House 2 in the signs

house icon_2.png House 2 in the signs: What do you value most and what is your attitude toward money and security?

House 2 in Aries

When your natal second house is in the sign of Aries, the archetypal Warrior is guarding all areas of your life associated with value, finances, resources and money.

Even if you are shy in other regards, when it comes to money matters and material things of value to you, you find inner strength and assertiveness to draw a solid line in the sand which others would be wise not to cross.

You also find the energy and stamina to take initiative and spring forward in pursuit of your goals when there is something tangible to gain from your efforts. You are ambitious and hard working. You aren’t selfish when it comes to money and material resources yet you take great pride in your efforts and are extremely discerning before you will extend yourself to others and share the fruits of your labor.

You are inclined to either see yourself as a champion whose abundance is best shared with others, knowing you can always make more, or take the complete opposite view and consider first how hard you worked. Then you will scrutinize others and decide for yourself who seems to have put forth the effort to prove their ‘worthiness’ of your financial assistance.

You also tend to view money and resources from your own personal lens. If something is of value to you, it is hard for you to imagine why others wouldn’t also view it as a wise investment.

You can be an impulsive spender and will often put money into projects and investments which you hope will prove worthy in the future, though often you don’t fully research the probability of getting a return on your investment, but rather go by impulse. Whatever energizes and excites you will receive your focus and money.

Your income may come from work related to the Warrior archetype as well. You may have a military income or draw earnings from work as a security guard or work related to sports or athletics. You can be singularly focused and difficult to deter from your mission. Even if you are headed for disaster, it is unlikely you will heed warnings from others.

You don’t entirely trust others to help you manage finances and may even put yourself through financial hardship rather than accept money from others.

House 2 in Taurus

Your second house in Taurus amplifies the energies associated with this house as Taurus is the natural ruler of your 2nd house. Therefore Taurus is right at home in this placement. You easily attract abundance in the form of material wealth, money and resources.

You may also be inclined to be cautious, slow moving and reserved when it comes to managing money. You understand value and aren’t likely to be cheap just for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Rather, you understand the value of your investments and will go the extra mile and spend more to be assured of quality. You value appearances as well and will invest in your image because you believe it will help you succeed both in career and personal life.

You are likely to be cautious and concerned with creating a secure foundation. Even if security is an illusion, it is a concept you give weight to. You are likely to be responsible with money, making sure basic needs are met before indulging in extras.

The only occasional exception to your sensibility and practicality comes in the form of some personal luxuries that you associate with pampering and self care. You value yourself enough to consider spa days, massages, comfortable shoes and clothing and the like to be as much a necessity as groceries and rent.

You are also aware of your body’s physical needs and will spend extra on healthy, organic food and often, wine or other treats associated with pleasure. You like to be comfortable and can be generous in your desire to share your abundance and comforts with others.

At the same time you don’t put yourself at a disadvantage to spoil others. You are protective of your own needs and then invest any surplus in your earnings in helping others.

You value art, culture, beauty and luxury and will invest in the trappings of the material world’s pleasures.

House 2 in Gemini

Your second house in Gemini places value on information and communication. You are likely to draw an income from fields related to being a messenger or from communication or information fields including IT, teaching, postal delivery or social media marketing.

You value anything that stimulates your mind and detest being bored.

You are likely to invest your money on material items that add to your interests in music, pop culture, movies and books. You may have an impressive home library, for example. You may also be interested in rare books or books whose value goes beyond the contents of the story such as out of print antique ephemera or old signed copies of various tomes.

Your money management is influenced by your quick acting mind. You can strategize a plan for achieving financial success and just as easily give up your plan on a whim when a new investment strikes your interest.

This fickle nature can help you gain friends yet it can undermine your financial security. On the other hand, you are social and outgoing and know how to communicate with people from all walks of life. This networking ability is as good as gold in that it helps you to maintain a reserve of supports who can be instrumental in your ever changing career.

At your core, you understand that money is not real and so you don’t take currency too seriously. Instead you view it as a means to an end, and that end is usually experience that stimulates your mind or helps you connect with other people or satisfy your desire for knowledge and travel.

House 2 in Cancer

Your second house in Cancer places emphasis on security. You value stability, home and family. You may nurture others through investing in their comfort and wellbeing as well. You may take on the role of being the provider and financial backbone of your family or romantic partnership, or even among friends.

You invest in things that make you feel good and your financial strategy can change as quickly as your moods. You may also struggle to stick to a budget when you feel stressed out and emotionally triggered.

Even with the best budget in mind, you will splurge to soothe your feelings by treating yourself to anything from comfort food to new furniture for your home or nostalgic items that remind you of your childhood.

You are also inclined to value being in or near water and will invest in things that allow you to visit the ocean or a lake, or a membership to a pool.

You are likely to draw income from work that involves your nurturing skills and intuition. You are good at reading people and understanding what they need and how to comfort them especially in material, practical ways. You may derive your abundance from work in childcare, real estate or businesses involving cooking, catering or wedding planning.

House 2 in Leo

Your second house in Leo places emphasis on practical matters and income related to your artistic and creative talents. You are unique and bold and you value leadership and individuality. You are attracted to wealth and power and love to flaunt your status. You believe that more is better and that price correlates to quality.

As a result you may splurge excessively in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle. Spending outside your means doesn’t concern you as you feel entitled to live like a Queen of King and you believe that one only lives once and should enjoy all of life’s pleasures.

You look to material wealth and finances to enhance your self esteem and need to learn to value yourself regardless of your networth.

You may also earn an income through activities that bring out your Leo energy. This can be attention seeking activities such as entertaining, acting or theatrical performance. You may also work as a leader or start your own business because you love to be in charge.

You can make extravagant moves with your finances, taking big risks because you believe that things will work out for your benefit and may even think that the more you risk the more you have to gain.

House 2 in Virgo

Your second house in Virgo gives you a practical, serious and well studied approach to finances. You are methodical and meticulous in your management of money. Your laptop is likely filled with numerous files containing your many budgets and alternative budgets all preparing you for various types of emergencies.

You likely have your bills organized and always paid early or at least on time. You are grounded when it comes to finances and seldom make impulse buys. You carefully research any expenses or purchases before committing especially if significant sums of money are involved.

You are detail oriented and have all of your receipts saved and documented and likely filed in some kind of practical order.

If you do splurge on personal items it is likely to be anything that helps you to become even better organized, if that is possible. Books are also high on your list of expenses as you love to learn and research.

You are fanatical about health and wellness so you will likely be willing to invest in healthy food, perhaps buying organic and high quality food. You may also splurge on gadgets that help you stay organized and healthy. Calendars, day planners, budgeting software and other items that help you run your household like a well oiled machine are all likely to appeal to you.

You may also earn an income from activities that accentuate Virgo traits. Your ability to research, document details and organize data as well as physical space are potential sources of income for you. You are patient and cautious and may make slow investments that pay off in the long run.

House 2 in Libra

Your desire for balance, harmony and beauty all focus around your relationship with money when your second house is in Libra. You try to be fair when investing and spending and although you are careful not to break the bank, it is important to you to vote with your dollars.

You are likely to support ethical practices and equality for others by buying organic, natural, cruelty free or fairly traded items. You don’t want your money to finance any type of injustices.

You focus your finances on pampering yourself and others around you and treating everyone to comforts that bring beauty and are aesthetically pleasing. Art, music, good food and drink as well as comfortable and artistic decorations are important to you.

You try to keep your budget balanced yet you also try to make sure everyone has a fair cut of your abundance. You recognize that money you earn is not solely from your own efforts and if you run a business or earn money from a partnership endeavor, and you likely will, it is important that you make sure all parties are compensated fairly.

You are also likely to draw income from work related to Libra like tasks. You may work in the beauty or fashion industry or in a role that promotes peace among partners such as marriage counselor or therapist.

You enjoy high quality luxuries though you try to spend within your means. You value experience just as much as material items and may also invest in being entertained or going on vacation, especially with a friend or partner.

You can be indecisive at times and without clear direction from a partner or advisor you may miss opportunities for financial growth because you were too preoccupied weighing all the pros and cons and fretting over every possible outcome.

House 2 in Scorpio

Your second house in Scorpio makes all prospects involving wealth extremely attractive to you. You are drawn to the idea of power and status and to you wealth is a means of security. You are adept at keeping secrets and may have money squirreled away where family, partners or the government can’t detect it.

You are also keenly aware of the value of things and can recognize hidden treasures in the items others discard. You are likely to confuse money and assets with power and may flaunt your earnings or material status. You are also likely to obsessively protect your income and wealth and relentlessly pursue more abundance.

You keep track of your money and assets right down to the last penny and while you aren’t stingy, you are mistrusting and don’t readily share your wealth with others with the exception of those closest to you. In your estimation, you had to earn every penny and others will have to earn your trust in sharing your money.

You can be frugal and carefully research all options before making large purchases, which helps you conserve your abundance. At the same time you may be tempted to make purchases which allow you to show off status and perceived power, like a fancy car or high quality clothing.

Your taste for anything edgy also may lead you to collect knives, flasks, tattoos or piercings or other items which have some connection to subcultures or that reflect your interest in being viewed as slightly dangerous.

You are likely to earn income from work related to Scorpio energy which can include research, security, work related to death and dying or addictions.

House 2 in Sagittarius

Your second house in Sagittarius gives you the potential to ride the abundance roller coaster. Your finances can balloon up and the bubble can just as easily burst yet you are unusually lucky and always land on your feet.

You value wisdom, truth and experience and you will gladly pay for things like higher education or world travel because you view the memories and knowledge gained as priceless.

You believe that bigger is better and will invest to upgrade regardless of practical need. You are drawn to driving a large car, living in a large house or filling space with mementos of your numerous travels and adventures.

You can be socially conscious and believe in investing your money in alignment with your ideals. The one potential exception to this is when you are sidetracked from your core ideals by your desire for luxury and the appearance of affluence.

You are likely to get ahead of yourself financially and are prone to gambling. When it rains it pours and your investments and income can swell to grand heights but just easily dwindle because of one impulsive splurge after another.

You aren’t afraid of losing however because you are independent and carefree and truly believe that things will always work out for the better.

You may draw an income from work involving spirituality, advocacy, travel, philosophy, religion or law.

House 2 in Capricorn

With your second house in Capricorn, you seek security through the material world and this includes relying on wealth, income, money and finances as a measure of your status, worth and safety. Like the character Boxer the work horse from Orwell’s Animal Farm, your mantra in times of stress is “I will work harder.” You believe that you can conquer any challenges through increasing your self discipline.

You also believe in the potential of the self made man or woman and are inspired by stories of people going from rags to riches. You hope that enough steady patience and endurance will lead you to stability through acquiring assets that increase your net worth.

You are concerned about assets that are timeless and aren’t likely to be swayed by trends like Bitcoin. Rather you are likely to make slow and steady investments. You have an old fashioned sense of finances and values and are mistrusting of innovation. You may prefer to do your banking in person as opposed to online for example.

Although you are patient and self disciplined, you can also be efficient and approach your finances like a business person. You aren’t likely to be moved to make major purchases based on your emotions. Instead you are calculated and careful.

You may draw your income from work related to the elderly, to antiques, financial planning or from a business. You may also inherit a business or assets from elders in your family.

House 2 in Aquarius

When it comes to money and finances you are in for a wild ride thanks to your second house being in the sign of Aquarius. You are unpredictable, but so are your circumstances. You are likely to experience great windfalls and money may be easy-come-easy-go, falling into your lap and then slipping through your fingers.

You may follow an unusual plan for saving and investing and just as easily abandon all caution and splurge on new and unusual things. Suddenly needing a new home or car, suddenly liquidating your assets and hitting the road in an RV, you love to keep people guessing and are likely to surprise even yourself.

You love new trends in finances and are excited about prospects like Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. You are also likely to invest in new and cutting edge businesses and can see a lucrative trend coming on the horizon.

You may make a surprising discovery or business move that leads you to success in finances and may at some time venture out on your own to make money as an entrepreneur. You may also derive money from working with electronics or creating new inventions. You may also become an activist or work in non-profit fields helping to improve society while also deriving income.

You are creative and free thinking and will invest in the unusual including new inventions, business start ups and unorthodox group efforts including political campaigns or eccentric spiritual groups.

House 2 in Pisces

You have an awkward relationship with money and security with your second house in Pisces. You both seek out the stability associated with finances and the material world and at the same time you know this is an illusions. You would rather tend to your imaginary inner world and the mystical, spiritual realms than to focus on the mundane.

You are emotionally sensitive and seek comfort in knowing that you have enough to pay the bills and live within your means yet you don’t like to fuss over ledgers and budgets. You may become lost in your own illusions of financial security. If you avoid looking in depth at your finances, this can backfire.

You may blow off the responsibilities associated with budgeting and money management and then suddenly become overwhelmed when money troubles escalate. Even then it is likely that rather than addressing the root causes of your problems, you will instead further hide in denial and self delusion.

You may have a romanticized view of money and finances and expect to be financially taken care of by others. You may lose money to various forms of addictions from relationships to mind altering substances, all intended to help you escape from reality. You may derive income from following your intuition. You may work as a psychic, relationship counselor or artist.

Your empathy and compassion can lead you to opportunities to derive an income but can also drain your finances as you are inclined to fall for others’ sad stories of loss and as a result overextend your own generosity.

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