Transiting Moon on natal Neptune: time for awakening to your higher spiritual self

transit-moon-neptune.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Neptune: time for awakening to your higher spiritual self

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Neptune

This is a great time for awakening to your higher spiritual self. Your dreams may be more vivid and prophetic, or link you with past lives and future events. You transcend boundaries at this time and feel more emotionally connected to everyone and everything around you.

Your empathic senses are heightened and with this comes a great need for self care and cleansing your energy and living space.

This is a great time for romance and you are likely to plan a special date with a loved one. If entering into a new relationship at this time it will be easy for you to express love and emotions freely. You may, however, become enamored with the image you want someone to live up to without taking the time to consider if this person is really who you think they are.

Your creativity is sparked at this time and emotional expression takes on artistic forms including painting or creating music.

Take extra time to discern intuition from fantasy at this time.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Neptune

Your empathic and unconditionally loving nature rises to the forefront at this time. You are easily able to connect with others which then presents the challenge of maintaining boundaries in relationships at this time.

You are likely to feel nostalgic and in the mood for love and romance. Your relationships with others may become more emotional and affectionate at this time and you are extremely sensitive to the needs of others and subtle cues they send.

This is a great time to fine tune your psychic abilities and advance your spiritual practices. Group setting such as drumming circles, meditation classes or spiritual development circles are ideal modes of honing your skills at this time.

You are also inclined to express your emotions through artistic outlets such as painting or creating music.

Transiting Moon square natal Neptune

The fine line between intuition and imagination is blurred at this time. You may see things as you wish they were rather than as they are. Be careful of self delusion and falling in love with a fantasy version of people or situations, rather than seeing the truth of the matter.

Emotional sensitivity is heightened at this time and you are likely to perceive personal attack where none exists, or misread cues and assume things about others which aren’t true.

Likewise there is a strong potential for you to allow yourself to be deceived by others at this time especially if what is promised is what you secretly long for.

Be mindful of boundaries and try to stay present for reality rather than retreating into escapist behavior.

Transiting Moon trine natal Neptune

Others see you as warm, compassionate and understanding. Friends and even strangers may unburden themselves by sharing details of their lives as if you were a therapist. Your capacity for unconditional love is strengthened now and you may feel called to act as a counselor or healer to those close to you.

Your intuition is heightened and you may experience prophetic dreams, precognitive notions, or an empathic connection to what others are thinking and feeling.

You are also likely to generate works of art at this time as your creative side is stimulated by this transit.

Romantic relationships receive a boost of positive energy and you are able to easily express love and affection for others.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Neptune

In spite of heightened intuition, you are likely to become more confused rather than gain clarity at this time.

Your emotions may seem ambiguous and you are likely to overlook intuitive cues yet confuse impulses for intuition. Be careful not to mislead yourself as you pursue fantasies rather than perceiving reality.

You are likely to create a fantasy image of someone you love and overlook any evidence that they do not live up to the image you created. Be careful not to deceive yourself with illusions.

You may also feel compelled to pursue escapist or addictive behaviors to soothe your highly sensitive emotional side at this time, though this is not recommended.

Meditation, spiritual practice, and grounding exercises can help you moderate the energies you currently feel.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Neptune

Your sensitivities are heightened and as a result everything you experience may trigger painful memories or bring about deep emotional turmoil.

It isn’t that you are facing any particular crisis right now, per se, but you could be, or you have in the past, or there is the possibility that someone you love said one thing but may have meant another….

As you are experiencing emotional wounds left and right, consider that some of your perceptions may be based on your own insecurities projected on to others. Try not to take everything so personally.

Reflection may be helpful but try not to get sucked into reliving the past or ruminating on the future ‘what ifs’.

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