Transiting Venus on natal Jupiter: lucky breaks boost your love life or financial situation

transit-venus-jupiter.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Jupiter: lucky breaks boost your love life or financial situation

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Jupiter

You may feel as though is your lucky time. Things flow more harmoniously than usual and lucky breaks which help boost your love life, financial situation and long term career prospects surround you.

You may feel more optimistic than usual as well. Your creative energy can lead to advances in work.

Personal relationships including romance can receive a special dose of good luck that helps to solidify bonds, initiate long term relationships and amplify your attraction energy in general.

Take a risk and you may be surprised at how well it pays off in the long run.

Your dreams are in the spotlight and connections you make can bring you closer to reaching your ideals.

Influential people help you advance your career. An older person who seems exotic or different can make an impact on your personal or love life.

Clear the air wherever relationship tensions or conflicts have arisen and your message will be received as healing, bringing the relationship closer together.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Jupiter

Indulge in comforts and take time to surround yourself with friends and loved ones in aesthetic settings.

Your senses are attuned to beauty and exotic art or culture. You enjoy the company of others in settings which connect you to spirituality, foreign culture and the arts.

You may have a lucky break that leads to career advancement or increased income in the long run.

You are likely to seek pleasure and sensual connections to a lover or romantic interest. Romantic relationships develop and potential new romantic interests may emerge.

Transiting Venus square natal Jupiter

A desire for luxury or status may lead to impulse buys or investments which later prove less fruitful than you hoped. You may have to overcome complacency and challenge yourself to pursue your ideals.

Friction may arise in romantic or other relationships. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to be open to your significant other’s point of view and not become complacent in relationship routines.

Illusions or desires that were merely wishful thinking may be challenged by a reality check and you will have to adjust your view of a relationship or check your assumptions before proceeding.

Avoid using charm, sexuality or emotional connection to others to manipulate a situation to your own advantage.

Transiting Venus trine natal Jupiter

Optimism and cheerfulness pervade any situation and you may feel like it is a holiday. You will have the opportunity to expand your social circle, and advance a romantic relationship.

Creativity and expression through art, music or writing are likely and may reach a broader audience than you expected.

You may also have opportunities to embark on long distance travel or immerse yourself in a new culture as a result of a romantic or personal connection.

Investments, even riskier investments than you may usually make, will likely pay off well at this time.

Follow your bigger dreams, be careful not to get sidetracked by pleasure seeking.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Jupiter

Any aspect of your relationships in which you have idealized the other person or exaggerated your abilities are brought to the surface to be dealt with through relationship challenges.

You may feel like a romantic fantasy bubble has burst and you must now deal with the reality of a situation which you had perceived differently than what it is.

You may feel like others have let you down, though it is likely that you projected an ideal that others couldn’t live up to.

Be mindful of financial mishaps due to following a too-good-to-be-true scheme to get rich quick. You are likely to face consequences if you overindulge in luxuries or pleasure seeking.

An expected promotion or chance to travel, or broaden your income or social network may face challenges or delays.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Jupiter

You may want to expand your social circle or move forward with big dreams for a relationship but things are not lining up to allow this to happen just yet.

Your ideals may be too far out of reach and as a result rather than staying the course and remaining open to opportunities, you may instead seek out quick fixes, instant gratification and detours. Whether by settling for an unsatisfying relationship or overindulging in personal luxuries and pleasure seeking rather than seeking quality in the long term, you will need to make adjustments to get back on track and aim for your higher goals.

If you were trying to appeal to an influential mentor, teacher or guide, you will have to revise your approach. Charm alone will not get you where you want to go and any attempts to manipulate others will fall short.

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