Transiting Sun on natal Sun: individuality and strengths in the spotlight

By 12andus

transit-sun-sun.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Sun: individuality and strengths in the spotlight.

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Sun

Your individuality and strengths are in the spotlight at this time. You are more optimistic and enthusiastic than usual and your identity flourishes. You may come to fully embrace strengths and gifts. Confidence is heightened at this time.

You may take a more dramatic role expressing yourself. Theater, performance, presentations are all favored at this time as you will naturally command the spotlight.

Your joyful energy is contagious at this time and you become more social and outgoing. Others are entertained by your sense of humor and gregarious energy at this time.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Sun

This is a great time to express yourself in creative and flamboyant ways as your individuality radiates and helps to uplift and inspire others.

Any goals or ambition you are pursuing are likely to get a boost at this time.

You may feel like you are on a winning streak during this transit. Others are likely to respond favorably to requests you make so this is a great time to assert your needs and let others support your growth.

Your optimism and positive energy are in full bloom and this is a great time to bring harmony to relationships. Any past relationship challenges will be easily overcome at this time.

Transiting Sun square natal Sun

You may have to adjust some beliefs around your self worth, identity or ego at this time. Others’ words or actions may be taken personally, resulting in a sense of being deflated or unappreciated. Try not to personalize, and if you do face criticism, try to see what is constructive about this feedback.

Your sense of identity, strength, or value may feel threatened at this time. Avoid looking to others to validate you. Seeking approval from others may backfire at this time. Instead try to seek security and confidence from within.

You may become too invested in your own needs and fail to consider others’ views. Avoid getting too wrapped up in ego at this time.

Transiting Sun trine natal Sun

At this time it may feel like everything you touch is turning to gold. You have an optimistic disposition and your enthusiasm carries into your relationships with others.

You uplift those around you and in turn others want to support you and promote your goals.

You may feel more outgoing, confident, and social than usual. This is a great time for networking or catching up with friends. You are more inclined to take reasonable risks which can advance your relationships or career because you genuinely feel like everything is going your way and as a result most things will at this time.

Your obstacles are few during this transit, and you have a knack for landing on your feet even if you do encounter a roadblock.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Sun

It will be easy to lose sight of what is most important at this time.

You may feel compelled to express your ego desires at the expense of relationships. Don’t jeopardize your long term goals or overestimate situations due to overambition or grandiose view of yourself at this time.

You may easily get stuck in a battle of wills with someone close to you. Disagreement may be interpreted as a personal rejection. Avoid taking feedback as a personal attack. You may place responsibility for your happiness and confidence on others and have specific expectations for how you want others to treat you.

If your demands aren’t met you may end up feeling deflated, unappreciated or rejected. Try not to personalize others’ behavior at this time.

You may clash with authority figures at this time, especially if you are used to being a leader. You may have to compromise and collaborate. Assertiveness may border on becoming demanding of others. Step back and try to negotiate without only considering your ambitions.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Sun

Something is likely to shake your confidence or poke holes in your sense of identity or direction.

You may doubt yourself more at this time, or even second guess your talents and creative capabilities.

Try not to let any stagnation at work or less than stellar feedback regarding your creative side, leadership skills and personality in general cast doubt over your view of yourself.
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