House 12 in the signs

house icon_12.png House 12 in the signs: What are your life challenges and how do you find healing and spiritual connection?

House 12 in Aries

Your twelfth house in Aries gives emphasis to your need to overcome self imposed limitations and find spiritual connection. You may have been conditioned from an early age that everything falls on your shoulders.

As a result you came to believe that you are the only one who can solve your problems and are responsible for others as well. It is not easy for you to release the need to be in control and go with the flow.

This is part of your life lessons now and you will continually find yourself in prisons of your own creation until you learn that you are not an island.

Your focus and obsessive nature can become a prison of anxiety, in which you feel compelled to pursue your goals and ambitions, leaving no room for balance. You may also struggle to break out of symbolic prisons associated with your identity and sense of self. Learning to make peace with who you are and accept your identity is a challenge in this life time.

You may also try to run away from your mission or your inner drives, and in doing so you can get lost in addictions to substances, work or even addictions to being chronically busy. You may feel like you have something to prove and therefore insist on doing everything the hard way.

When you have outgrown that pattern, you will find spiritual connection through accepting your own identity but also seeing yourself as a spiritual being and not just the manifestation of your ego. You have the potential to be a leader though you may avoid these responsibilities.

House 12 in Taurus

Your twelfth house in Taurus gives emphasis to your self imposed prison and major life lessons. You place yourself in a prison of constant self control and insecurity. Until you feel secure with who you are and learn to have faith in the larger order of the universe, you will be likely to exhaust yourself trying to find stability in the material world.

You may seek wealth or collect things in order to fill a void of emptiness or make up for a loss. You may also have to make peace with restrictions in your physical body including illness or body image issues.

Your relationship with money, finances and resources requires healing in this lifetime as well. You may seek money as the answer to your problems but with unrealistic expectations of what abundance can do to make you feel better or prove your worth. Time and time again you will be disappointed because your relationship to wealth is riddled with illusions and self deception.

It is only when you recognize this illusion for what it is that you can transcend beyond it and recognize the wealth you actually have.

House 12 in Gemini

Your twelfth house in Gemini leads you into a prison of your own creation in your mind. You can talk yourself into believing anything and you tend to start by convincing yourself that you aren’t smart enough or people don’t understand you.

It will take healing and surrendering to come to understand how intelligent you really are. Your powers of communication extend beyond the verbal and include intuitive language yet this may be a source of confusion early in your life.

You can be confused by your deep emotional tides and may try hard to rationalize your feelings but this never works for you as you can’t suppress your feelings.

You may have many ideas that are mystical, dreamy and abstract and it can be hard for you to express yourself verbally in a way that the average person can understand you. Channeling your ideas through your many creative talents is one way to help you convey your dreams and ideas. You may write poetry, songs and stories and also express yourself through visual arts.

You can be an intellectual but must take care to give voice to your emotions as well. You may have difficult lessons to learn about accepting your emotions. In your attempts to suppress your feelings you may turn to alcohol or substance use or even feel that as a writer, artist or intellectual you are ‘supposed’ to carry the image of the substance using, melancholy intellectual.

You can be compassionate and try to understand everyone around you.

House 12 in Cancer

Your twelfth house in Cancer places emphasis on your self made prisons and areas you need to heal in order to find spiritual integration. You are likely to have old wounds involving disruptions in your connections with maternal figures, your mother, or wounds related to interruptions to early nurturing.

You may long for nurturing and emotional validation yet you chase these feelings in unproductive ways. Your best path involves introspection, self awareness, healing and spirituality.

Until you realize this you may seek emotional connection and nurturing by becoming a chronic caretaker, attracting codependent relationships or even having a family just to fill a void where you feel a lack of love in your life.

You may also try to control your family and loved ones so that they will be dependent on you.

If you decide to work through these issues and confront your fears, heal your emotional wounds and integrate nurturing into your own life, you can become a truly empathic, intuitive and compassionate person. You may also nurture the spiritual path for others and serve as a spiritual guide or consultant.

House 12 in Leo

Your twelfth house in Leo speaks to core wounds and emotional traps involving power and individuality. You have lifelong challenges involving your comfort with power and your acceptance of your individuality.

Your strengths and creativity may have been stifled or suppressed at a young age. You may have had overbearing caretakers who undermined your confidence or caused you to doubt yourself.

When you do wield individual power or try to establish leadership, it becomes an erratic process and may be fed by delusions of grandeur rather than actual confidence.

When you embark on a journey to heal these old wounds, it will involve working to recognize where your power comes from and that true power does not involve dominating others or self aggrandizement. You will also learn to use your creativity to express your intuitively guided ideas and deep emotions.

You can be empathic, caring and generous and may rise to fulfill your mission of being a spiritual leader once you have invested in your own healing process.

House 12 in Virgo

Your twelfth house in Virgo speaks to the self imposed prisons that can limit your growth and spiritual development unless you consciously work to break certain patterns. You rely heavily on logic yet on a fundamental level you know there is more to the world than what your physical senses show you.

You want to be able to break through the barrier and experience the spiritual yet you are likely to hold yourself back. This can create an inner conflict as you struggle to validate your intuition.

You love to be of service to others but can take it into a distorted path of martyrdom and self sacrifice. This is usually done because of unhealed wounds related to self deprecation and lack of self worth.

Anxiety can become a self imposed prison for you because you are intelligent and you overthink everything. Your intuition is strong yet you also try to interpret everything through logic and this can cause confusing mixed signals. You may as a result not trust yourself and doubt your thoughts and feelings.

When you learn to honor your intuition in the same way that you honor your logical mind it will be a big step toward creating the stability you need to nurture your healing and transformation process.

You are creative, empathic and compassionate yet also have the potential to tap into the spiritual realms and ground these ideals in practical ways because you are organized, detail oriented and down to earth.

When you learn that you do not need to serve others to prove yourself, you can let go of the need to control others and situations and instead be in the moment where you truly can be of service to those around you.

You may distract yourself from your true mission by engaging in repetitive busy-ness through your work or even through obsessions and illusions related to health or illness.

Health issues and illnesses may also be vehicles to alert you to imbalances which call you to pay closer attention to your emotions and energy.

House 12 in Libra

Your twelfth house in the sign of Libra gives emphasis to your desire for beauty, harmony and peace. You are attractive, empathic and sensitive and your intuition can overwhelm you. You experience deep tides of emotion yet you try to suppress this because you want to see the best in everyone around you.

As a result you may get lost in your own idealism and your expectations and dreams can become a prison. You may keep yourself from experiencing real love, healing and transformation because you have gotten lost in an imaginary fantasy of how things should be.

You may experience early loss or loss of a partner and until you address your own emotional needs and healing from this loss you are prone to escapism. This escapism may take the form of codependency, addictions, overspending, obsession with appearance or chronic desire to be a relationship even if the relationships are not mutual or healthy.

When you do face your inner wounds and patterns of self sabotage you will discover how to make peace with your identity as an individual. Partnerships become an added advantage but not a matter of dependency.

You will release yourself from the pattern of becoming dependent on others. You will also be able to discern between true unconditional love and your need to fill a void.

House 12 in Scorpio

Your twelfth house in Scorpio gives emphasis to your self created prison and the need to heal patterns of addiction and self sabotage. You have much work to do to release power struggles and heal issues with control. Your desire to remain invulnerable while maintaining an upper hand over others repeatedly creates problems in your life.

Until you recognize the lengths you have been going to in order to avoid dealing with your emotions and accepting your own vulnerability you may continue to become enmeshed in addictive, controlling and possessive relationships with others. You may also try to assert an image of domination and power.

In spite of your efforts to convey an air of authority, your attempts will fall short because you are actually using manipulation and control over others, wealth or false illusions of status to prop yourself up.

When you have taken the time to consciously work on healing these patterns, you will be able to tap into your true sources of power.

You will discover that your hidden power includes, among other things, your deep sense of empathy, keen perception, perseverance, insight and ability to facilitate healing and transformation for yourself and others.

Your own healing process may involve recovery from addictions. You are also likely to have old traumas from this life or prior lifetimes, which continue to influence you and sabotage your success. When you take measures to address and heal from your addictions and traumas however, you will be in a position to effectively empower others.

You can be focused, determined and willful and these strengths can work to your advantage, helping you to overcome adversity for example. They may also stand in your way, however, especially when surrendering to a higher order in the universe is necessary.

House 12 in Sagittarius

Your twelfth house in Sagittarius gives emphasis to your philosophical and spiritual strengths which may be concealed beneath illusions of grandeur. This forms your self created prison and is part of the patterns you need to break through in order to grow and evolve in this life time.

Your core wounds and insecurities may stem from early experiences in this lifetime and even from past lives. You have much greater capacity for good fortune, success and optimism than you realize. You may encounter great opportunities yet constantly sabotage yourself every time you come close to getting what you dreamed of.

You may long for freedom yet continuously tie yourself down to relationships that you feel obliged to yet which are controlling or involve codependency. You can be optimistic but may also talk yourself out of opportunities that require too much concerted effort and focus.

You may continually drop the ball and slow down just as you approach the finish line.

When you are tired of procrastinating, distracting yourself and sabotaging your dreams, your interests in philosophy and spirituality may lead you to find the solutions to your deeper wounds and patterns that continually lead you to work against your ideals.

You may undergo some unusual form of healing involving energy work, holistic counseling or travel to an exotic place. When you break free from the illusions and fears that keep you running in circles you will open the doors to different realms and expand your consciousness.

(Side note- that is not the same as intoxication, nice try though….)

When you have found your true source of power and strength you can you can become a spiritual leader and mentor to others. Your confidence and vision can inspire and your optimism can help to uplift and empower others.

House 12 in Capricorn

Your twelfth house in the sign of Capricorn gives emphasis to your unresolved wounds from past lives and how this unresolved Karma can create restrictions and obstacles on your path in this life.

You may experience hardships from an early age or feel confined or limited within institutions of family or school or both. Your early experiences may not have been as nurturing as you required and as a result you have a difficult time opening up emotionally to others.

It is easier for you to bury yourself in work and other mundane tasks and while society rewards you for your efforts you also repeatedly encounter the same undercurrent of sabotage. You may not be able to express your deep empathy or trust your intuition because you have confined your energy into robotic tasks and focused only on logic and physical senses.

When you are ready to expand beyond this pattern you may need to seek healing that helps you resolve issues from the past. You may even be carrying on a cycle related to your ancestors and elders. Healing practices that help you put the past in the past and become present in the moment are essential.

You will also need to make peace with your spiritual side which can be uncomfortable because you want everything to make sense and be predictable. You don’t like change and can hold on to tradition and the past even if it wasn’t pleasant.

When you are ready to let go however you can find relief and greater connection with your inner strength. You may develop a positive and loving relationship to your Ancestors even if they are in the spiritual realm. You may also find ways to create stable foundations to strengthen and deepen your spiritual connection.

House 12 in Aquarius

Your twelfth house in Aquarius gives emphasis to your inner prisons and how you sabotage yourself but also to your hidden strength and sources of inner power. You are an idealistic person and have big dreams yet you often take off in spurts of manic energy, pursuing changes and initiating new beginnings only to run out of steam and undermine your own efforts.

You are brilliant but not always as focused as you need to be in order to be successful. You may sabotage yourself because you struggle to listen to your powerful intuition.

You have the capacity to be empathic, emotional and compassionate yet you can also be abrupt, shocking and erratic. You may surprise others and even yourself with your tendency to blast the bridges around you before you have had a chance to cross them.

You are independent and struggle to open yourself up emotionally to other people. You also have a difficult time allowing yourself to go with the flow. Instead you try to overthink and figure everything out.

You are rebellious and individualistic and you may sabotage yourself by refusing to conform or even compromise. You understand the need for solidarity with others in theory but you can easily become frustrated with other people and may even take on an elitist attitude, secluding yourself in your studies and individual pursuits rather than creating space for relationships and intimacy.

When you are willing to face your own wounds and not distract yourself with numerous projects and ideas of grandeur, you can achieve great degrees of healing and transformation. You may be able to release Karmic energy and old wounds form several lifetimes as well.

House 12 in Pisces

Your twelfth house in the sign of Pisces amplifies the energy of this sign because it is the natural house ruler. You are steeped in emotional energy that can become a source of deep healing and transformation or a source of confusion and ambiguity.

You feel things on a deep and intuitive level. As a result you may try to hide from your own emotions or retreat into fantasy. The fact that you are creative and artistic can help you transmute old wounds but can also become a source of distraction as your imagination is your sanctuary.

You understand how deeply connected all things really are and because you know on some level that separation is an illusion you may spend your life looking for deep spiritual and emotional connection with others. You may feel like you don’t belong in a physical world that operates under the illusion of separation and this can be a source of constant frustration and pain for you.

You may also compromise yourself to try to care for others or become prone to codependent relationships. You may also be susceptible to all kinds of addictions because you seek transformation and change of consciousness and may do so through the use of substances. You may also be tempted into addictive patterns to try to cover up old wounds and unresolved traumas or to try to deal with your deep emotions.

When you are ready to work through your fears and delve deeper into your own healing process you can come to truly accept and love yourself and find your hidden power. Your creativity, imagination and intuitive connection to the Spirit realm become sources of strength for you rather than sources of confusion.

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