Transiting Moon on natal Midheaven: easy appeal to a broad audience

transit-moon-midheaven.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Midheaven: easy appeal to a broad audience

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Midheaven

You are more sensitive to energy around you and your emotions are strongly charged at this time. As a result you are likely to wear your heart, and any accompanying emotions, on your sleeve.

No poker face for you as your every feeling is shown transparently to others. The benefit of this is that others feel they can naturally trust you because you show yourself as authentic and others have shared emotional experiences to connect to.

The down side appears in any career situation in which you wish to disconnect your public self from your inner private life. This can, as a result, be a difficult time for negotiations or public presentations which require stoicism or complete objectivity.

On the other hand, work requiring displays of emotion, compassion and empathy such as counseling, healing, the arts, or even some forms of entertainment, are helped by this transit.

You may also be able to more easily appeal to a broad audience because of your genuine expression of compassion and nurturing at this time.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Midheaven

This is a good time to take the lead in family and domestic matters. Your instincts are guiding you to make decisions and they will generally prove to be sound.

You are likely to be in tune with the emotional needs of others including family, friends and even colleagues. You may present a more nurturing side of yourself to coworkers and work teams.

This is also a good time to take the initiative in leadership roles at work or in large groups which require compassion, nurturing, or which have a focus on protecting others or empowering families. You can be a strong advocate for others without being aggressive at this time.

Transiting Moon square natal Midheaven

Your moods can shift easily at this time, diffusing your energy and taking you off course from your goals.

Adjustments in your priorities are necessary. In particular you must now discern between emotional connection to personal or romantic goals and a drive toward career success and business decisions.

You may receive mixed messages from others especially in career and work, and your intuition will not be as clear as usual because your emotional needs are getting in the way of perceiving what your instincts are trying to tell you.

This is an ideal time to evaluate, get clear about your goals and your needs, and listen to any emotions trying to get your attention. This is not the best time to try to forge ahead with ideas and plans especially those that could have a long term impact on your career.

Transiting Moon trine natal Midheaven

This is an ideal time to host a gathering or event, especially if it involves inviting members of your public circle into your home or bridging the gap between your work self and private self. Others will come to regard you as more personable and relatable at this time and this can benefit your career.

You are likely to easily nurture those around you and embody a subtle power that helps others grow and thrive because they are deeply emotionally supported, not because they are confronted directly.

Nurturing relationships will advance your career. If you are in a position of authority at work, a softer approach will go much farther at this time.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Midheaven

Your attention may be fixed on home, family and domestic matters regardless of work obligations. You may be seeking solitude or down time and if you are able to slow your pace or take a break from work duties that would be ideal at this time.

Your personal life now needs nurturing and you crave security and comfort found at home with family.

Any struggles or insecurities about the impact of work on your personal life are exacerbated at this time as your attention is being drawn to underlying issues which are out of balance between these two parts of your life.

Your instincts are trying to show you how to proceed but emotional turmoil may make it difficult to quiet your mind and pay attention to your gut feelings.

You are being more emotionally than rationally guided at this time and your views may not be objective enough to risk making weighty decisions, especially decisions which impact your career in the long run. Evaluation rather than action is favored now.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Midheaven

You may feel instinctively led to make changes to your career, or feel as if a change is on the horizon but the nature of this change or the next steps to take are unclear or change with every mood.

You may be doubting your role in the workplace or second guessing your professional or public reputation. No matter how many times others may reassure you about your work and skills, you may still find it difficult to acknowledge your strengths.

Try to learn from your insecurities and anxieties so that you can further address the unresolved emotional issues cropping up at this time. A change in career may be in order, but the present cycle is not yet complete. Be patient and don’t make any drastic changes at this time.

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