Transiting Saturn on natal Uranus: undecided between security and innovation

caterpillar.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus

Saturn slows down or even blocks your drive to innovate and to start unconventional projects.

This creates an inner tension between your desire to feel free from limitations and the relentless oppression.

To resolve this frustration, you might either become depressed or suddenly explode to break free.

The solution is to allow the discipline needed by Saturn to guide your actions. The disruptive changes you need should now grow in a slow and structured way.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Uranus

The tension and frustration that happened when Saturn was conjunct to Uranus can now ease.

You accept a slow pace in the disruptive changes you seek in your life and in society, acknowledging the value of the previous structures, as well as the need to create new ones.

Saturn gives you the chance to bring solidity and a long-lasting structure to the innovations in your life.


Transiting Saturn square natal Uranus

Your innovative and unconventional ideas and projects are challenged by people who want to limit your expressiveness and by your lower self-confidence.

This produces a buildup of inner tension that wants to be released almost in an explosive way. You might have issues with authority figures.

You can turn frustration into productivity by including the old structures on the new ones and to acknowledge the value of experience and tradition.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Uranus

During this time, you reach a good balance between old structures and innovation in your life.

As well, your creative and unconventional ideas can be supported by method and discipline. There's method in your madness!

Now you can generate changes without traumatic actions, but instead through patience and hard work.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Uranus

Two opposite powerful energies are colliding in your life.

On one hand you want to express yourself freely, creatively, and unconventionally. On the other hand external situations and people seem to slow down or boycott your actions, keeping you stuck inside structures that you consider stale.

A high degree of inner tension is formed, which can possibly explode into dangerous actions or in psychosomatic illnesses.

The point is to redefine your goals and need to subvert the status quo in a more mature and methodological manner.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Uranus

Just like an abstract artist needing to learn the basics of design and composition before breaking loose and splattering paint in an abstract style, you are now being forced to set down roots in life before really establishing the stability you will need before you bring out the wrecking ball and go to town.

You have to learn the rules so that you will know how to build innovations around the old structures and systems.

If you rush to establish yourself as an innovator, no amount of genius will compensate for a lack of experience and foundation.

Whether it is in career or relationships, you need to slow down and develop an appreciation for the frame work upon which you will build your revolutionary new path.


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