House 9 in the signs

house icon_9.png House 9 in the signs: What is your attitude toward spirituality, philosophy and humanities?

House 9 in Aries

House nine in the sign of Aries makes you passionate and direct in your approach to pursuing wisdom and truth. You are forward thinking and open minded.

You love to broaden your horizons and when you learn of new information that awakens your spiritual side or speaks to your idealism, you eagerly embrace it. You may leap wholeheartedly into uncharted territory because you are so enthusiastic and have the faith of a child.

You are an opportunist and will jump into action every time a door is about to open. You are generous and benevolent though your intense and focused nature may cause you to become forceful about your beliefs or insist on doing for others what they can do for themselves or are not interested in.

You are drawn to power, status and luxuries though typically inclined to share as well. You have a big heart for humanity and can be a strong advocate for the oppressed. In fact you may be so diligent and assertive as a spokesperson for different causes as to take up work in the legal field or in non profit sector, putting your strength, perseverance and actions into creating changes that benefit society and those around you.

House 9 in Taurus

Your ninth house in Taurus gives emphasis to your patient and stabilizing approach to expanding your horizons. You don’t like to jump in and take huge risks but you do have big dreams and ideals and you reach for the stars. Luckily you are also able to keep your feet on the ground enough to nurture your goals and watch your ideas grow into successful ventures.

You have a big heart for humanity and enjoy spirituality, the sciences and philosophy yet you are also a pragmatist and want to find ways to apply abstract concepts in the mundane world. You may as a result start a business that relates to your overall mission or fall into roles where you are managing the finances or resources of nonprofits or institutions of higher learning.

Your down to earth wisdom is also likely to be channeled into healing related to earth, nature, animals, food and nutrition though you blend this wisdom with science and are always studying and learning new ways to apply your knowledge.

You are drawn to travel yet you always strive to have a sensible plan. As a result you may find frugal yet comfortable ways to see the world or align with business or career path that allows you to expand your horizons while earning money.

You are a philanthropist and love culture, arts and music. You can be highly knowledgeable about these subjects and your affluent desires and tastes may give others the impression you are an elitist. This is not usually the case, you just love to enjoy all of life’s comforts.

You easily attract wealth and abundance and may have numerous ‘angel investors’ who help support and uplift you. Everything you touch may seems to turn to gold and instead of recklessly gambling with your money you are likely to reinvest it for slow growth over the long haul.

House 9 in Gemini

Your ninth house in the sign of Gemini gives you a dualistic nature and desire to broaden your horizons through higher education. You are drawn to music, culture and the arts and are likely to be a Jack or Jill of all trades. You may seek mastery as well but become side tracked by your many interests and pursuits. You are easily bored and need constant mental stimulation.

You are benevolent, generous and social and your outgoing nature endears you to many. You are also optimistic and love to inspire others with your communication and loyalty. You love freedom and independence, are passionate and free spirited and can become restless if others try to confine you in any way while you are on your search for higher wisdom.

You love to learn new things and often want to pursue your interests in both practical and abstract realms, seeking out higher wisdom and arcane knowledge. You can speak clearly and effectively about many subjects and can translate abstract information about spirituality and philosophy. You may teach or write papers or books on topics involving law, religion or philosophy as well.

You have a knack for blending your pop culture interests with your greater quest for truth. You are honest and straight forward yet diplomacy is possible when you need to soften the edges of your message. Even then however you don’t hold back because you genuinely believe the truth sets others free and it is a disservice to sugar coat things.

You want to understand how everything works and your mind is always trying to puzzle out the answers to every riddle. You may be over the top in your communication at times and everything you focus your mind on amplifies.

This can result in grandiose ideas and plans but also can heighten your fluidity in thinking about every possible situation and angle. If you aren’t careful you can become stagnant as you try to figure everything out from every conceivable possibility and may simply lose interest in a subject before you have even formed an opinion or conclusion.

You may become a spokesperson for issues pertaining to law, philanthropy and justice and carry a message that helps awaken the spirituality of others.

House 9 in Cancer

House nine in Cancer gives emphasis to your quest for higher wisdom. You are a nurturer and caretaker and you help connect with others by seeing their higher potential. This can lead to dilemmas if you overlook the issues in the actual relationship, only seeing people for who they would be if only they followed your advice or let you mother them.

You see family and home as important to your quest though your journey likely takes you away from home or leads you to establish a home abroad. You are drawn to luxuries, comforts and abundance yet you don’t like to let go, nor do you enjoy taking risks.

The only exception to these self imposed limitations arise when you are encouraged by the thought of how your actions will help others to grow. You can be a strong advocate for families and children and are likely to take a nurturing approach to inspiring and uplifting those around you.

You may feel nostalgic about a foreign location or even a university or institution of law, religion or philosophy and establish a home-away-from-home based on these feelings of connection with different places. You believe that wisdom and greater knowledge is important because it provides emotional security. Religion and spirituality do the same and you are likely to have heightened intuition and spiritual connection that is offset only by your sometimes exaggerated emotional responses.

You may see all of humanity as extended family and take the problems of the world to heart.

House 9 in Leo

Your ninth house in Leo gives emphasis to your dramatic and grandiose style. You pursue wisdom and want the whole world to know all of the things you discover on your path. You are a philosopher and may use your spirituality and generous nature to inspire and empower those around you. You can be a strong advocate for others because you are so passionate and insistent on doing what is right.

You seek the truth and justice no matter what yet you also have a knack for drawing attention to important causes and in doing so, drawing attention to yourself. You may become a poster child for different causes and you don’t mind putting yourself in the spotlight because there is no such thing as bad publicity.

You can be domineering at times because you are so strong in your beliefs though generally you are also flexible and open minded enough to be tolerant of most people and ideas. Your enthusiasm for life and desire to explore and gain new experiences can lead you to constantly seek out greener pastures and feel restless.

You are always in pursuit of advancement yet you may not spend enough time enjoying what you have accomplished. The grass may appear greener elsewhere and you are always trying to upgrade. You are attracted to affluence in all its forms. You may align yourself with powerful and influential people and usually you equate knowledge with power. You are a wisdom seeker and are likely to expand your own horizons and find leadership opportunities through institutions of law, religion or higher education.

You may pursue legal or religious studies and you can be a passionate teacher or speaker on these subjects. Travel is likely to appeal to you but you always want to go in style. You are not content to sit in the background and humbly enjoy new surroundings. You throw yourself right into the spotlight, traveling with luxurious accommodations.

You are also likely to win the hearts of people all around the world because you are charismatic, bold and colorful and easily make yourself at home even when you are in uncharted territory. Not only do you become comfortable while traveling and in new surroundings, you have a way of staking out your territory and feel restless if anyone tries to confine or limit you.

You may strive to establish yourself as an expert in areas of study including law, sciences, religion or philosophy.

House 9 in Virgo

Your ninth house in Virgo gives emphasis to your practical style of seeking wisdom. You aren’t content to spend hours in deep contemplation over matters that don’t appear to effect you in the here and now. Still, you have a knack for bridging the esoteric and mundane.

You can stretch into the abstract and grasp broad concepts though you will be quick to analyze and rationalize, compiling all information into organized categories and putting it to use to improve the lives of others.

You may write ‘how to’ books that break down and explain otherwise complicated and abstract matters such as philosophy, religion and sciences. You are drawn to seek wisdom by traveling abroad yet you are also likely to be meticulous about your travel plans.

You will not be content to hitchhike or camp in the woods unless you have packed your hand sanitizer, first aid kit, extra emergency everything, supplements, vitamins and all kinds of gadgets intended to help you survive every possible situation.

Your desire to gain higher wisdom in any field has little to do with your ego. You don’t need praise for being an expert, though you are likely to become an expert on many subjects. Instead you want to be of service to others. You are likely to pursue an advanced degree in the health sciences or law for example so that you can advocate and guide those who are less informed or not able to do for themselves.

Even when not acting in a professional capacity, you are service oriented. You have much wisdom from your travels, from listening to experts in numerous fields and from your tendencies to read voraciously. You dispense advice willingly whether others are open to it or not.

Even when others don’t accept your advice you are usually good natured enough to not take it personally.

You constantly analyze everything and if you are ever in a bad mood- which is not common- it is likely because you have been overthinking and causing yourself undue anxiety about all the possibilities for things to go wrong even when things are going right.

House 9 in Libra

Your ninth house in Libra places emphasis on your desire to seek justice and wisdom through higher education and the study of philosophy and spirituality. You are interested in the concepts of law and justice though not usually in a Draconian sense. Instead you want to uplift the oppressed and strive to bring about equality and harmony.

Balance is important to you, as is indulgence in the finer things in life. As a result you can have a hard time sticking to a budget when seeking pleasure or expansion. You are interested in learning about different cultures and partaking in their art, food and drink. You may wander a great deal, traveling from place to place and getting to know people so that you can understand variety and diversity and so that you can balance out your strengths with the strengths of others.

You are naturally attractive to others and have a way of amplifying harmony, romance and understanding in partnerships and groups. You bring out the best in others and may excel as a mediator, teacher, artist, counselor or in fields involving beauty, romance or law.

You may attract partnerships in love and business that involve people from diverse cultures or walks of life. You are easygoing and diplomatic and you always strive to balance your perspective by taking in others’ views. At times this can lead you to procrastinate making your own decisions because you see every possible outcome and try to evaluate things from all sides.

You dream of creating a utopian world in which people can live in peace and harmony with each other and you may use your knowledge and higher education as well as your spiritual practices to contribute to creating this world.

House 9 in Scorpio

Your ninth house in Scorpio gives emphasis to your pursuit of wisdom through unearthing hidden secrets and mysteries. You are attracted to the esoteric and arcane. You may pursue advanced studies of the occult or metaphysical.

Whatever your interests are you will restlessly seek expansion and discovery in that field. You don’t typically do so in order to aggrandize yourself though you will let others know your expertise and not let others tread on your intellectual territory without earning the right to do so.

You are interested in the afterlife, death, dying and the spiritual realm. You are attracted to power through wisdom and knowledge and enjoy being a keeper of secrets or privy to knowledge the general public is not aware of.

You can be benevolent and generous though you are also discreet about the people you extend your help to.

You are attracted to wealth and luxuries and can align yourself with powerful people all over the world. You are magnetically attractive to others and you use your power to advocate for what you believe is right. You can have a strong opinion about what is right and wrong yet your morals are based on a combination of research, experience and intuition.

House 9 in Sagittarius

Your ninth house in Sagittarius gives emphasis to the qualities of this house because Sagittarius is the ninth house ruler. You are a seeker and explorer and become restless easily. You need independence and an open road and love to seek wisdom and knowledge through travel and experience as well as study and academics.

You are likely to seek answers to life’s bigger questions through study of philosophy, law, spirituality and the sciences. You are a strong advocate for others. Your passionate nature keeps you from getting burned out. You are also unusually lucky and typically find yourself in the right place at the right time to expand and advance toward your goals.

You are altruistic. Though you may wield power and influence over others easily, you seldom seek such authority for selfish reasons. Instead you strive to influence society toward progress and expansion. You abhor limitations of any kind.

You love humanity but may feel stifled in the midst of any kind of stagnation. When obstacles are placed in your path you will find ways to overcome them or transcend. You see opportunities for lessons and wisdom where others may see hardship.

You are likely to want to travel or move frequently and may come to see much of the world. Finding higher education may take you on a journey overseas where you become immersed in new cultures and encounter diverse people. You are likely to seek answers through studying religious or philosophical teachings from different cultures.

House 9 in Capricorn

Your ninth house in Capricorn gives emphasis to your desire for wisdom and advancement through tedious hard work and challenging situations. You have a dichotomous relationship between restriction and expansion. You believe that strife and oppression helps you to understand others. You can become an advocate for others and may pursue studies of law, philosophy, spirituality and religion. Your greatest wisdom and ability to influence others comes from your own experience of hardship.

You are likely to achieve success in business and career as long as you are aligning your work with your ideals. You strive to reach your large scale dreams and are often successful. You can be exceptionally lucky though you are also very hard working. You can be progressive and idealistic yet you never forget where you came from and are connected to the past and your heritage.

You can thrive in hardship and struggle yet you are also attracted to wealth and luxury. When you have opportunities to indulge in luxuries and abundance you can take it to the extreme. You may vacillate between practical approaches to finance and money and all out splurging to enjoy the best of material comforts.

When you travel, you do so in style. You can endure lack but you prefer to experience the best of what life has to offer.

You are drawn to spirituality that connects you with the past and may engage in or study practices involving ancestral worship. You may also be drawn to studying archeology, ancient civilizations or past lives.

Your pursuit of higher wisdom may also be karmically linked.

House 9 in Aquarius

Your ninth house in Aquarius places emphasis on your radical and erratic approach to seeking higher wisdom. You are a revolutionary and eccentric and you find higher understanding through a combination of academic studies, especially with regards to sciences and technology, religion and philosophy, combined with your own intuition.

You have unorthodox ideas informed by your connection to the collective unconscious and can be on the cutting edge of social change. You are also in tune with social injustices and may participate in or be drawn to upheaval and progressive movements.

You are attracted to different cultures and love to travel. You may appear unusual or bizarre to others because you borrow from different beliefs, cultures and philosophies. You seek higher wisdom so that you can break down the barriers that keep society from advancing.

You may become an advocate for the oppressed and can find shocking and unusual ways to make your point known. You may be attracted to scholarly research only to turn around and break all the rules, reinventing the wheel or declaring the Earth is really flat.

You have a benevolent and generous nature and though you may be given to making shocking statements that disrupt the status quo, you do so with good intentions to help others see through their preconceptions.

House 9 in Pisces

Your ninth house in Pisces places emphasis on your mystical approach to attaining higher wisdom. Your moral compass is strong and is informed more by intuition than by academic studies. You have strong ideals of how the world should be and you seek out ways to express this vision through your art or creativity. Your ideas are spiritually inspired.

You may be a direct channel for divine information yet your mission is to disseminate this information to the masses. You may teach, speak, write or reach others through your art or music.

You are drawn to cultures from around the world and seek greater wisdom through travel or through mind altering pursuits.

You are generous and love to enjoy life’s pleasures. Others find you attractive because you are compassionate, empathic and have an open and giving nature. You feel the problems of the world on an emotional level and this helps you to empathize with others.

On the other hand, your empathy can cause you to become overwhelmed by the injustices in the world. You want to realize your dreams but may become lost in your fantasy and imagination or not have the stamina to do the footwork.

If you are not careful, you can become lost in your desire for the ideal and fail to see some of the practical issues on your path. You may hide in academics, theories and abstract information rather than channeling your wisdom in practical ways.

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