Air and Earth as the most important elements in a birth chart

By 12andus

Elements-AW.jpg Elements combination: Air Earth

When Air and Earth are strongly represented in your natal chart, to the exclusion of Fire and Water, your prominent focus is on the logical, concrete and tangible. Air is your most dominant element and this gives emphasis to intellect, communication and information.

You are reasonable and expect others to abide by your logic. Everything needs to make sense and be predictable. While Air can give flexibility and adaptability, for you this potential is somewhat hindered by your second most prevalent element, Earth. As a result you tend to go from analysis to expectations and you expect things to follow specific rules which you tend to not deviate from.

You can be efficient, creative, insightful, intelligent and social though your connection to others stems more from common interests than from deep emotional bonds.

You crave security and you find this through your ability to puzzle out solutions and plan for every possible scenario. You may feel anxiety as you anticipate the path ahead and this is because you give much thought to your needs and plans and often try to judge your plans based on only what you have experienced in the past or what resources you have around you.

This tendency can short circuit your planning process and cause you to become too concrete and limited in your planning process. You may also evaluate every angle before taking any action and will not be rushed. As you are weighing your options and waiting for the right opportunities your mind continues to feed you information about what may happen or what could go wrong.

On the other hand you can translate your creativity and ideas, even abstract ideas, into concrete results and have a talent for inventing things, building things or creating functional things that help make life efficient and also that have value.

The absence of Fire energy as an influential force in your chart can create inertia. Even if other components of your chart feature typically active energies, you may get a slower start because Fire, which normally motivates and helps us to focus, is underrepresented.

On the other hand, you are likely to be slow to anger and can be fair, objective and level headed because your passions and ego are not dominant forces for you. You aren’t likely to fly off the handle when upset and instead you look for logical resolutions. You can stay focused on tasks at hand without going to intense extremes and can usual pace your efforts.

Water is also not represented and as a result relationships may be a challenge for you. It may be puzzling to figure out why others are so sentimental and romance may seem like a strange evasive force which is ultimately a waste of time because it doesn’t produce anything of physical value.

You are nurturing and caring but you prefer to express it in practical ways by creating security, comfort and financial foundation for others. You may come to success slowly and need to ruminate over your options before jumping into action.

Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

Elements combination: Air Earth Water

Dominant Air, Secondary Earth, Tertiary Water, No Fire

Dominant Air element gives you an abundance of intellectual skills and mental flexibility. You are diplomatic and social and you feel at your best when you are learning or sharing ideas with others.

Writing, speaking and teaching are likely to be significant aspects of your work. You may be creative and have several artistic or expressive outlets for your energy. You are adaptable and mentally flexible. You are intelligent and love to expand your mind and broaden your horizons.

Your emphasis on ideas and intellect is balanced by a prevalence of Earth energy. You are grounded in reality and have a practical nature to balance out your idealism and visionary nature. This combination helps you to grasp the abstract but also manifest your goals.

You are patient enough to see your dreams through to reality and you are hard working and steadfast. Money, career and financial security are important to you. You are motivated by the desire to find financial and material security yet you wont settle for tedious work that is too repetitive and boring. You thrive in situations that spark your curiosity and involve creativity and vision.

Your third strongest element is Water. You are compassionate and sensitive and relationships are important to you though not as important as idealism and philosophy. Emotional connection is important to you though it is not your primary focus. Your primary motivation is to learn and share information, to understand others and to promote ideas. Your compassion and intuition are at work in the background and you tend to be social, outgoing and caring.

You love to be in the company of others but when things get too emotionally heavy it can make you uncomfortable. Your intuition is a source of communication and wisdom though you are likely to rely more heavily on information derived through logic, academics and study.

The element missing in your chart is Fire. You have great intellectual capacity but your physical energy and stamina especially in the midst of challenges and obstacles, is limited. You prefer to avoid controversy. You prefer the realm of the mind and can be social because you love to communicate but you aren’t usually a leader or trailblazer. Instead you may let others set the pace and tone and add your ideas.

You may take on many projects at once and can become defocused. You would rather sort things out rationally and through communication than jump to reactions or become angry. You are thoughtful and may be slow to act on your ideas. Instead you allow processes to unfold before taking action.

You can also become stuck in procrastination trying to weigh all possible options and can talk yourself out of making decisions that could be beneficial to you.

Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

Elements combination: Air Earth Fire

Air being the dominant element in your chart gives emphasis to your intellectual abilities. You are adaptive, curious and social and are always looking to expand your knowledge and social network. You love to experience new things and become bored with too much repetition. You have creative ideas and can easily think outside the box.

Earth as your secondary prominent element helps to balance out the polarity of Air by anchoring you in practical matters. You won’t allow yourself to become sluggish or stifled though you do have the staying power to slow your fast moving mind and examine the details before jumping into action.

Your interests tend to be practical and range from finance to health, antiques and history. You love to conserve and are good at managing resources yet you are also freethinking enough to not become stuck in the past and tied to tradition for the sake of tradition.

You are at your best when you are creating opportunities for yourself or others to find financial security and stability. You recognize value when you see it and you may be among the first to see the potential of a trend in business.

You may make sound investments or become an entrepreneur because you can perceive upcoming trends and know what holds merit as opposed to trends that will come and go quickly.

Fire is your next dominant element and this gives you enough passion to fan the flames of ambition especially in creativity and career, while not overpowering you with desire and impulsivity. You can stay the course and find motivation to feed into your vision and plans without sacrificing quality because you don’t jump in to action until you have established a solid plan.

You are reliable, generous and loyal. You have a strong sense of right and wrong yet you are also diplomatic and consider others’ perspectives. You are seldom judgmental or dominating yet you can be assertive. Generally however you prefer to let other people give their input and can be influenced by others’ ideas and perspectives. When all angles are considered you decide on the best path forward and can then focus and set appropriate boundaries.

You can be strong willed though it generally comes from Earth giving you the inclination to be practical, grounded and desiring of security and stability. Your willpower doesn’t come from power struggles or the desire to prove yourself or be right all the time.

Water is absent in your chart and as a result it can be hard for you to empathize with others. It is not that you are heartless, you are actually caring and nurturing though you express it in practical ways.

You show your love and affection by taking care of mundane tasks for others, overseeing the details of daily life, anticipating their needs and going out of your way to help make them comfortable. When it comes to raw emotion however you become uncomfortable and prefer logic to feeling.

You can be intuitive when it comes to intellectual perception and ideas though you may miss important cues as to how others are feeling and this can make you appear insensitive at times. You are caring but detail and task oriented. If others want to enlist your help it is best if they come right out and tell you what you can do to be of service to them.

You will gladly oblige in most cases. While you are intelligent and communicative you don’t always understand the deeper emotions involved in relationships. You prefer to operate like a robot, relying on reason and not sweating what you perceive to be ‘small stuff’.

If you are able to reach deeper into your own emotions and come to accept that you have feelings and they are useful (though not productive in the way you prefer things to be) then you can become more nurturing and understanding. If not you run the risk of appearing detached and struggling in relationships as a result.

Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

Elements combination: Air Earth Fire Water

Your dominant element is Air and this gives you an abundance of intellectual skills. You are cognitively gifted and easily process new information, learn new languages and adapt to your surroundings with curiosity and interest in learning all you can.

You become bored easily and like to change things up. You are intellectual and diplomatic and you try to understand where others are coming from by conversing with them and getting into their mindset.

You may be successful academically and favor fields that require advanced degrees or emphasize problem solving, abstract thought, speaking, reading and communication. You usually enjoy travel and experiencing new things as well.

Earth is your secondary element and this helps stabilize and balance your airy, flowing and changeable nature. You can get down to business and focus on details when you need to. You can be reliable, practical and detail oriented and you try to create stability though you personally don’t like feeling confined.

You learn from tradition and the past but you aren’t tied to repeating the same routines if you find something new that creates efficiency and is profitable. You have good business sense and creativity and the influences of air and earth working together in your chart can point you in the direction of entrepreneurship or business ownership.

You are concerned with creating stable frameworks and having a solid understanding of where you are going and what you are doing before you leap from one thing to another. You can be organized and keep tedious lists, budgets and plans to make sure you don’t wander off track.

Fire is present in your chart though not in abundance. Its presence gives you the focus and motivation you need to take action on your ideas. Though the abundance of earth can slow you down or weigh down some of your tougher decisions as you consider things from every possible angle before taking big risks, fire helps you stay strong and persevere once your mind is made up.

You can be assertive though you seldom wish to dominate others or command attention for yourself. You try to avoid conflict or take a diplomatic approach but you can fight back when you need to.

Water is also represented in your chart though it is the least prevalent of the elements. Your compassion, intuition and empathy are present in your personality but they are not driving factors. You are motivated to understand others intellectually and to create security more than you are motivated to show empathy and compassion.

This does not mean you are heartless but it does mean you don’t let your emotions run the show. You can be emotionally deep and empathic but you prefer to use logic and reason before getting too deeply involved in emotions. Love, relationships and family matter to you but you will not confine yourself to home and family life if there is work to be done, new places to go and new things to learn or money to be made.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

Elements combination: Air Earth Water Fire

Air is your dominant element. From its influence you receive cognitive gifts, insight, intelligent and a curious nature. You are intrigued by the world around you and want to take things apart and see how they work.

You find security through being informed. You are a constant student and may also be drawn to professions such as teaching, academics, writing, speaking and research. You are creative and inventive and can see numerous sides of a situation.

Communication is another gift you have and you are often diplomatic and good at translating ideas between people and groups.

You need to experience change of scenery and get bored if things are too repetitious. Travel appeals to you.

Earth, your secondary element, helps to ground you and stabilize your sometimes flighty tendencies. You can easily become focused and patient when you are looking for clues, researching or writing your next book. You are business oriented as well and may have entrepreneurial interests.

You are concerned with practical matters, security and stability as long as you don’t become too confined in the process of achieving success. Money is important to you as a means to broaden your experiences and maintain your independence from others.

Earth helps you cautiously weigh your options and continue researching before committing to a course of action.

Water is present in your chart though not in abundance. You are compassionate, nurturing and emotionally in tune with others. You can be intuitive as well. You are sensitive though you may hide your emotional vulnerability behind an intellectual and apparently detached exterior.

Relationships are important to you as are family and home though you prefer intellectually stimulating relationships and you will lose interest if you start to feel confined or your independence threatened.

Fire is the least prevalent element in your chart. You can be direct and assertive when you need to be but it is not your primary motivation. You don’t like to overexert yourself and would rather follow your whimsical ideas and go with the flow than commit to a direct course of action. You don’t like to push your agenda on others and you may go out of your way to avoid controversy or just stall when conflicts arise.

You are slow to anger, most things roll off your shoulders. Once angered, however, the abundance earth energy can cause you to hold on and maintain a grudge.

Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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