House 5 in the signs

house icon_5.png House 5 in the signs: How do you relax, have fun and flirt?

House 5 in Aries

Your fifth house in Aries makes you playful, athletic and competitive. You derive pleasure from being the first to try something new or breaking new ground in some way. You also find it fun to challenge yourself and prove your strength and courage.

Sports, boot camps, agility tests or other recreational ways to test and challenge yourself are ways that you derive pleasure. You are also passionate and sexual and may seek out affairs and sexual relationships as a further way to prove yourself in conquest.

You love to be helpful to others and can have the exuberance of a young person regardless of your age. For this reason you are also drawn to children and young people. If you have children of your own it is likely to be limited to just one child as you prefer to place all of your focus on one person or goal at a time.

Also for this reason you may have hobbies that you love yet all of your focus goes into one sport, instrument, art form or recreational outlet at a time. You pour all of your energy into what you love and can seem obsessed.

Really it is because you want to be the best at everything you attempt and so you strive to outdo others even if they aren’t aware that they were in competition in the first place.

House 5 in Taurus

Your fifth house in Taurus gives you the desire for physical pleasure in all its forms. From sensuality to comfortable clothing and surroundings, you find joy in art, security and the trappings of material wealth.

You are nurturing and enjoy being a provider for others yet you won’t allow others to take advantage of you. You are practical and find pleasure in anything that makes you feel abundant. Attending concerts, art galleries, classy social events or enjoying gourmet food with loved ones are all examples of your idea of a good time.

You are romantic and can enjoy flirtations yet you also set clear boundaries with others and aren’t likely to mix signals if you are really not interested in someone.

You also love enjoying the money you work hard to earn and will splurge on luxuries which make you feel pampered. Trips to the spa, massages, manicures and pedicures as well as classy cars, cruises or vacations all appeal to you.

You can be artistic and expressive and lean toward crafts, cooking and jewelry making, all forms of art which have a practical purpose.

Even when it comes to fun and recreation you are cautious and don’t like to do anything that could cost your health, reputation, status or too much money. You find pleasure in exploring the material world and this can range from a love of gardening to art to crafts and cooking.

House 5 in Gemini

Your fifth house in Gemini gives you the desire to find pleasure in your intellect and friendships. You are drawn to social situations where you can shine in the spotlight entertaining others with your sharp wit, memory and collection of facts and trivia.

You have a wide array of hobbies and interests and are happiest when you are learning new things. You are curious about the world around you and find pleasure in filling your mind with facts and data and communicating your ideas to others. Games involving intellect, recall, trivia and the need to outwit others all appeal to you.

You also love to consume all aspects of pop culture and may follow trendy movies and television shows or spend time engaging in numerous chats on social media.

You can be flirty and romantic and may communicate in seductive ways when your intention is only to have fun and enjoy a romantic fling. You may unintentionally lead others to believe you are interested in a more serious relationship because you say the words others want to hear. This can cause problems for you if others become too emotionally attached.

You also take classes and read for fun. You are happy surrounded by books and information or reading up on new subjects. You have a gift for languages and find joy in communicating with people from all different paths.

House 5 in Cancer

Your fifth house in Cancer gives emphasis to your enjoyment of being around children and young people. You are a nurturer and caretaker and easily relate to young people on their level. You are also an empathic and highly sensitive person and you transmute your range of emotion through art and music. You love to express your creative side and this can help you deal with your sensitivity to life’s challenges.

You find pleasure being around family and reminders of home. You can be nostalgic and love to be surrounded by items from your childhood. You are also sentimental and romantic. You prefer long term, committed relationships because you crave intimacy but you may find yourself falling for short term flings because you are easily swept off your feet by those who appear to be family centered and who allow you to feel emotionally connected and secure.

You take pleasure in parenthood or caring for children, family or animals. You may work or volunteer with children as well. You also love to entertain at home and may have numerous recreational interests that center around home and family.

You avoid taking big risks because you are cautious and temperamental. Security is important to you and you are also not likely to splurge on indulging yourself.

You do enjoy sports or recreation involving water and waterfront vacations or weekends at the beach soothe you and help you feel refreshed. You also find pleasure in stashing away money for a rainy day or making yourself feel cared for and nurtured by cooking or filling your pantry.

House 5 in Leo

Your fifth house in Leo places emphasis on pleasure and enjoyment derived from both entertaining others and being entertained. You love to be the center of attention and derive pleasure from creatively expressing yourself. You are bold and charismatic and easily charm others.

For this reason you may find that others seek your company for social outings and even romantic affairs. You love being desired and admired by others and you flirt without concern about your intentions being misunderstood.

You are cheerful and optimistic and life is all about fun and games for you. You prefer to be in the lead and love being recognized for your strengths and unique talents. You also love to receive praise for all of the generous things you do for others.

You are a loyal and enthusiastic friend and love to be surrounded by people you care about. You will usually place yourself in the spotlight though in your mind it is because your entertaining stories and unique style serves to entertain and uplift others.

Living the good life is also a source of pleasure for you. You love to immerse yourself in luxuries and anything associated with status or wealth. Trips to the opera, theater, concerts, galas or events where you can network with powerful and influential people appeals to you because you love to think of yourself as someone who deserves status. You find it pleasing when others consider you special or like royalty.

You can relate well to children because you are bold and dramatic and have a good sense of humor. You know how to get attention and can get your point across in fun and entertaining ways.

House 5 in Virgo

Your fifth house in Virgo places emphasis on pleasure and enjoyment derived from being of service. You love to cover every detail, pouring through your work and filling your mind with data and information that would seem boring to others but is like candy for your brain.

Your mind is active and always analyzing and you actually enjoy chores, no matter how tedious. You are strategic and derive joy from cleaning, sorting and finding new and efficient ways to become even more….efficient.

In addition to finding fun in the mundane and ordinary you thrive on being able to help others. You freely offer advice and may enjoy volunteering or serving on several boards of various organizations so that you can lend your skills and expertise in a way that benefits society. You don’t like the spotlight and prefer to be understated than attention seeking. You avoid controversy and prefer to keep a low profile. Your description of favorite things to do on a dating website would feature many phrases that begin with the word “quiet” as in “quiet nights at home” or “quiet strolls through town…”

You find little amusement in chaos and loudness and may avoid clubs, bars and concerts. Instead you prefer book signings, lectures, libraries, museums and other recreational outlets that help you delve into topics of interest and learn new things. In addition to feeding your mind you love to be a helper and may attract friends and lovers who are in some way lost and in need of practical guidance and stability.

House 5 in Libra

Your fifth house in Libra places emphasis on finding pleasure through romance, beauty, the arts and partnerships of all kinds. You are intellectual and playful, fun loving and fair minded. You love to bring harmony and beauty to those around you. Arts of all kinds are a source of pleasure for you and you are likely to create art and be a patron of cultural institutions.

You favor equality and may become particularly involved with giving a platform to art which is censored or controversial. Personally you prefer not to make waves and get embroiled in confrontations but you do love to ensure that those who aren’t easily heard or seen are given a platform.

You can be sensual, flirty and romantic and may engage in several passionate affairs that provide fun and excitement but lack deep commitment and long term potential.

You take pleasure in making others feel comfortable and calm and you love to be in social settings that allow open discussion and exchange of ideas. You are turned off by rudeness, loud behavior or chaos and need to have peace and serenity in order to really enjoy yourself.

You can be connected with children and young people and usually try to inspire the best in those you mentor or nurture. You help others, young and old, see their inner beauty and express themselves in creative ways.

You may develop a reputation for being all play and no work. You are motivated to enjoy life’s pleasures and may overindulge in food, drink or recreation to the extent that you neglect some of your serious (and therefore boring) responsibilities.

House 5 in Scorpio

Your fifth house in Scorpio places emphasis on your desire to unearth secrets and discover hidden truths as part of your mission and source of enjoyment. Research and truth seeking is like an athletic pursuit for you.

You can be intense, focused and obsessive when it comes to discovering all you can about people you are attracted to or a hobby that you are passionate about. You leave no stone unturned as you seek out the truth and try to find what lies beneath the surface.

You also take pleasure in finding out what makes people tick and also digging into subconscious fears and insecurities so that you can initiate transformation for yourself or others. Wiping the slate clean and starting over isn’t scary for you, it is a natural part of your process of growth and you usually look forward to it.

You can be intense and may have a morbid fascination with death, dying and the afterlife, also with the occult, spiritual and taboo topics.

You love to appear edgy and dangerous and can derive pleasure from hobbies or sports that show your daring side. You are also highly sexually charged and may pursue romantic or sexual affairs with no intention of long term commitment.

Your desire to conquer your own fears and challenges can lead you to push yourself to your own limits. You love to test the waters and may also derive enjoyment from dominating or controlling others.

You can be protective of children and as a parent, mentor or guardian you take your role of caregiver and role model seriously.

You can also be competitive and don’t like to be shown up by others. Whether in debate or athletics you will pursue perfection and domination until you have conquered your opponent. You never admit defeat and will instead call for a rematch or step aside and wait….to get revenge.

Your recreational use of alcohol or drugs can become an issue if you aren’t careful and you are probably not going to be as careful as you should be because you prefer to maintain the image of being in control even as you act in reckless ways.

House 5 in Sagittarius

Your fifth house in Sagittarius places emphasis on how you derive pleasure and enjoyment. You are carefree, independent and love to travel and expand your horizons. You are a scientist, seeker, philosopher and adventurer. You love to visit new places and meet people from all different walks of life. You consider anything exotic to be attractive and may be romantically drawn to affairs with people from different backgrounds.

You love to experience the best of what life has to offer and you can easily take a gamble with your money and even your safety because you throw caution to the wind in the name of living life to the fullest.

You believe that more is better and this can include your attitude toward having children. You find joy and pleasure in large groups of friends, large family and doing just about anything on a grand scale. You invest heartily in pleasure seeking, pouring both time and money into your recreational interests and hobbies.

You dream big as well and may have ideas of grandeur that lead you to pursue your artistic, creative or athletic interests to the fullest.

You are also interested in spirituality, science and philosophy. You will find pleasure in pursuing higher education, traveling abroad, attending self help workshops and pursuing your ideals with a wide range of freedom and no one standing in your way.

You detest oppression and confinement in any form. You won’t be cornered or restrained, even for the sake of those you love. You are attractive and inspiring to others and love to be a inspiration to people around you.

Others may seek your affection and companionship but you are more likely to get involved in numerous affairs while maintaining freedom from commitment before you actually settle down. Even when you do settle down it must be understood that you need your independence and freedom.

House 5 in Capricorn

Your fifth house in Capricorn speaks to your style of seeking pleasure and fun in life. People think you are all work and no play. That is because they miss the point that for you, work is play.

You are meticulous about your career and mission in life and devote your time and energy to success, however that may be defined for you. There is no greater pleasure for you than accomplishing your goals and checking things off your to-do list.

At heart you are likely focused on work with some plan of a better life for others in mind, yet you can easily get distracted and pursue more work for the pleasure of simply being productive. You feel at your best when you are accomplishing things.

Extra points if you have to walk uphill in the blazing sun, round trip. You are self disciplined and take pleasure in knowing you push yourself to excel in the face of challenges.

Your hobbies are often practical and may also have a vintage theme as well because you are connected to the past. You may study history and become involved in a group of re-enactors as this also serves the function of educating young people and future generations about past eras.

You may also collect antiques because you find hidden treasures which are valuable but also functional. You can be artistic and creative but seldom abstract or interested in art just for the sake of art. Rather you seek out artistic but also useful things.

You seldom take risks and are averse to gambling, unless you count business deals that involve risk and give you a rush of adrenaline. Otherwise you don’t play around when money could be lost.

You believe that less is more. Therefore you may focus your energy on a few hobbies or hobbies which are lowkey and don’t require many bells and whistles. You may relate to children as a disciplinarian or guardian or a link to the past. If you have your own children you are likely to have only one. You love to keep things simple and understand the difference between necessities and luxuries.

House 5 in Aquarius

Your fifth house in Aquarius gives emphasis to recreation and hobbies that are as unique as you are. You can be rebellious and free thinking and you love to be around groups of people but you never want to be defined by a group or relationship. You need free reign to pursue your unusual goals. You can be unorthodox and become involved in extreme or unusual groups.

Your hobbies and interests may push the boundaries of social acceptability and you are content with this. Nonconformity is like a sport for you and you love to find unique new ways to break the rules and push boundaries.

You may also attract unusual ‘misfit’ people as companions, friends and lovers. You are likely to engage in affairs when you want to enjoy the pleasure of relationships and sexuality without the commitment. You tend to avoid serious commitments because you don’t want anything to infringe on your personal life and goals.

You are creative and expressive and may excel in several art forms. You are also likely to take a new approach to sports or arts.

You take pleasure in reading, learning and connecting with people from around the world. You are also likely to enjoy delving into unusual or taboo topics including the occult, secret societies, conspiracy theories and the like. You enjoy tinkering and inventing things and may be a technological wiz. You are ahead of your time and others may not completely appreciate your vision and style right away.

House 5 in Pisces

Your fifth house in Pisces places emphasis on your unique, mystical style of recreation and pleasure seeking. You are spiritually inclined, empathic and intuitive. You find pleasure in developing your fantasies and inner world. You may tend toward escapism because you easily get lost in your ideals and imagination. You may also succeed in the visual or performing arts because of your talents for introspection and creativity.

You are dreamy, compassionate and good natured and others seek you out because of your emotional sensitivity and desire to please those around you. You are a peacekeeper and nurturer and can be a visionary. You love being in love and may pursue romantic affairs that are not what you initially believe them to be.

Your capacity for self delusion can hinder your ability to enjoy life. You may believe you have the ideal relationship or that your creative talents have you on a fast track to success, only to realize too late that you had been deceiving yourself.

When you work to overcome your capacity for self deception, you may find your intuition easily leads you to connections and relationships that result in success in your personal life. You may delve into the practices of lucid dreaming, psychic development or spirit contact as recreational interests.

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