Transiting Saturn on the natal Midheaven: peak visibility and career

top-mountain.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Midheaven

This transit marks the peak of your professional success and visibility.

However, since Saturn doesn't give anything for free, you will get results according to how well you prepared yourself for this time.

Since Saturn rewards talent and efforts, if you acted out your ambitions through patience, perseverance and correctness, you will reap the fruits, otherwise you might lose your hard-sought position.

In either case, you will experience more responsibilities in your work and you might feel overwhelmed. Saturn doesn't want you to avoid responsibilities, but to embrace them as a necessary commitment toward your goals.


Transiting Saturn sextile natal Midheaven

This is a favorable time for the growth of your professional goals and position.

Also, your relationship with people in authority roles will be harmonic. You might get good suggestions or help from mentors and people in important roles.

You happily embrace responsibilities as part of your climb toward professional success.


Transiting Saturn square natal Midheaven

This is a time when you doubt your goals and have challenges in your professional life.

You feel a separation between your career and human relationships. You have possibly distanced yourself from the people you care about while concentrating on chasing success.

Now you might feel unrooted and with less support from people and places connected to your past, support and roots.
You might need to patiently restructure your priorities according to new understandings through deep introspection.


Transiting Saturn trine natal Midheaven

During this time your perseverance and hardworking abilities support your ambitions and professional life.

Since you have now the self-confidence and the will to hard work for your goals, you should take advantage of this time to build long-lasting useful structures.

Just don't forget about human relationship, otherwise your life will be dry and lonely.


Transiting Saturn opposite natal Midheaven

During this time, you feel you have reached the lower point in your professional accomplishments.

Perhaps you feel that you received great responsibilities in your family or domestic life that prevented you from reaching your goals.

You should concentrate your efforts now on taking care of the issues in your personal life first, then slowly re-build the structures for your professional goals.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Midheaven

You may reluctantly accept a position of authority, or tiptoe around a potential promotion of some kind because you don’t want to feel limited or bogged down with responsibilities.

Avoidance will not work, however. You are embarking on a new chapter which involves coming to terms with responsibility to others through your career choices. Karma related to past choices may also emerge.

An opportunity to advance or take the lead may show you other aspects of the work you have done, and enlighten you as to the challenges that accompany power and responsibility. Times when you have criticized others for career choices may come to memory as you now face the same decision yourself.

Learn from the past and adjust your thinking about power, responsibility and the need to control the path your career is taking.


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