaking to animals and nature as well as other people.

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