House 11 in the signs

house icon_11.png House 11 in the signs: What is your approach to friendships and social progress?

House 11 in Aries

Your eleventh house in Aries gives emphasis to your approach to social networks, friendships and society at large. You are assertive and firm in your beliefs and opinions.

You attract friendships because of your strength and confidence yet you don’t always slow down to put yourself in others’ shoes. Instead you can become intensely sure of your own ideas and beliefs and insist on having things your way.

You are drawn to group endeavors but will strive to take the lead and assume authority. You are quick to take action on behalf of others especially in an effort to improve society, yet you will be likely to strike out on your own in erratic and unconventional directions without first firmly establishing your roots in a campaign or organization.

You may also become exhausted because you try to tend to numerous organizations, groups, campaigns and agendas. You may fight uphill battles which could be eased if you would just allow others to collaborate with your own efforts. Instead however you are likely to take the proverbial ball and run with it, leaving others in the dust because they were not quick enough to keep up with you.

You can have intense and passionate beliefs about social change and when you become active in a social cause or movement you can take it to the extreme and become a champion or crusader for that cause.

House 11 in Taurus

Your ideals for society involve drastic change in the way economics and finances are managed, yet while you dream big you move slowly. You prefer steady efforts toward creating security and foundation thanks to your eleventh house in Taurus. You find security and stability in your friendships and in your networks.

Your career may be enhanced by your network and social contacts. You are open to unconventional and unorthodox new ideas but slow to act on them. You need to feel supported by your community before you will strike out in a new direction. Once you do, though, you can channel your intuition, intelligence and practical wisdom to ensure success.

Others are attracted to your strength and beauty and it is easy for you to make friends. Even still you prefer a small yet solid group of close allies and can network across broader groups yet you don’t easily put your trust in people at first.

When groups or coalitions appeal to you it is because of their mission and your idealism. You know that collaboration and participation does not require deep emotional friendship and so you may keep yourself at an emotional distance from the crowd.

You are also in tune with progressive agendas that seem unusual to everyone else. You are likely to wait for someone else to break the ice but once your ideals and radical changes begin to gain momentum you will become comfortable putting your reputation on the line to back eccentric beliefs.

You have a gift for financial management and material resources and you may serve as treasurer on several boards or nonprofits.

House 11 in Gemini

Your eleventh house in Gemini places emphasis on your social life. You have numerous friends from many eclectic groups yet these relationship may be casual rather than deep and emotional. You are intelligent and have an unconventional way of viewing things.

You are outgoing and social and you thrive on communication and connection with others on an intellectual level. You are naturally curious and you love to absorb new information. In particular, you are drawn to the new and unconventional. You are independent and free thinking and even though you are drawn to social situations and group affiliations, you always try to stand out from the crowd. You follow your intuition and your own logic and authority.

You are diplomatic and communicative and you know how to reach people from all walks of life. You can just as easily shock and inspire others but you try to create understanding among people from different backgrounds. You love to challenge the status quo yet you also stick with facts and data rather than your own biases and opinions.

You desire knowledge and love to satisfy your curiosity about different cultures, technology and humanity and society in general. Your dualistic nature gives you separate sets of interests and pursuits and perhaps even two distinct groups of friends that don’t usually intersect. You draw energy and stimulation from group dynamics.

You love to have theoretical and unusual discussions on all types of topics and may stay up until the early hours in the morning having numerous intellectual conversations with various people either in person or on social media.

You have a gift for languages including intuitive communication. You can easily pick up on what is on others’ minds and can also sense coming trends and changes on the horizon.

House 11 in Cancer

Your eleventh house in the sign of Cancer gives emphasis to your desire to nurture your peers and friends. You have a vast network and you may act like the maternal figure in the group. You desire the feeling of emotional security and are happiest when part of a group that functions as a surrogate family.

This second family may be working together for a cause or social justice or political campaign. You can be intellectual, rational and intuitive but also deeply emotionally bonded to people around you. It may also be difficult for you to tell the difference between your own feelings and the emotions of others.

You are in tune with the desires of others and your nurturing style can cause you to become anxious about the wellbeing of others. You can also fall prey to insecurities that make you periodically withdraw into seclusion and isolation, becoming a homebody, and then suddenly abruptly craving the company of others.

You are highly creative and will do well to channel your artistic and intuitive abilities into helping others manifest progressive change. By supporting efforts to bring justice to the oppressed. You can become emotionally drained or burned out if you don’t find ways to balance your high level of emotional investment with intellectual detachment.

Until you learn to do this you may become personally enmeshed in your mission and feelings of obligation to your friends and may take criticism or obstacles too personally.

House 11 in Leo

Your eleventh house in Leo gives emphasis to your style of networking and your friendships. You are drawn to groups and a vast social network. You aren’t likely to form deep emotional relationships but you view your network as a series of alliances which can be mutually beneficial. If nothing else you seek to advance your own status or social platform by making strategic connections.

You have dreams and wishes of achieving greatness and being recognized for your talents and abilities. You may seek out groups and communities where others share your interests and goals but also in which you have potential to climb make a name for yourself.

You are attracted to status in your friendships and may tolerate the company of those you don’t truly feel connected to because you recognize a strategic advantage to being in the good graces of influential or powerful people.

You can be a passionate advocate for others and can use your confidence and optimistic attitude to inspire large groups of people. You may also become involved in social justice causes and campaigns that you believe in. These causes also have the advantage of helping you to position yourself in a favorable light.

You are eccentric and can be a revolutionary. You care about your image but at the same time you are comfortable standing out. Any publicity is good publicity and you know that if others don’t appreciate your sometimes shocking behavior it is just because they don’t truly grasp your insights and intelligence. You see this as their loss.

You know how to make a splash and get attention and you aren’t afraid to do this as a spokesperson or representative of what you consider a noble cause. Your style is so dramatic and theatrical you may actually gravitate to involvement in theater or performance groups.

House 11 in Virgo

Your eleventh house in Virgo gives emphasis to your practical approach to friendships and your social network. You are independent and can be introverted yet when there is a job to be done or an opportunity to be of service, you thrive in group and social situations.

You don’t seek the spotlight. Rather you prefer to scurry around on the sidelines making sure everyone is taken care of. You are an intellectual and may have numerous friends from different eclectic crowds. What unites your groups are a common mission to improve society.

You may mingle with unusual people who have extreme and radical views. Even if you espouse these views as well it is not your style to draw attention to yourself. Instead you may support different causes by doing mundane work and organizing behind the scenes.

You prefer to keep a low profile unless you can be helpful to others. You are well read and intelligent and love to share advice based on the interesting facts you have gathered in your research.

You can be detached and distant, seeing the big picture and not getting emotionally invested in situations. You prefer to use logic to try to figure everything out.

Since you are analytical and intellectual and thrive on the energy of groups and crowds, however, you can become anxious when there is a lot of work to do, and you may ensure there is always a lot of work to do because you hate being bored.

House 11 in Libra

Your eleventh house in Libra gives emphasis to your approach to large groups and organizations. You thrive in group situations as you are outgoing and love to share ideas with others. You also love eclectic, diverse groups of people and may have friends from all different cultures and backgrounds.

One of the uniting bonds among you and your network is your shared love of justice and desire to create harmony in society. You prefer not to take a confrontational or aggressive approach but may become an activist using your creativity and gifts of communication to break down barriers and reach different people.

Generally, you enjoy harmony and peace but you are prone to occasional surprise outbursts. Even your social connections may be marked by some disruptions. You may have rocky friendships which you try your best to maintain.

You may also find a lover or partner from among your group of friends. Your shared vision and mission is a solidifying force in the relationship though you may experience tumult and periods of abrupt separation or emotional distance.

You love to bring out the beauty in those around you and may literally take measures to uplift others and contribute to improving their appearance such as volunteering with an organization that provides haircuts for the homeless or makeovers for people suffering from illnesses.

You can be an idealist and you strive to bring equality to your social relationships. You may be conscious of giving your attention in equal measure to all of the people you know and care about and it is to always easy for you to assert yourself in friendships and relationships because you love to make others happy before thinking of your own needs.

You may also become passive and indecisive in group settings as you try so hard not to upset or offend anyone and can lose your own sense of direction and independence. If you aren’t careful you may be prone to groupthink or being influenced by the collective to adopt practices or beliefs that aren’t authentic to who you are.

If you can maintain a healthy sense of boundaries and individual identity you can accomplish your dreams with the support and help of groups and organizations.

House 11 in Scorpio

Your eleventh house in Scorpio gives emphasis to your intense approach to friendships and your social network. You like to investigate others and don’t easily trust people even if you are friends.

Your idea of friendship involves learning all you can about the inner workings of the other person (which comes naturally to you anyway) all the while maintaining your own closet packed with skeletons that never see the light of day.

You keep the focus off yourself and your discretion also is evident to those around you. Others trust you because they can tell you can keep a secret. You are also embraced by groups and organizations because you have such intense and powerful energy. Others seek you out and your confidence reassures them. As a result you may be delegated leader among your group of friends or in several organizations that you belong to.

If you do get involved in social groups it is in a way that doesn’t require much vulnerability on your part. Instead you are content if you can take charge. If there is an outside authority in the organization however it is a turn off for you. You don’t like taking direction from anyone.

Even though you like to have the final say you also are attracted to wealth and power or at least the image of it. You may seek out crowds of people that you believe will elevate your status or help you climb the social ladder.

You love to be part of anything exclusive or secretive. You may be drawn to elite groups or organizations that have an occult edge as well such as mystery schools, secret societies, Freemasons or Occult study groups.

You have a rugged and tough image and may also be attracted to groups that appear powerful or even edgy such as a biker gang or other subculture associated with power.

House 11 in Sagittarius

Your eleventh house in Sagittarius gives emphasis to your progressive and generous approach to your friendships and social network. You seek wisdom, expansion and mental stimulation through your connections to others.

Your social network is likely vast and eclectic. You may have friends scattered all around the world and dream of someday traveling to visit them. Your friends are attracted to your humanitarian nature and optimism.

You have a unique vision for the future and some of your social network may include activists or members of organizations that you work with to bring revolutionary change into the world. In particular, you enjoy staying up late having passionate discussions about spirituality, religion, conspiracy theories and world events with people in your circle of friends.

You aren’t as interested in being emotionally available for your friends as your interest is more intellectual. You may even feel distant from your friends but you also like it that way because you are independent and don’t like anyone blocking your path or restricting you in any way.

You are an idealistic dreamer and your intuition gives you a sense of coming trends.

House 11 in Capricorn

Your eleventh house in Capricorn gives emphasis to your attitude toward friendships and social connections. Your social network is a potential source of career networking. You treat your friends in a business like manner. You may see your social contacts as people who may someday hire you, people you may some day hire, or potential business partners.

You tend to keep a low profile and have an all-work-no-play attitude toward socializing though you are drawn to social groups and organizations that have a mission that you believe in. Usually part of this mission involves creating a stable foundation for the future.

You may be involved in economic reform groups or groups that help disenfranchised people find employment, historic preservation societies or groups that study ancient civilizations.

You may attract friends who are unusual or even a little extreme though you personally prefer to remain on the moderate part of the ideological spectrum.

You don’t like drawing attention to yourself and would rather be in the background working at social events. You may organize galas or fundraisers and mingle just enough to grease the social wheels, only to then disappear behind the scenes and busy yourself with an endless to-do list.

You can sense changes coming in society though you don’t embrace change well and can be a traditionalist. Part of your revolutionary ideology may even involve a radical return to the past or some form of ascetic living or minimalism.

You bond well to friends who have experienced hardship as you appreciate struggle and hard work.

House 11 in Aquarius

Your eleventh house in Aquarius amplifies the erratic energy of this sign because Aquarius is the 11th house ruler.

You are intense and your energy can be erratic and overwhelming at times. You have a strong desire to be part of group efforts and organizations but you also prefer to stand out, letting it be known that you are an individual first and member of an organization second. You don’t like being restricted or defined by others.

You also love to collect friends. You are happiest when you can interact with unusual and even strange people from all over the world. You love variety and get bored easily so you are also inclined to engage in debate and conversation with people who don’t think the way you do because it keeps you sharp.

You are true to your own beliefs and even as a member of groups you don’t let the group agenda infiltrate your mind and sway your beliefs.

You are full of surprises and may continually change your dreams and desires because you don’t like things to be stagnant.

You are intelligent and can perceive the shifting tides in society long before others know what is coming. As a result you are ahead of your time and others may not appreciate your insights initially.

You can be an activist for the oppressed and disadvantaged and you aren’t afraid to make a scene. When you do engage in shocking or disruptive behavior like civil disobedience it is to make a point and not to promote your personal image.

House 11 in Pisces

Your eleventh house in Pisces gives emphasis to your social network and friendships. You are attractive and romantic and others are easily drawn to you. You may find a common bond with others through the arts, music or spiritual pursuits. It is also likely that some serendipidous force brings you into contact with many of your friends and important people in your network.

Your approach to friendships is intuitive and you are open and accepting of everyone. You are emotionally sensitive and compassionate and you want to save the world. You may have a martyr complex. You are an empath and may also become overwhelmed by the emotions and energies of others. Boundaries are important for you.

Your desire to connect deeply with everyone around you can also lead you to romanticize some of your friendships. You may see others through an ideal lens rather than seeing the reality of who others are.

You may feel spiritually connected to your friends and acquaintances and believe in unresolved Karma and soul ties that continue lifetime after lifetime. You may also feel a calling to be of service to others as a healer.

You may have a strong intuitive sense about the direction society is taking and this may be troubling to you. If you don’t know how to channel your concerns you may end up like Chicken Little, insisting the sky is falling and feeling shaken and anxious about every shift in society.

You can be artistic and creative and musical or creative groups provide a good outlet for your desire to connect and to express your ideas.

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