What nurtures you emotionally, according to your Moon sign?

nurture-you-emotionally-466.jpg What the Moon in the signs reveals about what nurtures you emotionally?

Moon in Aries

To maintain your emotional health, you need to channel your energy through physical activity, an exciting environment, adrenaline and daily challenges.

Displaying your physical resistance, your instinctive drive and competing with strong opponents make you feel renewed and happy. Starting a new business, a new project, motivating others to get rid of pessimistic attitudes are activities that really restore your energies.You can’t fully relax in an affectionate, protective environment.

It is uncomfortable for you if it doesn't involve at least a bit of confrontation or challenge. This tension complicates your relationships as it is hard for others to understand why you need to fight all the time.

Moon in Taurus

You get emotional nourishment through your senses.There is nothing better than wearing good clothes, sleeping on white silk sheets, smelling freshly cut flowers and eating tasty delicacies.

You enjoy pleasurable activities that make you feel in tune with earth and matter, like a whole day in contact with nature. You help others to trust in their capacity to create and survive and give themselves permission to enjoy.You tend to self-indulge abusing food, drink, sex and rest. You can´t run away from your problems by losing yourself in corporeal pleasure. Learn how to identify these patterns and transform them.

Moon in Gemini

Talking, telling stories, reading, studying, learning a new language, making changes in any area of your life, breaking routines, writing.You need new connections and interchange information to stay sane as well as using your creativity in different fields.

You like to try new sensations and experiences, expressing your feelings and letting your curiosity take the lead.Your emotional nature is pretty complex. You struggle to decide whether you like something or you don't, you get bored easily, you go from one extreme to another in one second, jumping from one relationship to another and the list goes on, never finding the true meaning of your life.

Moon in Cancer

By satisfying your need to nurture others, such as getting a pet, cooking for others, spending time with children, having intimate friends over your house, or surrounding yourself with the company of those you love.

You have an unconscious desire to support others and a strong protective instinct to provide them with shelter and warmth, which make you feel fulfilled and calm.

You tend to see the world according to your mood. The world is not all magic and happiness because you feel like it. Nor is it a nightmare or a dense place because you woke up feeling bad.

Cultivate consistent values and emotions so that you can have a stable behaviour and avoid mood swings. Becoming aware of your feelings before you become overwhelmed by them is the key.

Moon in Leo

Recognition, approval, and attention. Everything that make you feel admired, seen, and successful. Displaying your talents and creativity, taking acting classes, dancing, hosting a party, dressing up, working on a project where you can contribute with your ideas and get praised for it, organizing an event. Children are a great way to replenish your energies, as you really enjoy and have fun with them.

It is not that hard to please you, you only ask for respect, obedience, admiration and applauses, easy, right? So, when you feel you are not being treated the way you deserve or if you ever get rejected or ignored, you feel your sense of dignity is being trampled on and you feel humiliated.

Your happiness doesn't depend upon what others think of you. There is always going to be people that won't like you, that is the same for everybody in this world.

It is ok to satisfy your urgency to draw attention to yourself, but beware it doesn’t become a compulsion, as this can make you act in a very exuberant way, and being too loud makes you seem like an extreme attention seeker.

Moon in Virgo

Taking care of your body with healthy food and exercise, doing activities related with earth and nature, mastering a practical skill, writing, learning and feeding your intellectualism.

You need to feel useful, you feel emotionally satisfied when you humbly carry out a task, serve social community, heal and help others.

You have a hard time in saying “no,” especially if you feel your skills and support are needed. If you don't set any boundary, you will give others permission to manipulate and take advantage of you. Your ideals are great, but you can't go through life helping and serving everybody, you need to be more selective on how and who to serve.

Moon in Libra

Harmony, you need an ambiance where peace and love predominate. Music, art, poetry, experiencing beauty and luxury. Collaborating with others to serve the common good.

Artistic activities like singing, dancing, painting as you probably have talent for it. Being recognized for your empathy, your fairness and diplomacy. Human relations mean a lot for you and provide you with security.

In order to reach your emotional needs you might give up your real point of view. If you never dare to say what you really want you will constantly find yourself involved in situations where you feel angry, drained and frustrated, blaming others for the misunderstandings when actually nobody has a crystal ball. Speak up!

Moon in Scorpio

To feel with intensity and passion, experiencing everything, going through extreme situations, surviving, following your instincts.

Constant regeneration, activities where power and submission play an important role, submerging yourself in anything related with the unknown, accomplishing a very difficult task.

You are a healer with a strong psychological intuition. It is very fulfilling for you to help those in pain in their spiritual growth and development, because you understand suffering in ways only a few can.

When you feel happy, you might feel uncomfortable and sabotage yourself because you believe you can't be genuinely happy. Let go of your eternal inner conflict and be able to enjoy, to have peace and attain stability. Look at the bright side of life and stop obsessing over negative thoughts.

Moon in Sagittarius

Independence, adventures, freedom, being outdoors, all sorts of open air sports, exploring new horizons, learning, exercising and travelling nurture your emotional life.

You need to change your surroundings often. Relating with others, sharing experiences, and knowing new cultures and philosophies fulfill your heart. Visiting a distant country, as well as inner psychological or spiritual explorations. As you yearn for wisdom, intellectual and spiritual ventures nurture your very core.

Your enthusiasm for ever-changing experiences might bring an unrealistic elation and confidence which can transform into disillusionments and hard impacts with reality.

Moon in Capricorn

You feel comfortable when you are accomplishing a task, surrounded by responsibilities.

Nothing provides you more emotional satisfaction than achieving your goals, feeling successful and being recognized for your determination and leadership. Saving money gives you a strong sense of security.

You find the warmth of a home at work. Affection, safety, and recognition reside in working. Taking time to look back and seeing everything you have endured and achieved motivates you greatly.

Being so goal-oriented, sometimes it's hard for you to be with someone else and share intimacy. You look for solitude as a way to feel safe, calm and concentrated on your plans. This often take you to deteriorate your relationships.

You need to be loved but you feel threatened by soft feelings, preferring to manage things practically and rationally. For you, solitude is a shelter of tranquility and security.

Moon in Aquarius

You feel at home when people appreciate your intellect, your uniqueness, and your geniality, and when you are acknowledged as an original, unconventional person and are treated as such.

Being in a place where you can be your most creative, original self and nobody judges or labels you, but engages with you in a fraternal way. Coordinating groups of people and help them to unify forces and go beyond individualist interests.

Leading a revolutionary movement, guiding humanity towards a better future and contributing to the collective well-being.

Moon in Pisces

You nurture yourself with music, dreams, fantasies, illusions, and the ethereal. You need to connect with those higher realms you feel so familiar with. From time to time you need retreat to rebalance and replenish your energies.

Everything related with spirituality or religion, meditation, yoga, holistic therapies, artistic activities, dancing, singing, acting. You can be a good actor or counselor due to your intuitive understanding of people's feelings.

Also, solitary activities, like reading, taking photographs, writing, painting nurture your soul. Doing charity work, fighting against misery and cruelty, climbing the highest spiritual peaks.

As you are looking for sublime experiences, when you are in love you can believe that person is taken out of a fairytale, an omnipotent, magical being willing to provide you with all you need to feel happy and complete, just to find out it was just the veil of your projection, thus, feeling terribly disappointed.

You are a victim and a savior at the same time, you are prone to self-destructive behaviour because you constantly put yourself in situations where you can be hurt or abused while trying to “save” others.

You risk taking refuge in anything that can numb your feelings of inadequacy like oversleeping, drugs and alcohol. A spiritual path and observing your feelings through meditation can prevent those unhealthy escapes.

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