Jupiter transiting on natal Midheaven: career opportunities

    Ivo - 12andus founder
    By Ivo - 12andus founder


    Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Midheaven

    If you strive for your goals, this transit will help you to achieve success in your profession.

    You'll have enough optimism and energy to face any obstacle and to expand your visibility to the world.

    To acknowledge Jupiter's best qualities, as generosity and wisdom, try to reach your goals by becoming a recognized intellectual authority and not just for your own personal fulfillment.

    Traveling and intellectual pursuits will be well connected to your professional achievements.

    However, beware of too attractive and unrealistic proposals in the professional field. You might feel compelled to overstretch your achievements, risking falling from heights. In case you don't have support if anything goes wrong, stay in your comfort zone.

    Jupiter transiting sextile natal Midheaven

    This transit provides security and a desire to expand your knowledge, especially the one connected to your job. You can get a promotion or some kind of recognition in the professional field.

    If you have not completed some kind of studies in the past, this is the time to finalize it or start a new intellectual path.

    Your spiritual side and your search for meaning are stronger, so it's the right time to get into into spiritual practices. You can become aware and improve some parts of your inner self that have been ignored.

    Jupiter transiting square natal Midheaven

    Tensions and frustrations might present in your path toward professional accomplishments. Your focus during this transit will be about overcoming the barriers to reaching your professional goals.

    Your self-confidence will be high, and this can help you. But remember that confidence and arrogance are different things.

    This transit, while increasing your confidence, also makes you restless in achieving fast results. The square tension might prompt you to push yourself harder to achieve your goals.

    Don't try to do everything at once. Do less, but do it better.

    Jupiter transiting trine natal Midheaven

    This is a stage of professional recognition and optimism.

    Especially your work will enjoy Jupiter's positivity. This transit brings a desire to reach the top and is well supported by your self-confidence.

    You know exactly where you want to go, so use all the necessary competence to get there.

    If you need to spend money, it is better to invest in real estate and in something that enhances your home and your sense of support and to care for yourself and your family.

    Use this energy to expand aspects of your life wisely and to help those who need it.

    Jupiter transiting opposite natal Midheaven

    A good time for reflection and focus on what you can improve in your family and inner world.

    You may feel the need to connect more with the past and with your roots. Your family will be your safe haven.

    You can buy or remodel a home, but without the intention of selling it in the future. You need to feel at home and supported. From there you can start a journey toward reaching your goals in the world.

    Your inner sense of support is now more important than external fake supports, such as money. Improving your self-awareness and practicing meditation are the keys to feeling real support from inside.

    To know where Jupiter is transiting on your natal chart right now or for any past or future date, click on "Astro Reports", select the Forecast box, set your date and click on "Calculate", then click on "Planets positions and aspects" and look at the "Transits - Planets in signs and aspects" section.

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