Transiting Sun on natal Moon: emotional world and rationality blend


    transit-sun-moon.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Moon: inner, emotional world and rationality blend

    Your inner world and personal life are in the spotlight at this time.

    You have the best of two worlds, your intuition and emotional side balanced with your individuality and confident, rational side, working together to help you succeed.

    As a result this will be an ideal time to negotiate with others as you will be able to stay optimistic and connected to your needs and ambition while also acutely aware of the emotional needs of others.

    This is also a great time to invest energy in healing and strengthening family bonds and other personal relationships as you are in tune with those around you.

    Transiting Sun sextile natal Moon

    Your attitude reflects a balance between your rational and emotional sides and as a result you are able to draw from the best of your abilities to be both compassionate and understanding and also unshakably optimistic.

    Others are drawn to you because of your nurturing instincts and enthusiastic can-do attitude at this time.

    This is a great time for social connections of all kinds and some of your relationships may help you advance toward leadership in your career. Your creativity and flair for entertaining others are also highlighted at this time and you are likely to be a popular party guest during this transit. You may even decide to entertain others from the comfort of your own home.

    Transiting Sun square natal Moon

    You may have intended to inspire and uplift others with your positive outlook, only to instead become moody and ruminative, bringing the energy in your relationships down a notch.

    You may also experience mood swings at this time which can vacillate from exuberant and enthusiastic to melancholy and anxious.

    You are more sensitive to criticism, real or perceived, at this time and may misinterpret others’ lack of praise and admiration for rejection or betrayal. Try not to take others’ reactions as a measure of your talents and worth.

    Relationships may be frustrating at this time as you may feel need more appreciation and seek approval from others without realizing that you are coming across as demanding.

    Transiting Sun trine natal Moon

    You are optimistic, enthusiastic and eager to nurture others.

    Situations in which you are the center of attention at home or with loved ones also give you a boost in confidence and security. You may feel more self assured in your work and have an intuitive sense that drives your decisions at work and in personal life at this time.

    You are likely to feel more confident in your ability to lead others both in personal relationships and also in family. You may feel more hopeful and playful than usual and enjoy the company of family, particularly children.

    Finances and other measures of security are given a boost at this time and you are likely to indulge in an investment that may be risky but will likely pay off well.

    Transiting Sun opposite natal Moon

    Your attempts to nurture others may be masking deeper insecurities.

    You may be covertly looking for approval in showing affection and care for others, and as a result you may go to the extreme of smothering or making flamboyant gestures, becoming over generous and then feeling hurt and underappreciated when others do not respond the way you were expecting.

    Your ambition and career goals may feel in conflict with your family life or emotional needs. You may feel driven to pursue success in ways that go against your inner wisdom. You may also be ignoring your intuition at this time instead opting to pursue recognition and attention from others.

    If you have been commanding the spotlight too much in relationships, others will begin to let you know and the realization that some exchanges have become one sided can be painful, but will ultimately help you restore balance between your personal, ego based needs and the need to nurture the connection with others.

    Transiting Sun quincunx natal Moon

    You are extra sensitive now and when you perceive criticism or don’t receive the praise you were expecting, both your ego and emotions can be hurt.

    Try not to let your own insecurities run the show. You may be doubting some of the strengths that you are most attached to, your you may be feeling deflated because of a slight bump in the road in a relationship with a loved one or family member.

    You may also feel that your personal goals are not quite matching those of a family member or someone you count on as a nurturer.

    Try to integrate emotion, intuition and logic at this time and try not to take things personally, this too shall pass.
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