House 3 in the signs

house icon_3.png House 3 in the signs: How do you think and communicate your ideas to others?

House 3 in Aries

Your mind is quick and sharp and you are witty and direct thanks to your third house in Aries. You are forward thinking, ambitious and your intellect is powerful. You are strong willed and opinionated. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind and can even be impulsive, saying the first thing to pop into your head without filtering.

You want to be the first to express an idea and love to have a jump start on backing a message or way of thinking. You write and speak quickly and with force. You can easily impact others with your communication either by inspiring them to passion or through your own determination.

You are determined and narrowly focused and can be dominating without intending to be. Your communication is direct, forceful and assertive. You don’t always realize how your communication impacts others’ emotions but your greatest concern is not making others feel good. It is exposing the truth and blazing new trails.

Your mind is overactive and restless. You may become obsessive and can have great ideas which burst forth suddenly or even keep you up all night. You are at your best when focusing on one topic or problem at a time.

Once an idea or problem enters your mind, you can become determined to follow through and track down the answers. You don’t get distracted from your goals. Your competitive nature also helps you to succeed. You think in terms of winners and losers and losing is not an option for you.

House 3 in Taurus

You are stable, grounded and practical and this shows in your thought process and communication. Third house in Taurus makes you patient and sturdy. You process things slowly and when you are evaluating information it is as if thoughts weigh heavily on your mind.

Your thought process is down to earth and pragmatic. You don’t get carried away with lofty ideals or intellectual exercises just to show your intelligence. Instead you want to be efficient and useful.

You choose your words carefully and speak in concrete terms. Things are either one way or another and you have little concept of abstract thoughts. You don’t like to complicate things and prefer to remain level headed and rational. Your thoughts and communication are seldom influenced by strong emotions.

You can be persistent and stubborn and once your mind is made up, regardless of how long it took for you to draw conclusions, you will not be easily swayed to change your thinking. You are concerned with romance, comfort and beauty. Your communication often focuses on financial matters and finding security through the material world. You think and speak frequently about material concerns and finances and may weigh your value based on your financial accomplishments.

House 3 in Gemini

The third house is the place of Gemini’s rulership and therefore amplifies the qualities of the Messenger Archetype. You are a natural communicator and can easily persuade people to see things from your point of view because of your charm and communication skills.

You are mentally quick and flexible. You are knowledgeable on many subjects and love to learn new information. You also love to express your ideas and share your knowledge with others. You are social, outgoing and love the stimulation that accompanies parties and social gatherings.

You have a knack for languages and may be interested in connecting with people from various backgrounds and cultures because it keeps your mind stimulated. You become bored easily and need constant change of scenery and routines.

You love to talk and can hold conversations on a variety of topics even if you know little about the subject matter at hand. Your ability to gather a little knowledge about many things plus your ability to influence others with your words gives you the reputation of being superficial or a schmoozer.

You are intelligent and well read and love to stay up to date on pop culture and current events. You can also see things from various perspectives and this makes you an excellent debater yet can create difficulties when you need to come to a decision.

You may become successful as a spokesperson, writer, author or teacher. Social Media Marketing or marketing in general also appeals to you.

House 3 in Cancer

Your third house in Cancer places emphasis on communication and thought processes related to your nurturing abilities. You express your ideas through caring and nurturing communication and your influence your logic and thought process.

You have a memory that rivals an elephant and can recall details of scenes and events years later, especially if your emotions are engaged.

You may rationalize your feelings and try to suppress your pure emotional states but this doesn’t last long. You communicate easily with young people and children and can make others feel at home and as if they are family.

You can be shrewd in business and can have great negotiation skills which advance your business and career.

You love family and home and are likely to be close to your siblings, cousins or peers. You are a gifted teacher, speaker and writer and topics of interest to you include home, family, real estate and emotional healing.

You are intelligent and intuitive yet when you are emotionally upset it can be difficult for you to think clearly and remain objective. You may try to become an expert on controlling your feelings and may try to research, read or learn about the ideal ways to parent children or nurture family or partners.

What you may overlook is the importance of being emotionally present in the moment rather than trying to figure everything out strictly intellectually.

House 3 in Leo

You are bold, courageous and assertive. Your third house in Leo makes you a dramatic communicator and entertaining person. You are theatrical and charming and your wit and intelligence combine with your dynamic energy and colorful personality.

You are a natural leader. Charismatic and humorous, you know how to capture the attention of others and captivate those around you. You know how to keep people enthralled with your charm and enthusiasm. You express yourself in theatrical ways. Even when people know you are exaggerating they likely appreciate your over the top personality and attitude.

You want to be admired for your intelligence and ideas. You can become jealous and angry if others don’t appreciate your generosity and what you try to do for them. You may dominate conversations but your intention is to inform and assist others. You try to be a champion for those around you though you can be opinionated and forceful, pushing your views onto others.

You also can be proud and will not easily consider the views or opinions of others. Rather you become fixated on your own ambitions even when you believe your ideas will help others. You can be grandiose in your thinking and expect to be regarded as a King or a Queen. You speak with confidence and power and can often inspire and uplift those around you with your words and writing.

House 3 in Virgo

Your third house in Virgo adds to the Mercurial nature of your mind and communication. This is because Mercury is ruler of the 3rd house and also the ruling planet of the sign of Virgo. You are highly analytical and geared toward research and data collection.

You are detail oriented, meticulous and a perfectionist. You are likely to have several books in hand at any given time and pour through them absorbing information. Your intelligence is often put to practical use and you prefer to be of service to others. As a result you are frequently telling people what they should or should not do.

Sometimes your input is appreciated, yet at other times it is perceived as criticism so you would do well to be mindful of your tone and how your words are interpreted by others.

You have high expectations and standards. You are concerned about health, wellness, diet and nutrition and can be picky about what you eat. You can also be finicky about hygiene and you are aware of the numerous risks involved in everyday life routines. As a result you try to always be prepared. You may become obsessed with germs and illness as well.

You value logic and rationality and can’t understand why others are so moved by their emotions. Your early experiences in school and with peers may have been difficult because you take everything seriously and were likely to anticipate problems and issues in the way an adult would rather than enjoying the carefree mindset of a child.

House 3 in Libra

Your third house in Libra places emphasis on communication, intelligence and wit. You are intelligent and graceful and you communicate in artistic and poetic ways. You love using your ideas and words both spoken and written to create harmony and positivity.

You are artistic and creative and likely have a knack for creative storytelling as well as expressing yourself through other artistic means. You are interested in building understanding and compassion among various groups of people and always speak up for the underdog and under-represented.

You know how to facilitate negotiations and can easily influence people to find common ground and embrace differences. You understand the art of compromise. You are also charming and your words and voice charm others. Your voice may be especially beautiful and soothing and in addition to public speaking you may have talents for singing.

You express yourself in romantic ways as well and may be interested in writing or reading poetry, romance novels or books or blogs on topics of beauty, fashion, love and romance.

Your mind needs to be calm, balanced and in harmony with your surroundings or else you won’t feel right. You also need to be able to express yourself though you dislike confrontation and may hold back out of a desire to keep the peace or please those around you.

House 3 in Scorpio

You are intense and obsessive thanks to your third house in Scorpio. You have a one track mind and dig deep to find answers concealed beneath the surface. You love to discover secrets and may be drawn to arcane knowledge and esoteric truths. You are also drawn to mystery stories and thrillers and may read or write books in this genre.

You are a natural researcher and can be passionate about topics you are interested in yet at the same time you maintain a surface exterior which is calm and subdued. You express yourself assertively and make a strong impact, yet you never want others to know what you are truly feeling. You love secrets and can be trusted with others’ confidential information.

Likewise, you take privacy seriously. You would do well in careers requiring discretion and privacy such as information security, counseling and law, or other settings where you must keep quiet about what you see and hear.

You are easily able to influence those around you because you can detect the hidden motivations in others and speak directly to the underlying hopes and fears of others.

You are completely convinced of your own beliefs and ideas and can be demanding when it comes to relationships because you expect others to think the way you do. You can also dominate or overwhelm others with your communication. You don’t let up on a subject until you have achieved your goals.

House 3 in Sagittarius

You are wise, ambitious and independent thanks to your third house in Sagittarius. You can be a grandiose thinker and have a philosophical mindset. You are also open minded, progressive and forward thinking. You are drawn to humanitarian efforts and use your powers of communication and intellect to advocate on behalf of those who are underrepresented or disadvantaged.

You can see the big picture and sense how things are interconnected. You have strong ideals and communicate freely about your opinions of how things should be. You aren’t all talk however, you actually embody your ideals through your words and actions.

Your ideas are influenced by your travels and studies of various cultures. You are likely to have immersed yourself in various lifestyles and are able to adopt the best of each rather than getting too bogged down with any one particular tradition.

You are a scientist, philosopher and advocate and love to learn about law, religion and spirituality.

Everything you think or say is on a large scale. Even your style of communication may come across as verbose and on a grand scale. You believe in your full potential and the highest potential of humanity. As a result you are trusting of others and see the best in every situation. You are faithful and may miss out on important details because you brush aside information that challenges your views that things should be easy.

Your optimism and good nature makes you honest to a fault. Really, you can’t imagine that you would have anything to hide or any reason to deceive because you believe things work out exactly as they should.

House 3 in Capricorn

Your third house in Capricorn gives you a conservative mindset. You are grounded, practical and sensible. You are intelligent yet you focus your intellect on the pragmatic, not the abstract. You think like a business person and are concerned with security, stability and financial sustainability.

Your mind is frequently on money and resources and you may speak, read, write or teach others about financial management. You also are likely to plan for a rainy day and may be responsible for money management as part of a business plan either for yourself or a business you manage.

You are mentally disciplined and focused. You may have experienced loss or hardships early in your life or in your early education experience. Nevertheless you will stick to your goals and overcome any hardship.

When it comes to communication you believe that less is more and can be reserved. You aren’t shy. Usually you are simply finding the simplest and clearest way to convey your views to others.

You are mature and serious and naturally think and speak as if all things were of dire importance. You may have learned to speak early or adopted a more mature mindset even as a child. Your thoughts and opinions may also have been influenced by your grandparents or older generations. You can be cynical and serious and assume the worst so you won’t be disappointed.

House 3 in Aquarius

Your third house in Aquarius gives you high intelligence and an erratic and unusual way of perceiving the world. You think for yourself and have unusual ideas and opinions. You also love to pursue unusual topics such as conspiracy theories or metaphysical or occult subjects.

You are both intelligent and intuitive and are often ahead of your time. You can see trends as they are emerging and have a good pulse on the direction society is taking, even before others recognize changes on the horizon.

You are quick witted and can be shocking because you don’t care what others think of you and say what you think no matter how it appears to others.

Unlike many people who strive to learn new things for the sake of putting their knowledge to practical use, to further their career for example, you love to broaden your mind simply to know and understand how things work. You are a natural scientist and inventor and may love to take things apart and put them back together just to see how they work.

You are always thinking of ways to improve society and solve problems and as a result you concoct new ideas and inventions that solve both small and large scale problems. Your ideas and gadgets may seem quirky to those around you but are sure to catch on in time.

You love to work in tandem with groups and organizations, especially to help campaign for social change. You can be a rebel and use the written and spoken word to help draw attention to issues of social justice.

You are independent and free thinking and you love to socialize but also value your space. You detest clingy people and repetition. You need change of scenery and get bored easily. Your desire for constant excitement can cause you to abruptly change routines, jobs, friends and living situation.

You may become excitable and restless and easily drop verbal bombs that shock others. You know how to get attention through your words and ideas and can excel at planning activist campaigns or marketing.

House 3 in Pisces

You are spiritual and mystical and you are as moved as much by intuition and dreams as by logic and rationality thanks to your third house being in Pisces. You communicate in abstract terms because this is also the way you think. You may be poetic, romantic and sentimental yet when others approach you for a direct answer you may have a hard time communicating directly.

You can be indecisive and complacent because you examine every aspect of a situation including the numerous imaginary possibilities which have not transpired yet.

If not careful you can become overly anxious and confused by your own many musings. You may get lost in fantasy or self delusion and invest much mental energy into the illusions of how you want things to be, completely overlooking the reality of how things are.

You are creative and intelligent yet early in your youth and education you may have struggled to express your intelligence in ways that structured educational systems reward. In other words you may have been misjudged as inattentive or lacking in academic success because you perceive the world in a different way. You may have excelled in the arts or music because you are able to see the patterns in all things. Yet when it comes to rote memorization or logic, you may have felt restricted or bored.

Your intelligence may not be appreciated until later in life or until you have the opportunity to apply your unique mindset in spiritual or artistic ways.

You can be highly intuitive and your psychic awareness and empathy can overwhelm you and cause you to second guess yourself or try to force logic when your inner guidance is much more accurate.

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