House 7 in the signs

house icon_7.png House 7 in the signs: How do you approach partnerships and what do you project onto your partners?

House 7 in Aries

Your seventh house in Aries gives you a passionate and driven approach to partnerships and relationships. Your approach to relationships can be impulsive and bold. When you feel attracted to someone you pursue the connection relentlessly. Often you see others as a reflection of yourself. You may also unconsciously dominate your partnerships or attract partners who need a strong leader because this helps you showcase your talent for conquest and challenge.

You may seek out partners who complement your strengths but you love to take charge and it is difficult for you to collaborate with partners on equal footing.

It is not easy for you to step outside of your own filter and lens. You are opinionated and strong willed and one of your biggest challenges in relationships is learning to compromise. You can be head strong and willful and ideal partners are those who can help you moderate your own intense energy without directly confronting you, but also not so passive as to allow you to run the show.

You can be protective, virile and enthusiastic when it comes to partnerships and relationships. You love to dive in to partnerships and your relationships move quickly. You can easily become jealous and while you love to prove your strengths to others, you may become frustrated when your partners don’t show praise or admiration for your efforts.

House 7 in Taurus

Your seventh house in Taurus anchors your partnerships and collaborations in practicality and sensuality. You are romantic by nature and you love to be admired and adored by others. You will nurture others in practical ways, cooking and preparing for the physical comfort of others you love. You also love to create a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere for your partners.

You are drawn to collaboration and partnerships out of a desire for security. You value consistency and reliability. You may be slow to trust and open up but when you do you expect loyalty from others.

Your sturdiness and sensibilities can lead you to attract people who are wounded in some way and need grounding and stability in their lives. You may enjoy being the anchor for your partners but this has a limit. You will not tolerate those who disrespect you or betray your trust. You may also control the budget in your partnerships, be it business or romantic. You understand value and may take on the role in your partnerships of managing money. You are patient with others and will give generously until you perceive you are being taken advantage of.

You may be stoic at times because you prefer to keep your emotions in check. At the same time you love beauty and romance and are attracted to wealth and material comfort. Your partnerships may be perceived as a means to material gain as well.

House 7 in Gemini

House seven in Gemini gives emphasis to an intellectual view of partnerships. You are drawn to partners who stimulate your mind and who are adept conversationalists. You love to share your ideas with others especially on a one on one basis. You are attracted to knowledge and the minds of others moreso than their appearance.

You have a duplicitous nature when it comes to partnerships and collaborations. You like to connect with partners who add something intellectual that you aren’t already knowledgeable about so you seek partners who complement your strengths. You also need variety in your partnerships. You may be tempted to engage in affairs or have a fickle approach to your partnerships because you become bored easily.

You are very communicative in your partnerships and need to find partners who are intellectually inclined and quick minded enough to keep up with your rapidly changing ideas and numerous topics of interest. At the same time you can be emotionally detached and a partner who helps you to connect with your feelings can help you to fully experience your own emotions.

A partner who is too emotionally intense will likely overwhelm you however and you need to keep a balance between your heart and mind.

As much as you are gifted with intellectual strengths, you easily project your need for mental stimulation onto your partner. You need to recognize your own strengths in communication. You tend to view your partners as decision makers because you have numerous ideas and it is difficult for you to make up your mind.

The wandering part of your spirit can be projected onto your partners and you may attract carefree and youthful people who match your energy, or grounded and concrete thinking people who help to balance out your airy nature.

House 7 in Cancer

Your seventh house in Cancer gives emphasis to your nurturing qualities that take center stage in your partnerships. You crave emotional connection and intimacy and you are caring and nurturing toward your partners. Your romantic and business partners will benefit from your intuition and warm nature. You easily perceive what others need in order to feel emotionally secure.

You also desire emotional security in your partnerships, even in business partnerships. Your collaborations will work best if your partners are sensitive to the importance of your feelings. You need reassurance and grounding because your emotions can be labile.

You portray maternal energy in partnerships regardless of gender. As a result you may attract partners who need nurturing. When your partnerships lose balance you may feel as if you are the parent of your partner and not an equal collaborator.

Although you are highly intuitive and compassionate, nurturing and emotionally savvy, you may struggle to be a nurturer to yourself. As a result you may expect your partner to mother you in the ways that you nurture others. You can be giving and self sacrificing and you subconsciously use your emotional and caring nature to role model how you want to be treated.

If you are able to connect with your own nurturing abilities and not exclusively seek these qualities outside of yourself, it will help your partnerships because you will not project your needs onto your partner.

House 7 in Leo

Your seventh house in Leo gives emphasis to your dramatic and unique energy in partnerships and relationships. You are theatrical and generous with your attention and abundance. You are loyal to your partners and love to make grand gestures showing your affection for others. You can keep others entertained and your confidence and charisma uplift your partners.

You exude power and prestige and yet you may seek status through your partnerships.

You may be drawn to partners who attract attention to themselves and your partnerships. Your partnerships may be marked by drama and intensity. Your partnerships can be high profile and you value being in the spotlight and showing off your partner.

You project your desire for strength and confidence onto your partners yet at the same time your subconscious desire is for a partner who will assert their own strength and take the reigns. You may dominate the partnership but you actually want a partner who will meet your level of power and not be afraid to challenge you.

You are drawn to power in your partnerships and may seek out collaborations or even romantic partnerships that can elevate your social status.

You are also attracted to creative people who aren’t afraid to express themselves and assert their opinions. You love to be seen as an individual and trailblazer and you value these same qualities in a partner. You can enjoy passion in a partnership but you are turned off by emotional entanglement and confinement in partnerships.

House 7 in Virgo

Your seventh house in Virgo gives emphasis to your need for partnerships that ground you and provide practical energy to balance out your emotional side. You look to partnerships in business or romance, to be an anchor that helps keep you grounded in reality. You are attracted to people who are intellectual, perfectionistic, earthy and analytical.

You may attract people who are emotionally detached and intellectually strong and you appreciate their analytical gifts. You are attracted to people who love to be of service and you are reminded of your meticulous and detail oriented nature. You may find the tediousness of daily routines to be boring though you seek partners who will handle those chores and tasks that you find too mundane.

Your ideal partner will help ground your dreams in reality and help you create a practical foundation so that you can balance your spiritual and material lives and find ways to manifest your goals and ideas. You look to partners to help you sort through your own thoughts and ideas and help you analyze your options. You have the capacity to be intellectual and to process data yet you aren’t comfortable with this aspect of yourself and look to collaborators or partners to help you work through plans and organize your ideas and goals.

House 7 in Libra

Your seventh house in Libra accentuates the energy of partnership and harmony as this is the house already ruled by the sign of Libra.

You love partnerships that bring beauty and harmony and you seek balance through your partnerships. You may seek out partners who are in some ways your opposite because it levels out the scales and helps you see beyond your own biases and opinions.

You are attracted to others based on your love of beauty and you may be susceptible to judging based on appearance. You aren’t shallow, yet you do value beauty and aesthetics. You do care about internal beauty as well and will seek out partners who make you feel calm and peaceful. You desire harmony in partnerships yet you may expect your partners to be flexible and accommodating. You may not realize when you are dominating partners because you attract people who are people pleasing and not likely to challenge you.

You are attracted to partners who care about social issues and justice and you may be drawn to those who are working to restore balance and beauty to society.

You can be conscious of imbalances and injustices and you try to create equality in your partnerships yet you may also project the task of peacekeeper onto your partner if you aren’t careful.

You are drawn to people who are artistic and creative, expressive and graceful. You don’t like drama in your partnerships and prefer partners who want to enjoy luxuries and culture without being too bogged down in emotions or tempestuous passions.

You can be romantic though you tend to express this through your intellect rather than outright emotional connection.

House 7 in Scorpio

Your seventh house in Scorpio gives emphasis to your intense desire to connect emotionally in partnerships. You view partnerships as vehicles for deep transformation. You are attracted to partners who are deep and intuitive and convey power and mystery. Your partnerships may feel like a puzzle to be solved and you love to become the detective seeking out hidden truths through your connection to others.

Your partnerships can be dramatic and move quickly. You may initially be attracted to others based on sexual appeal and their projection of a powerful image.

You use your partnerships to push your boundaries to the limits. You can become jealous and possessive if you are feeling insecure. You are interested in exploring the depths of your own mind and your partner’s mind and may experience psychological and spiritual transformation through your partnerships.

You may hold on to many secrets and attract partners who can ferret out your inner fears and hidden beneath your conscious awareness. Your partnerships can be marked by intense highs and lows and you may have experienced losses and traumatic events related to your partnerships.

Your relationships are sexually charged and you attract people who remind you of your own power and ability to discern hidden truths. Your desire for intimacy may cause you to jump into relationships and move quickly rather than allowing a relationship to unfold. You can attract people who reflect your own trust issues and may ironically be quick to expect your partners to be the solution to your past wounds and prove themselves trustworthy. The downside in this pattern is that you often repeat the same situations by misplacing your trust and looking to superficial displays of trustworthiness because you want your partner to provide the discretion and intuition that you don’t quite trust in yourself.

House 7 in Sagittarius

Your seventh house in Sagittarius gives emphasis to partnerships that are grandiose and inspiring. You attract people who are big dreamers and do everything on a large scale. Your partners help you to expand your own horizons. You seek partners who are philosophical and spiritual and who can help you think in abstract terms.

You are also drawn to people who are confident and optimistic because they remind you of these sides of yourself. You are attracted to dreamers and also can live in your own fantasy world in which the ideal is always just around the corner. As a result you may constantly find yourself in pursuit of the perfect partner and losing interest when reality sets in.

You are restless in your partnerships and love freedom and independence. You may pursue partners who are distant or unavailable intentionally or subconsciously because you will be assured that your boundaries won’t be intruded on or you will not be confined.

You may also become attracted to partners who live abroad. Long distance relationships work for you because you love to travel and learn about different cultures. You also need to be free to have your own adventures. When others expect commitment and definition of a relationship it can make you panic because you need to be free flowing even in partnerships.

You may have several romantic interests at once or keep your relationship status open and flexible to avoid commitment or limitations.

You can be optimistic and inspiring to your partners but need a partner who understands and respects freedom and independence as much as you do.

House 7 in Capricorn

Your seventh house in Capricorn emphasizes your need for stability and commitment in partnerships. This placement bodes well both for romance and business. You are likely to be slow to take the plunge and make commitments because you are evaluating the long term potential of any collaboration.

You want to make sure you can fulfill your promises before making them and as a result you will carefully consider your relationship status. When you do make a commitment however, you are in it for the long haul, for better or worse and through any hardship. You hang on no matter what and can have a traditional view of partnerships and marriage.

You seek out partnerships that are practical and stabilizing and your partners can help nurture you by grounding your energy with their responsible and self disciplined personalities. Your partnerships are most successful when your partner provides practical anchoring and you lend nurturing and emotion to the relationship.

Even your romantic relationships can resemble a business partnership because you want to have a strategy and plan outlined and agreed upon. You are diligent, patient and value security and stable foundation in your relationships.

You may become attracted to others based on the security they represent to you as well. This can include being attracted to partners who are financially stable and whose slow pace and determination balance out your own personality.

Your partners may be the source of financial and personal moderation and you may gladly give control of the finances or mundane decision making to your partner.

House 7 in Aquarius

Your partnerships are intense and erratic thanks to your seventh house in Aquarius. You are rebellious and love individuals who break the rules and are true to themselves. This can make relationships complicated as you desire connection to others yet at the same time you value your freedom. You are likely to seek out connection and then rebel against those who are closest to you.

You may also frequently change your alliances because your mind is always working overtime and you can easily drop one set of interests in favor of another. You are easily bored and need changes of scenery and mental stimulation.

You don’t like to feel bogged down by emotion so your ideal partner is likely to be more intellectual and grounded. You are progressive in your views on partnerships. You may experiment with different types of collaborations and partnerships including polyamory or other unorthodox relationship practices.

You may have had extreme disruptions in your romantic life or partnerships including sudden losses, divorces or drastic changes. You are also likely to intellectualize your partnerships and appear detached or aloof to others.

You are honest and direct and value this approach in others as well. You may be drawn to those who are your polar opposite and your partnerships can be explosive and volatile. You are progressive and free thinking and need partners who aren’t going to try to limit you in any way.

In romance and love you can be exciting and inspiring and you believe in the best potential future for your relationships. Sparks can fly when your ideals are not met by your partner. You may also be attracted to unusual people who are intense, have extreme or different views and are shocking or unorthodox in some way.

House 7 in Pisces

Your seventh house in Pisces places emphasis on partnerships that are spiritual, emotionally open and compassionate. You are sensitive and intuitive and yet you seek partnerships who help you delve deeper into these aspects of yourself.

Lessons in your partnerships involve trusting your own intuition and developing your own independence. Until this happens, you may go from one codependent relationship to another, seeking emotional connection and healing from partners who are unstable or unavailable.

Your relationships can be addictive or you may be attracted to people struggling with their own addictions. You will have to learn to remain grounded and implement boundaries in your close relationships.

You are compassionate and caring and you may sacrifice yourself to try to save others in your partnerships. This only backfires and is a hard lesson which will repeat until you learn to value yourself enough to know your limitations.

You may attract spiritual, creative and unusual people. You crave deep connections and may lose yourself in your partnerships if you aren’t careful. Illusions and deceit are possible in your relationships and you will have to learn to follow your intuition and not be distracted by fantasies.

Your imagination and creativity can bring sensitivity and heightened romance to your partnerships.

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