Air and Water as the most important elements in a birth chart

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    Elements-AW.jpg Elements combination: Air Water

    When Air is your dominant element, followed only by Water and no Fire or Earth, you are first and foremost curious and inquisitive. You can be imaginative and playful and you love to socialize and express your ideas. You are drawn to learning and love to experience new things through connection to others.

    Your intellectual focus is drawn into deeper emotional connections because Water is also prevalent in your chart. You may idealize and fantasize about others or situations and then find yourself deeply emotionally immersed in relationships or dreams.

    Water helps you empathize with others and keeps you from getting lost in your fantasies and intellect. You aren’t detached like some intellectuals are, but instead your ideas and thoughts are connected to your emotions.

    You are intuitive and your mindset is influenced by your desire to connect emotionally with others. You are diplomatic and can easily communicate with those from all walks of life. You are nurturing and understanding but also easily communicate your emotional needs and speak to the emotional nature of others.

    You may be a people person and love to understand where others are coming from. You thrive on friendships and relationships. People who are interesting or feed your curiosity are your favorite social connections.

    What is often lacking are the motivation and patience to manifest what you want. This is because Fire and Earth are not represented in your chart.

    Without Fire energy contributing to your elemental makeup, you may lack the drive and focus to follow through on your numerous creative ideas. You may also bend to the will of others easily. Your stamina may be lower because you don’t feel stirred by passion and have lower motivation to persevere when things become difficult.

    The absence of Earth can contribute to lack of grounding and a tendency to get lost in fantasy and ideas without seeing the process through to fruition. You may struggle with mundane and tedious tasks or with work that involves routine and restrictions.

    You value emotional security but aren’t as interested in traditional ideas about money and wealth. You may also mismanage money or resources because you see the ideal scenario but not the reality and can be easily swayed by those you care about.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Extremely rare

    Elements combination: Air Water Earth

    Dominant Air, Secondary Water, Tertiary Earth, No Fire

    Your dominant element is Air giving you an intellectual personality and love of social connection, conversation, writing, speaking and creating understanding through open expression. You are flexible and can adapt easily or take on numerous views.

    The flowing nature of Water also plays into your dominant element’s power. Both Air and Water are flowing and moving, though Air prefers intellectual understanding, Water emphasizes emotional connection. You like to explore the depths and may easily communicate your emotional needs. You also like to know the feelings and inner workings of others and may be drawn to counseling fields and nurturing.

    Earth is your tertiary element or the third most prevalent in your chart. You are able to ground your flowing energy in consistency and routines and you prefer not to be bogged down by stagnation but when you need to you are able to anchor yourself and recharge. Money is not of primary importance though you do value security.

    You will look to emotional validation first but when your nerves are frazzled, money in the bank or a stable career will make up for any lost sense of self esteem. You are likely to thrive by going with the flow though you appreciate structure in some situations. You can be patient and practical though you prefer things to be spontaneous and intuitively led. Money is a means of finding security and so you give it some importance but not primary importance.

    The absence of Fire in your chart gives you low personal energy and can halt your ambition. You are more moved by the desire to connect with others than by the desire to lead and may struggle to find assertiveness, confidence and independence. You don’t like to take risks and avoid controversy.

    You are creative and may have numerous talents though you don’t usually go out on a limb and show initiative on your own. Working in tandem with a partner or group will help you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone much more than striving for your own personal success. You may have difficulty focusing or persevering when obstacles arise as well because of the absence of Fire in your chart.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Rare

    Elements combination: Air Water Fire

    Dominant Air, Secondary Water, Tertiary Fire, No Earth

    Air is your dominant element and this gives you flexibility, excellent communication skills and intellectual powers. Your greatest motivation is to understand others and facilitate the sharing of ideas. You are creative, inspirational and flexible. You may be drawn to writing, speaking and teaching. You love to absorb new information.

    Water is your secondary element and provides emotional nurturing and compassion to balance out your intellectual nature. You are motivated by family, love and relationships and seek emotional stability and understanding of people’s feelings. You are empathic, intuitive and sensitive and may perceive cues from others that you don’t immediately understand.

    Your abundance of Air energy can cause you to interpret these cues inaccurately leading to anxiety and self doubt.

    Your third prevalent element is Fire and this gives you confidence, drive and motivation. You aren’t saturated with this element enough to embody its dominating tendencies and so you are more likely to keep your passion under control.

    Your focus and motivation help you push through challenges but assertiveness and focus, leadership and challenging yourself are not your favorite ways of working with your own energy and power. You would prefer for things to flow and to just show up, bring harmony and new ideas and watch everyone reap the benefits.

    Earth is absent from your chart and as a result you are likely to have difficulty staying grounded. If assertiveness is low on your list of favorite attributes, patience and persistence are almost nonexistent. It is difficult for you to attend to mundane details.

    Recognize the slow moving and practical people in your life who always harp on boring things like budgets and retirement money as here to help balance out the earth energy you lack.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

    Elements combination: Air Water Earth Fire

    Dominant Air makes you well suited for speaking, writing, teaching or academic careers. You are curious, intellectual, philosophical and love to absorb information about everything that catches your interest. You have eclectic tastes and don’t like being confined in any way.

    You prefer to be able to move and expand your mind through experiences and study. You are a diplomatic communicator and want to make sure you understand how people think and how things work.

    Water is your secondary element and in addition to wanting to understand how people think you also are highly empathic and concerned with the emotional well being of those around you. You are influenced by emotions and can be highly sensitive and intuitive. You are nurturing, dreamy and creative and may be interested in the arts, writing, music and other humanities.

    You can have deep emotional reactions to what you learn about from your many studies and may feel overwhelmed by all the problems in the world, at which point you may become anxious and try to shut out your feelings or hide in your intellect, preferring to deal with the world in logical terms only. By shutting down your emotional nature however you shut down a significant source of strength and an important aspect of who you are.

    Earth is prevalent in your chart though not in abundance. You are able to ground yourself and tend to details and practical matters though your primary objective is usually to see the bigger picture and understand things from a birds eye view before delving into the smaller details.

    You can be patient, reliable and trustworthy and when you are feeling emotionally stressed you may resort to obsessive routines and repetition just to feel a sense of balance, consistency and control in your life.

    Career and money are important to you because they serve the purpose of giving you an outlet for your creativity and knowledge. You may be drawn to work where being of service or furthering your own knowledge is in focus. You will gladly compromise on high pay and status if you are able to work in a setting that gives you access to new experiences or information or where change, travel and learning are involved in your routines.

    Money is also a means to an end and not a primary focus. You seek emotional security and the opportunity to broaden your horizons and money provides for your primary objectives. You don’t obsess over budgets and investments though when things are challenging financially you can buckle down and practice self restraint and discipline to pull yourself through.

    Fire is least prevalent in your chart. You are determined, willful and courageous when you need to be but this is not your preference. You would rather be diplomatic and understanding than dominating and assertive. It may be difficult to trigger your anger but possible under certain circumstances.

    Either ignorance or perceived threat to the well being of your loved ones may provoke you. You may have trouble making decisions because you can weigh every possible option and view point and your creativity can sometimes work against your focus and need to choose a decisive course of action.

    You will also consider things carefully before reacting. On the one hand this keeps you from making impulsive mistakes but on the other hand it can delay your response causing you to miss opportunities at other times.

    You are good at making plans but it can take you a while to follow through. Finding motivation outside of emotional motivation can be a challenge.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

    Elements combination: Air Water Fire Earth

    Your dominant element is Air and as a result you are quick witted, intelligent and logical. You are naturally curious about your surroundings and love discovering new things. You value change of scenery and can become bored easily. You are an excellent communicator and value diplomacy and rationality.

    You like things to make sense and believe that understanding a situation should bring you closer to solving problems. You may be inclined to do well in school and academic settings. You are a proficient speaker, writer and educator and may have a talent for learning various languages.

    You can be adaptable and easily take on the perspectives of others. Your flexibility and desire to understand and connect with others is reinforced by your secondary element as well. Water is your secondary element and emphasizes your desire for emotional security. You are empathic, compassionate and nurturing.

    You can be intuitive and loving as well. You may lose yourself in relationships at times if you are too flexible or try too hard to compromise with others for the sake of keeping the peace or making friends. Relationships, love and romance are important to you and you can be highly motivated to maintain relationships.

    Fire is your third most prevalent element and gives you determination, courage and assertiveness. You can be focused and motivated but you have to draw on aspects of yourself that are not your dominant side. When you need to overcome challenges and obstacles you can project yourself in a confident way but you need to do some prep work to psyche yourself up for this type of challenge and to convey your courage effectively.

    Your dominant air energy can leave you feeling scattered frequently as you pursue your numerous interests and areas of study. Instead of diffusing your energy, you may over time learn to harness your motivation and focus, strengths you derive from the fire element.

    Earth is the least prevalent element in your chart and as a result your ability to be grounded and patient is hindered. It is more a part of your nature to want to move, change and expand. You are seldom stubborn or closed minded but in some circumstances you can perceive things in concrete ways and hold on to the past for security.

    Abundance, for you, involves new experiences and an abundance of love from those around you. Career, money and finances are of little importance to you. You may have some concern for financial stability but you can make the most of any situation as long as your intellect and creativity are engaged and you are with those you love.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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    Air and Fire as the most important elements in a birth chart

    Elements combination: Air Fire

    Dominant Air, Fire, No Water, No Earth

    Dominant Air in your chart makes you an intellectual who thirsts for knowledge and loves to learn new things. You are a social butterfly and you thrive off of intellectual connection with others. You love to expand your mind and can easily adapt to changing situations.

    In fact, with Fire as your secondary element you need change to be a regular part of your life and become bored easily with routines. You are an adventurer and the desire to learn new things is the fuel for your motivation. You are also passionate about your beliefs and love being seen as an expert. You can be assertive, confident and at times domineering though usually you are adaptable enough to consider others’ opinions and mindsets.

    The lack of Water element in your chart impacts your ability to express emotions and create intimate relationships. You may avoid vulnerability to the extent that your relationships are more objective and intellectual than emotionally connected. You are also likely to easily detach yourself from emotions of others and prefer to deal with facts and analysis than with emotions and intuition.

    The absence of Earth element in your chart makes it difficult for you to ground yourself. You detest routines and predictability and can feel stifled by commitments. Your desire to experience and learn new things is of greater importance to you than your desire to make money.

    Practical matters are usually the last thing on your mind. Rather than worrying about mundane details you would prefer to be on the move in pursuit of the next exciting adventure.

    It is hard for you to slow down and pace yourself and you may perceive any structure as limitation and confining.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Very Rare

    Elements combination: Air Fire Earth

    Dominant Air, Secondary Fire, Tertiary Earth, No Water

    Your dominant element is Air and this makes you an intellectual and diplomat first and foremost. You may also feel drawn to share your ideas as a messenger, coach, teacher or mentor. Your gifts of creativity can be expressed through writing, art or music as well.

    You are intelligent and love to feed your mind and learn new things. You are also an excellent communicator and may have a gift for languages. You can become bored easily and love to travel and to move from place to place exploring.

    Fire feeds into your airy nature by fueling your mission and giving you purpose and direction. You are ambitious and highly motivated and can quickly become impassioned especially when you feel drawn to a specific cause or several causes.

    You may be an activist or spokesperson for changes. You can be assertive, courageous and feisty and you have a strong sense of right and wrong. You like to be polite and social but aren’t afraid to push buttons if you believe it is necessary.

    Earth element does help to ground you and prevent you from your impulsive nature but it may be overpowered by Air and Fire, resulting in a situation in which you act first and evaluate the details only after it is too late.

    Similarly you may have great financial plans which you veer off course from as you pursue your passions and interests. You may find that money only becomes a factor once you have gone through your reserves though you have a knack for finding valuables and resources when you need to.

    Water is absent in your chart and as a result you may struggle with relationships because it is hard for you to empathize with others. You distance yourself from your own emotions and prefer to intellectualize everything and rely on logic instead of intuition. You can be understanding of others or feel protective of them but when it comes to accepting the murky territory of emotions you run for the hills.

    You have high expectations of yourself and may like to pretend that you are a robot void of feelings and only rational. This is not the case, however and as you suppress your own feelings, so too do you have difficulty witnessing others in emotional states.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

    Elements combination: Air Fire Water

    Dominant Air, Secondary Fire, Tertiary Water, No Earth

    Your dominant element is Air which makes you an intellectual who loves to learn new things and work on creative projects that build connections and understanding. You are social, outgoing and creative and you love to absorb knowledge and trivia on many different subjects. You don’t like being confined and likely enjoy travel and changes of scenery.

    Your secondary element is Fire. You are passionate, confident and can be focused though you don’t like to limit any of your options. When your interest is triggered however you can become obsessive about tracking down information or working toward your goals. You can be assertive and demanding but your overt nature is to be diplomatic and mentally flexible.

    You are passionate about your interests and beliefs and easily go from ideas to actions.

    Your third element is Water. This gives you compassion, sensitivity and a desire to connect deeply with others on an empathic and emotional level. Emotions are not on the top of your comfort list but you can draw on your emotional intelligence. Your intellect and abilities to observe and create take precedence over your intuition and emotional nature.

    Earth is not represented in your chart and this means it is difficult for you to feel rooted and grounded. You seek stability through status and emotions, adaptability or understanding but seldom through paying attention to the details of practical matters.

    Budgeting, finance, following recipes and tending to tedious but necessary tasks is not your priority. You may attract people into your life who are down to earth and practical to help balance out your perspective and help you cover the details you easily overlook.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Slightly uncommon

    Elements combination: Air Fire Earth Water

    Air is your dominant elemental energy. You are intellectual, logical, curious and adaptable. You thrive on change and love to travel, learn new things and share ideas. Your strengths include communication both through writing and speaking. You may have a knack for various languages and can be witty and creative. You are social but keep your connections on a light and superficial level.

    Fire is your secondary element and works to fuel your inspiration, ideas and creativity. You can be responsive and quick to react to your ideas and plans. Your passion and motivation can lead you to impulsivity at times. You can be ferocious, determined, focused and willing to act on your ideals.

    You are courageous, assertive and ambitious. Air gives you flexibility but fire helps you process information quickly and come to conclusions. Once your mind is made up and opinions are formed it is difficult to deter you from your goals.

    Earth is your third prevalent element and this gives you the ability to be practical, patient and grounded. While you have access to the strengths of consistency and earthy energy in your personality, it is not your easiest energy to embody.

    When you have exhausted all other options or when you are motivated enough to try a different tactic, you can slow down your pace and pay attention to details. You can get to the root of problems and learn from tradition and the past. You can also become successful in business and career.

    Career and finances are important but are not a determining factor in your actions. You are most likely to pursue a career that embodies your ideals and ambitions and helps you serve the larger community in some way as opposed to being focused on finances and personal wealth or status. Your career gives you a platform to share your ideas and promote changes about which you are passionate.

    Your money management style is casual, you aren’t overtly reckless financially but you will invest more in experiences, travel, education and promoting your mission than you will in simply storing it away for the sake of financial security.

    Water is your least prevalent element. You are compassionate, intuitive, nurturing and caring but your ideals and ambitions will lead your actions and decisions. You don’t place relationships and the needs of others in the center of your decisions.

    You may easily become detached from your emotions and vulnerability. You are compassionate but can easily place your feelings and emotional needs on the back burner in order to pursue your mission. Your relationships can suffer as a result of your tendency to overlook the feelings and needs of others in order to promote your independence and objectives.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

    Elements combination: Air Fire Water Earth

    Air is your dominant element and as such you are intellectual, talkative, diplomatic and creative. You are flexible and adapt easily to new situations. In fact you crave change and new scenery as you become bored easily.

    You are witty and studious, naturally curious about your surroundings and love to learn new things. You are an adept communicator and may have a knack for various languages. You try to be open to new ideas and consider different perspectives.

    Fire is your secondary element and this easily feeds into your inspiration and intellectual energy. You can easily get recharged by your passions. You can be intense and obsessive, when you face challenges you strive to find creative solutions and bring all of your strengths and courage to the table. You can be assertive and straightforward yet you try to be diplomatic first.

    You go from ideas to action quickly and your potential for impulsivity can lead you to take exciting risks which lead to success or to make mistakes because you are rushing to act without thinking things through. Once you do make a decision you are relentless and don’t accept defeat. You enjoy a good challenge and pride yourself on your strength and adventures.

    You may enjoy traveling and if so you may jump into adventures without much advance planning. You may begin a course of study or begin to develop new ideas but before completely finalizing plans, you are already acting off of your ideas. As a result you may jump from one agenda to the next, or frequently burn out from one endeavor only to dive into another course of action.

    Water is your third dominant element. You can potentially be empathic, compassionate and emotional yet you don’t initially operate from compassion and concern for the well being of others. Your primary motivation is to learn, understand and deliver your message.

    You are not heartless however and when you have processed information mentally, you can proceed to the heart level and engage your emotions in order to invite a deeper connection with others and a deeper understanding of important life lessons.

    You can be moved to consider the needs of others and the importance of relationships. You may be fiercely independent but you have a compassionate side and can slow down enough to consider the feelings and needs of others.

    Earth is the least represented element in your chart. You have the potential to be grounded and stable, predictable and practical, yet you are usually confined by mundane details. You prefer change, growth and excitement to the reliability and constancy of the earth element.

    Yet when you need to, you can tap into your practical side. You can create career stability in order to further your agenda though career is not, for you, about prestige. You view money and finances as a means to obtain control and invest in your ambitions. Your choices are not primarily driven by your desire to succeed in career and make a name for yourself, though your ambitions influence your career path.

    Ultimately you will sacrifice consistency and stability for the sake of change, power and excitement.

    Rarity of this elements combination: Average

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