House 10 in the signs

house icon_10.png House 10 in the signs: How do you pursue your career and what is your public image like?

House 10 in Aries

Your tenth house in Aries places emphasis on your career and public image. You have a focused, determined and sometimes dominating approach to your career path. You aren’t afraid to propel yourself forward and your tireless energy ensures your success.

You can be focused and driven and will not accept defeat once you have your mind made up. The process of making up your mind is usually brief and you race into action before stopping to consider the stability of your foundation. As a result you may chart a course that is not sustainable yet forge ahead to save face or prove yourself.

You love a good challenge and may be attracted to careers that provide an adrenaline rush like EMT, firefighting, military or work on the stock market.

You are authoritative and are likely to have your sights set on leadership. You are independent and a self starter, yet when you have to work under the direction of others it can be a challenge for you. You don’t delegate well and prefer to be your own boss. Self determination is important to you and you need to do things your own way.

You waste no time ascending the career ladder and may make numerous changes to your career in your pursuit of leadership and success. You are driven and focused.

House 10 in Taurus

Your tenth house in Taurus places emphasis on creating security and stability in your career. You are practical, patient and down to earth. Your career path is likely to involve business or financial management because you understand the value of things.

You don’t seek the spotlight for the sake of ego but you do prefer to be in charge of your career because you don’t trust others to do a job right.

You may work as a CPA, financial manager, or in fields that relate to agriculture, gardening, banking, cooking, physical healing or environmental conservation. You work at a slow pace but are not at all lazy. Rather you are grounded and patient and you believe that quality is better than quantity.

You can lead a team in a firm but fair way. You don’t tolerate insincerity or people not pulling their own weight. You feel stable and secure when things are routine and consistent especially in your career.

Your public image is that of the person who is well put together and not only do you convey a beautiful image but you also strive to remain in control of your emotions at all times, at least when others are watching.

You are careful not to draw negative attention to yourself and prefer to project a moderate to conservative image and avoid controversy and conflict. If others overstep your boundaries or mistreat you, however you will be sure to push back. You can be slow to anger but equally slow to forgive others.

House 10 in Gemini

Your tenth house in the sign of Gemini places emphasis on your career and public image. You build your career off of your reputation for being intellectual, communicative and knowledgeable regarding many subjects.

You know how to work a crowd and communication is one of your assets in career. You would excel as a politician, spokesperson, life coach or motivational speaker, teacher, translator or even sales person. You know how to reach people from all walks of life and appeal to the intellectual nature of others by trying to inform and educate.

You aren’t usually domineering and can speak to others in a way they understand. You are mentally adaptable and flexible and as a result you can succeed in management because you know how to appeal to the rational side of others and can see different sides of an issue.

You can be ambitious and hard working though you get bored easily. You do best when your career gives you frequent change of mission and scenery. Delivery services or work that involves travel appeals to you. Your dual nature allows you to easily pursue two distinct and separate careers at the same time without becoming confused. In fact you tend to thrive in these situations.

You are intellectual and quick thinking. You may work as a writer or in some capacity with languages and are likely to approach your career with curiosity and a desire to learn all you can about a given field for no other reason but to satisfy your intellect.

House 10 in Cancer

Your tenth house in Cancer gives emphasis to a career that involves nurturing, family and home. Emotional security is a big part of your career path. You may pursue careers involving educating or caring for children, midwifery, caring for women or children or counseling.

Your empathy and intuition are combined with a shrewd business sense and even traditionally ‘non-emotional’ fields like finance, real estate, marketing or entrepreneurship. This is because you can speak to the emotional needs of others and easily make them feel at home. Your style of leadership in career and business involves nurturing the potential in others and connecting with others on an emotional level.

You may feel at home in your workplace or feel emotionally connected to your career. You may be motivated to succeed because you use your career to help others and because you feel some inner insecurity or need to overcome an emotional wound. You may use your public image as a way to establish yourself as stable and secure even when you do not feel that way inside.

You can be a traditionalist when it comes to your career path and you believe that nurturing your network and contacts is more important than bulldozing over others to advance your own agenda.

You are intuitive in your approach to business and follow leads others may overlook. You can also be emotionally sensitive to the point that you take things personally even though it is just business as usual.

House 10 in Leo

Your tenth house in the sign of Leo gives you the desire and passion to be a leader. Even from a young age you may know what your mission is and pursue it with drive and energy. You are ambitious and dynamic. You can be entertaining to others and you never miss an opportunity to be recognized and seen publicly.

You are competitive and love to show your strengths and numerous gifts. You want others to admire your leadership and numerous talents. You may excel in fields such as entertainment, performing arts, marketing, hospitality, business, finance or politics.

You are attracted to power and wealth and will seek a career path that gives you status. You aim for leadership and even if you are not in charge you may take it upon yourself to become an unofficial leader. You are bold and confident.

You don’t easily tolerate any authority from others instead preferring to take the lead. Your enthusiasm, passion and energy usually inspire others to trust in you. You are good at managing people and situations and you show your human side even when you are taking charge.

You pride yourself on your skills and talents and you believe the productivity of your team is a personal reflection of your skills and value. You may take your successes or failures so personally that you miss opportunities to learn. Humility is a lesson that will repeatedly play out on a public stage and in your career.

House 10 in Virgo

Your tenth house in Virgo places emphasis on your practical approach to career and the understated nature of your public life. You are committed to being of service and while you are capable and grounded, you actually avoid the spotlight. You don’t want your career to be about your personality or insecurities. You have a knack for separating yourself from your mission.

You can remain emotionally detached from your career and you know that your goals are all about the greater good of society. You want to be of service to others. You can excel in careers related to service, health, wellness, and any career requiring organizational skills and attention to detail. You don’t mind doing the dirty work that others find too mundane.

Your greatest career skills involve analysis and intellect. You become like a machine when it comes to your career. Any intellectual roles that require analysis, research, data entry or problem solving would appeal to you. You don’t mind repetition and consistency as long as you can use your mind and engage your intellect in your career.

You can be conservative in your attitude toward career and you avoid controversy in your public life and choice of career.

You prefer not to jump from job to job preferring steady and consistent progress on your career path. You don’t like change and may stick with a career path because it is secure and stable or because change and disruption makes you anxious.

You take your work seriously and are no stranger to responsibility. You approach your career and public life with humility. You may prefer to work independently and love to be of assistance to others. You don’t need attention or much instruction and are knowledgeable about many subjects of practical value.

House 10 in Libra

Your tenth house in Libra gives emphasis to your career. You thrive on partnerships and collaborations with others and may pursue a career path that is based on joint ventures with a partner, a partner based business or work that helps couples and heals relationships. You may excel in careers involving marriage or couple’s counseling, mediation or marriage law.

You are also likely to be drawn to careers in the legal system though you prefer to focus on advocacy and creating harmony as opposed to punitive measures. You are creative and artistic and may also thrive in careers related to art, decorating, music, beauty or fashion.

You want to enjoy the experiences of numerous paths and you don’t like feeling limited in your career. You may have two career paths simultaneously or drift from one field to another. You avoid careers which require decisiveness and leadership as you would rather collaborate with or support others than take the reigns yourself.

You may even be indecisive when it comes to your career path. If you don’t feel supported by your friends, partner or family, you may also have difficulty following your own goals and ambitions.

House 10 in Scorpio

Your tenth house in Scorpio gives emphasis to your career and public image. You are focused and determined to succeed in your career. Your public image and reputation matter to you. You can be obsessive in your pursuit of career success. You don’t do anything that would publicly tarnish your reputation…or at least you don’t do it publicly.

You are drawn to careers involving mystery, secrecy or unearthing hidden knowledge. You are also drawn to power and may pursue a career that lets you align with status and prestige. You may be drawn to detective work, hypnotherapy or substance abuse counseling.

You like to have a career with a one way view and perspective that helps you see into the lives of others without having your own secrets revealed. You may also be drawn to careers that have an edge or involve taboo subjects. Careers related to sexuality, death, addiction, or even the occult would appeal to you.

You pursue your career with intensity and may be obsessed with success. You have a natural air of authority. Being a leader in your career is not as important to you as maintaining your own authority however. You would rather work independently or at least be in control of the direction your career takes. You don’t respond well to the authority of others and may get into power struggles easily.

You facilitate transformation but in order to do this, your work must first excavate underlying wounds and issues. Therefore therapy, self help, death and dying or healthcare industries can appeal to you.

House 10 in Sagittarius

Your tenth house in Sagittarius places emphasis on your quest to align your vision and ideals with your career path. You need a lot of freedom in your career and detest any path that is too routine. You prefer a career that evolves as you do and has room to grow individually and professionally. You won’t tolerate a workplace that is micromanaged or oppressive.

You are drawn to careers that allow you to travel and which aligns with your higher ideals. You are intelligent and passionate and will find ways to align your visions of social progress with your chosen career. You may become a politician, activist, nonprofit leader, healthcare worker, advocate, lawyer, scientist or college professor.

Your career is usually established after years of study and while you strive to help society advance, you also approach your mission from a spiritual and philosophical standpoint. You may run a nonprofit that is spiritually based or which matches your personal vision and ideals, for example.

If you work in law you serve as an advocate or judge rather than in a controlling or punitive role. If you explore a career in healthcare you are likely to want to lead others to integrate different types of healing. You are honest and direct and others tend to respect you because you are driven by your mission and not personal aggrandizement.

You can be influential and confident which helps others trust your authenticity. You are not content to go with conventional thinking and instead you try to see the connections at play and seek out ways to create change on a systemic level.

You are endlessly energetic and optimistic and as a leader you remain humanistic and generous to those around you.

Any path you take in your career in has the potential to succeed because you are unusually lucky. You easily connect with people and even in your downtime you may end up rubbing elbows with influential people who help open doors for your career to advance. You are optimistic and diplomatic and can easily influence those around you. You may have a career plan but will also easily find serendipidous opportunities to grow. You may pursue a career that involves connecting with people world wide and requires travel or relocation abroad.

House 10 in Capricorn

Your tenth house in the sign of Capricorn gives emphasis to your career and public image and enhances your saturnine energy as the tenth house is ruled by this sign.

You are a business person at heart and may pursue a career as an entrepreneur or business owner. In particular, you are attracted to careers in finance, construction, or historical preservation. You are efficient, hard working and ambitious. You don’t like to draw attention to yourself for egotistical reasons. Rather, you know you have a job to do and you focus on your mission

You don’t let hardships get to you and may even see challenges and struggle as refining and strengthening. You draw experience and wisdom from difficulties and may pride yourself in being a self made person.

Security is important to you and you seldom take risks in your career. You would rather pursue a slow and steady path to success. You may view your career success as crucial to your identity and measure your value by how you are perceived especially when it comes to the perception of career success. You are patient and diligent and will pursue your goals without being deterred by setbacks.

You also take care to avoid controversy and prefer to protect your reputation. You act in moderate ways and subdue your social and personal life so that you can focus on your career image.

House 10 in Aquarius

Your tenth house in the sign of Aquarius gives emphasis on building a career that is intricately entwined with your ideals and civic engagement. You are concerned with the welfare of society at large and use your public platform and career as a way to further your agenda for sweeping changes.

You may be drawn to careers involving politics, non-profit, education or spirituality but regardless of your particular career path you will carry yourself in outlandish, unexpected ways. You shock others with your beliefs and actions and know how to shake up the status quo. You know how to bring innovation and a futuristic approach to your career. You may be drawn to careers in IT, sciences and careers that have social implications.

You thrive in group settings and don’t like to put yourself in the spotlight. Nevertheless, you know how to draw attention to issues and may do well creating marketing campaigns for products, political figures or social issues.

You have an unusual revolutionary approach to your career and need to work with those who are flexible in their ideas and open to progressive change.

You are also good at connecting with people in social situations and can excel in entrepreneurship and business networking. You may also take an interest in event planning because it brings others together.

You may be so ahead of your time that your career takes you to the cutting edge of new developments and trends that society will catch up with after you have paved the way.

House 10 in Pisces

Your tenth house in Pisces gives emphasis to a spiritual approach to your career. You are mystical and dreamy. You may wander from one career to another trying to find something that fits your ideals.

You are creative and may build a career from your talents in the arts or music. Your career path is developed through intuitive guidance and to others it may appear as if you lack a plan or ambition. This is not true however.

You simply need to find your path through emotional and intuitive channels rather than conventional logic and tradition. You may feel confused about the right career path and need to experiment with different roles before finding your footing.

Compassion and empathy guide your career path. You foster healing in others and may experience your own personal setbacks or addictions which then lead you to heal others.

You may find your path as a spiritual healer, leader or mentor to others. Your career involves removing the veil between the material and spiritual worlds and helping others change their perceptions. You may also work as an intuitive or psychic.

You are highly sensitive and even when given criticism that is strictly business related you have a hard time not taking it personally. You also can become disillusioned on your career path and come to fall for illusions of how you want your career to be while ignoring how it actually is.

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