Transiting Uranus on natal Moon: a frenzied emotional life

frenzy-emotions.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Moon

This transit may bring unexpected changes in your emotional life.

There's a frenzied feeling pervading your life, which is at the same time exciting and a source of anxiety. Your emotional balance will be tested by mood swings.

You need to accept the totality of your emotional life. Even upsetting feelings, when observed by your awareness, can be celebrated as part of a creative and rich inner life.

Your connection with your original family, home and country may become disrupted. You need to be flexible in your emotional reactions, flowing with the changes and accepting that what you used to consider as supports were also limiting your life.

Friends will be more important for your emotional life and will be a source of support.

Transiting Uranus sextile natal Moon

During this time your emotional life will experience more openness and a widening of the spectrum of your feelings.

Excitement will pour into your relationships and social life. You enjoy riding the roller-coaster of feelings and sharing exciting new experiences with others.

You creativity is now fed by your emotions.

Transiting Uranus square natal Moon

Anything connected to your roots, original family and country will bring some tension and unexpected events.

A change of residence or an issue with your house is also a possible outcome of this transit.

Your emotions may become unstable and unpredictable and you may need to express them with a higher degree of freedom than usual.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Moon

Your emotions are connected to an unconventional view of life and you like to explore the boundaries of feelings.

Your relationships will find excitement and a new emotional life.

You may get new insight about your past and your original family. Your new understanding can set you free from past conditioning.

Transiting Uranus opposite natal Moon

You emotions are riding a roller-coaster and you don't really enjoy it.

Emotions now are a source of anxiety because Uranus pushes for sudden changes in what you see as your emotional supports, like in your original family or home.

This is the right time to become aware of the childhood conditioning that shaped your unconscious emotional reactions.

You codependent relationships will be disrupted in order to gain autonomy and emotional independence.

Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Moon

You will have to discern between flashes of insight and powerful intuitive urges and the expressions and projection of your own inner insecurities and fantasies.

Both are activated, and both bring out your restless, erratic side. Learning to sit with discomfort and let feelings flow through you without rushing to act on every impulse is essential now.

While your feelings are valid, not all of them warrant an immediate response. You may have to learn the hard way, through acting on what you thought was intuition only to be proven inaccurate, in order to discern the truth.

Relationships may seem rocky now, as you want to both nurture and break free from others. You may have to test the waters to establish space in relationships without cutting ties altogether.

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